Last Message of a WNI (Citizen of Indonesia), Imanda Amalia, Before Her Death in Egypt

26 February 2011

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

A shocking news had hit the Indonesian citizens in Egypt. A WNI (citizen of Indonesia) was reportedly killed in the midst of the political upheaval in Egypt. Imanda Amalia, an Indonesian national was reportedly killed during the clashes that broke out in Egypt. Imanda Amalia or better known as Manda, her nickname, was a staff of the UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency), a UN agency responsible for handling the conflict areas in Palestine and Lebanon.

Like what was released by the Facebook group, "Science of Universe", Thursday (3/1/2011), before her reported demise, the 28-year-old woman was caught in the crossfire of the protesters, Wednesday (2/1/2011) night. In the final moments of her life, when she was trapped in the riots, Manda had time to write the last message which was sent through the Blackberry Messenger (BBM).

Manda's last BBM was conveyed by her friend, Pumy Kusuma, to the webpage of the Facebook group, Science of Universe, Thursday (3/2/2011).

Below is the last BBM message of almarhumah (the deceased) at 21.45 Cairo time, Wednesday (2/1/2011):

Pray for Manda,
we were trapped in the crossfire
...the Ambulance got shot
hit by a thrown stone
still could not evacuate as the masses have gotten more intense..
Please pray for Manda and friends.

The news on the death of Imanda Amalia, right away attracted the attention of many Facebookers. It can be seen from the number of condolences that appeared in the Science of Universe.

Among the sayings of condolence is one from Nana Ade Sugiana "Goodbye my Friend Manda, may you be accepted by Allah. Allahu Akbar..." another is from Najieb Solasido "inanalillahi wainnalillahi raji'un. May almarhumah Imanda Amelia be accepted by Him, Amiiin!"

Imanda Amalia Had Witnessed The Miracle Of Jihad In Palestine 

During her lifetime, almarhumah (the late) Imanda Amalia ever shared her experience when she was working in Jabaliya, Palestine, in July 2010. The invaluable experience was also shared through the Facebook group owned by Science of Universe, Thursday (3/2/2011).

Below is the documentation (trans.) by Imanda Amalia from the Gaza Strip:

Jabaliya, Gaza Strip 7:48:27 AM Thu, Jul 15, 2010

SubhanALLAH..... SubhanALLAH... SubhanALLAH...

Only those words came out from my mouth when I witnessed the incident that I could hardly believe.

This morning, after the dawn prayer, I was greeting my friends and loved ones through the 'online chatting'. Suddenly I got assigned to go to al-Awda Maternity Hospital for a surgery. About 2 km from the Mess.

In my journey to get there, I saw boys running around with stones in their hands. Aaaaaahhh another intifadhah, it was still morning and they have already attempted to chase away with stones those thieves who steal their homeland.....

Initially, I noticed the soldiers were rather unresponsive, trying to avoid, but suddenly they pointed their guns at the children.

They all ran away trying to save themselves while continuing to throw stones at the soldiers.


Suddenly, I saw a large white veil surrounding those children... like a layer of white haze forming into a dome that protects the children. Their distance was so close to the soldiers who pursued them, but it was as if the soldiers were not able to see them and losing their directions. While those children were not touched by the bullets at all.

My body was shaking witnessing the wonders that happened in front of my eyes. I asked our driver, Abdullah, whether he also saw that hijab?

" Yes Doc, God always give the hand here.... " ALLAHu Akbar ... ALLAHu akbar..... I was speechless, my bodies trembling..... I personally saw it, I personally saw the work of His power. SubhanALLAH ............"





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