Indonesia: Despite Continuous Pressure, Islamic Movements Will Never Be Extinguished

16 February 2011

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

The condition of today's Islamic movements is akin to "being shy of living and reluctant of dying" (a proverb denoting miserable life such as being poor or always in sickness - ed). Various pressures are pursued by the tyrannical rulers to weaken by all means the activists of Islamic movements, from giving stigmatization, throwing into prison, to hunting down which claim lives, to the point of creating a shock in the movements.

This was revealed by the Vice Amir of the Majelis Mujahideen, Ustadz Abu Muhammad Jibriel Abdur Rahman, in the Mudzakarah Ilmiyah, "The Future of Islamic Movements in Indonesia" at Masjid Fathullah, Jakarta, last Sunday. Other speakers at the event moderated by Ahmad Widiarto from, among others were Fauzan Al-Ansari (former manager of Majelis Mujahideen) and DR Amir Mahmud, S.Sos, M.Ag (a Lecturer at Muhammadiyah University, Solo).

"Regardless of how the pressure and attacks come from the various directions, they could not quell the fighting spirit of the activists in the Islamic movements. History has proven, the stronger the pressure, the more widespread and solid the Islamic the movements are. Trying to seek and connect the strings of aqeedah, as well as shari'ah which earlier was disconnected between the tandzims, and which had been in disorder caused by the wicked thaghut power," Ustadz Abu Jibriel explained.

It's no longer a secret, the current ideology of the Islamic movement is heavily castrated. The legal tools which are created by the environment of democracy such as the Law on Terrorism, Law on Violence and Anarchism, etc. become stumbling blocks for the Islamic movements. Not to mention the institutions formed by the secular rulers which are deliberately designed to suppress and extinguish the activities of the movements, starting from the Anti-Terror Desk, Densus 88 Team and BNPT.

Not only that, the propaganda tools (mass media) played by the operators of democracy, often have the strong support and capital strength from among the kafir dan munafiq, especially in terms of funding. Through the mass media, whether it be the print or electronic media, the laypeople are manipulated and influenced with legal facts which are not clear and in which the truth has not been proven, so that they tend to follow their wishes in dealing with the movement of the Islamic activists.

As is known, the enemies of Islam always come up with new terminologies in order to extinguish the activities of the entire Islamic ideological movements. The terminologies are such as "fundamentalist", "terrorist", "anarchist", "promoting of violence", "radicalism" and other things that contain negative connotations.

Ustadz Abu Jibriel reminded so that the activists know how to differentiate between a friend and an foe. "To find out which are friends and which are opponents, the Islamic movement activists need to know, who the real enemies of Islam are, be they the internal or external enemies," he explained.

After knowing who the confronted enemies are, the Islamic activists must also know the strategies undertaken by the enemies in inhibiting the speed of the Islamic movements. Because the enemies of Islam had gone to great lengths to generate new movements by bringing about the ideology of liberalism to create confusion in the understanding of religion in the society. They also make the interpretation of religion according to the will of their carnal desires and the corrupted condition of the society. "In fact it is not uncommon for its bearers to come from the circles of academicians who have earned many academic titles from the countries of the invaders which sponsor misguided sects or movements," he explained.

Another strategy of the enemies of the Islamic movement are by preserving and protecting the astray sects that operate in the name Islam and Human Rights, for the purpose of dividing the unity of the ummah. With the support from the munafiqun, the kafir want to make mischief among Muslims. The strategy which became their flagship is the politic of devide et impera (pitting one against another) like in the era of the Dutch colonial.

Next, the enemies of Islam also came up with the takfir movement to divide Muslims through the secular government intelligence services. Their target? So that fellow Muslims would mutually declare each other kafir.

No less important, the Islamic movement activists should also know the habits of the enemies in weakening and destroying the Islamic movements, namely preventing people from getting to know the real teachings of Islam, spreading false news in the mass media which are under their control, mobilizing the entire strength to inflame the resistance against the teachings of Islam, organizing maneuvers of apostasy by exploiting the weakness of the secular law system which is full of deceptions, always causing trouble among Muslims when they are in power, terrorizing the Muslims who carry out the activities of the Islamic movements in a consistent way, shutting down the financial sources of the Islamic movements.

Not only that, another habit of the enemies of Islam is by inserting the kafir and munafiq people in strategic positions in strategic institutions, starting from the RT/RW (Neighborhood Association), Village Head, Subdistrict Head, Regent, Governor, Minister and other strategic positions. Including, presentation of awards to them in the form of scholarships to the santris (students at a Muslim school), journalists, academicians, and even to notable Islamic figures.




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