Asymmetric Jihad: Iqomatuddien (Establishment Of Religion)

01 March 2011

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

We were born and raised in the sphere of struggle. Also grappling with the great ambition of achieving victory, in the name of the establishment of the Shari'ah of Allah. So he becomes the only Dzat that is worshipped. No other dzat becomes His ally. But when we spread out the battle map suddenly the feeling of inferiority and the lack of self confidence appeared. Can the enemy that is already so well established and strong be defeated?

I do not want to first talk about the intervention from "heaven", that the promise of Nubuwat (prophethood) is surely true, it is a fixed price of iman. That is the transcendent sphere. I want to talk about our rationality as human beings. Created with all kinds of advantages and shortcomings all at once. It is natural that the feeling of inferiority later appears like that. Seeing the strong enemy forces, economic system, social culture… as if all aspects of life are already in their tight handgrip.

However, the inferiority is never-ending if we always think of the pattern of a symmetrical struggle. There are 100 of the enemies, there also have to be 100 of us. They who have have such a number of combat aircrafts, missiles and advanced weapons, must also be faced with equal weapons in the same number. Yeah.. where is the end? The friends at HTI (Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia) may answer it with the concept of Thalabun Nusrah. Yeah, those who have power must be prolestyzed with da'wah so that they would want to carry out iqomatuddien (establishment of religion)…

However, Abu Mush'ab As-Suri have another concept, he may be able to answer the question, "If all are about symmetry, when it's going to end?" There is one pattern of resistance that is asymmetrical. For example: Who does not know the air force superiority of America. Even the smallest black ants that enter the Pentagon can be detected by their radar, so it was said. But all that superiority was totally paralyzed on 11th September 2001. Enough by capitalizing on rough and minimal equipments, then directing commercial aircraft which carried passengers to attack the targets. In fact, it could even change history!

That's one example of an asymmetrical resistance. Exploiting the loopholes of the opponent's weaknesses, to then pass on the curve and cut in the crease. Initially, I just approximate how it relates with the concept of asymmetry. It seems like a simplification. Everything can be handled only with a short-cut, without the need to build adequate strength exhaustively. So I remember the path chosen by some friends i.e. "the main thing is jihad, amaliyat and die shaheed. Fullstop!" Then, what do we want after achieving victory if we also do not think of the concept of "development"?

"Oh, no!" my friend said in an evening discussion. According to him, the concept of asymmetry precisely needs excellent labour forces. Champions in every field of specialization. It's not as simple. Therefore, its preparations must be mature and serious. Well, those individuals who were to be groomed are champions for sure. I paused long enough and contemplated. Ok, ok… didn't Sergey Glazunov, who got rewarded hundreds of millions of rupiah from Google due to finding the weakness of Google Chrome, have to first mess up that application? Meaning, it will not be possible to know the weaknesses of a system if we do not understand well in advance the A-Z of that system.

I remembered Mohammad Atta, one of the "champions" of 911 (purposely used that quotation marks, in case there are people who are not too happy with his choice of amaliyat :)). It was said that he is a well educated man in the field of aviation. So for a great action, it turned out that it also need a great capital. An asymmetry, even if it seems like cutting corners, needs a process that is not easy, because what's needed are special winners. Will the jihad movements in Indonesia have a vision to be the crater of candradimuka (a fabled crater from which infants immediately emerge as strong, trained and agile adults) which gives birth to those champions? Wallahu a'lam.

"Alumni Ngruki"


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