What Will Preserve American Dignity? The Legs Of The Obama's Administration Shaking

27 February 2011

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

A famous American daily, The Washington Post, has tried to find an answer to the above-mentioned question in its latest analysis. It says, the American dignity and extrication does not lie in Obama's Administration's covetous dream to keep occupation of Afghanistan unrelentingly and get billions of dollars approved from the Senate. However, the solution is the other way round. Americans should hammer out an exit plan that would make American troops pull-out feasible and end the war in Afghanistan. The proposition pinpoints some of the hard facts.

According to The Washington Post, the Americans have no other alternative except withdrawal of their troops from Afghanistan which would preserve their dignity. The military situation in Afghanistan has come to a head that the (American) soldiers do not dare come out of their barracks and military bases. Because in that case, they face a specter appearing from underneath their feet that engulf them along with their tanks and equipments, sending them to a permanent annihilation or if they manage to go a head a few meters, they confront Mujahideen who lie in wait for them. Then they cry and beseech for help through their wireless messages that even the brass at Pentagon and Bagram hear their cries. But by then, it is too late and the Mujahideen have completed their missions, making short work of many of them.

The subsequent callous bombardment by helicopters flying from Bagram does not benefit them either. The blind air force targets the common and defenseless Afghans including women, children and their residential houses through bestial bombardment to avenge themselves. The recent gruesome event in Ghazi Abad of Kunar province is a good example on hand. More than 70 commoners were killed as a result of the American bombardment. Still it is winter now and Afghanistan is snow clad. This makes launching attacks and procuring logistics very challenging. However, when the snow melts away, then what the Americans and their surrogates think that, with the help of the Almighty Allah, what fate will be their lot?

Observers believe, in Afghanistan, the legs of the Obama's Administration have began shaking. The reason is,in part, the lack of approval of the budget and expenditures allocated for the war in Afghanistan. The Republicans who have their overwhelming hold in the Senate following the American congressional elections say that more than $450 billions have been spent on the war in Afghanistan. But with no result to benefit the people of America, nor any future vista of hope is seen about the war.

The Republican Senators put forward these issues as rationale to argue with Obama's Administration-- that they will further more face fiasco and humiliation in Afghanistan; resultantly, the Democrats will lose favor with the people of America. On our own part, we believe that America has lost her chance of success at the battle fields. Their tactics have gone awry; every household of the Afghan people have arisen against the invaders to oppose them and put resistance to them. Even in the national army and police of the Kabul stooge regime, anew trend has set in, that one out of ten soldiers wait the moment to find a ripe time to make short work of foreigners. Then the hero leaves the ranks of the army and police and joins Mujahideen.

Certainly the very path that will preserve American dignity is the path pinpointed by The Washington Post. They should act on the advice and do not leave the issue boiling until it comes to a head that the American people have no way but to resort to a country-wide uprising against them like that in Tunisia and Egypt. Then they would have to meet many demands of the street popular willy-nilly which they are not now willing to concede.



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