The Expiry Of The Taghuts: Uprisings - Chasing The Taghut, Declaring Tawheed

01 March 2011

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

The revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt and followed by other Muslim countries is hoped to be a starting point for the revival of Islam. It could also mark the end of the taghuts in the countries of the Muslims and the commencement of the implementation of Islamic Shari'ah in a comprehensive manner, in the frame of Islamic Khilafah. Insha Allah!

Chasing The Taghut, Declaring Tawheed

Indeed, rejecting taghut and believing in Allah is the foundation of a Muslim's life. This is a realization of the creed La ilaha illallah which includes an-nafyu (negation) and al-itsbat (affirmation). This is also the essence of the call of the Prophets' da'wah since ancient times until now. Thus, anyone who can realize the disbelief in taghut and the belief in Allah, then indeed he has established his business well and he has been walking on a straight path.

Who are the taghuts and where are they? And who are the proponents of taghuts and what is the ruling regarding them? Indeed, knowing all these issues today is an important matter for all Muslims, especially those who want the establishment of izzul Islam wal muslimeen. Because the entire building of Islam and its application in the form of the implementation of the Shari'ah, would never be realized without being kufr towards the taghut, finding their existence, unveiling their covers, hating them and fighting them. Surely if we already know whatsoever the taghuts are in this world and the attitudes of mankind towards them, then we see most people are turning away from the worship of Allah, to the worship of taghuts, and from following the laws of Allah and His Rasul to become followers of taghut laws. And from obeying Allah and His Rasul to become obedient followers of taghuts.

Indeed, it is not possible for the kafir to make mischiefs on earth or oppress a nation, except surely with the help of the people who support them in committing the mischief and oppression, and those who defend them against the people who want to retaliate. Thereby, the kafir will not be able to continue committing mischiefs except for the reason that there are people who are helping and defending them, and they are the ansaru taghut, the helpers of taghut, whose status is equal to the taghut themselves.

Thereby, in reality the warfare waged by the Muslims against the taghut rulers, with the aim to overthrow them for the sake of appointing rulers who are Muslim, then the war is in reality a war against their supporters, made up of the of defenders taghut. Therefore, the ruling is obligatory upon Muslims to know who the taghuts and their supporters are, and in knowing the status of the ruling in the sight of Allah SWT.

Rejecting Taghut Is The First Obligation In Islam

The first obligation upon every Muslim is Tawheed (worshipping Allah without ascribing partners to Him); and the first pillar of Tawheed is Al-Kufur Bit Thaghut, or rejecting Taghut. One cannot become Muslim unless he rejects all forms of taghut, whether it be in the form of concepts, particular objects or persons.

Taghut had been defined by the Sahabahs and classical scholars who followed the path of the Salaf, namely: "Something that is worshipped, obeyed or followed other than Allah."

Imam Malik bin Anas said: "Taghut is anything that is worshipped (or obeyed) besides Allah." (Narrated in Al-Jaami' li Ahkaam Al-Qur'an by Imam Al-Qurtubi)

Sheikhul Islam Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab said: "And taghut in general is something that is worshipped besides Allah, and it is approved to be worshipped, followed or adhered to." (Risalatun fii Ma'naa At -Thaghut by Sheikh Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab)

Taghut and the Discourse by the Scholars

The discourse on the issue of taghut is famous among the ulama's. They have explained this issue in detail and the ummah are applying it in a sure manner. In fact, this debate on the issue of taghut is the prime and main discussion in Islam. Just as we understand, that:

1. The essence of the da'wah of the apostles is: worshipping Allah and avoiding taghut (QS. An-Nahl : 36)

2. One's iman is not valid until he is kufr towards (denies) taghut (QS. Al-Baqarah : 256)

3. The issue of taghut and denying it is included in the issue of iman and kufr, and there is no issue more important in this dien than the issue of iman and kufr, and there is no error greater than the error in matters of iman dan kufur.

The Helpers & Ulama's of Taghut

As for the meaning of ansaruth thawaghit (the defenders of taghut), it is anyone who helps them (the taghuts) with words or deeds. So even if the helper or defender is the government of another country, the same ruling also applies.

Included in the defenders of taghuts are the muftis or ulama's of the taghut government, namely those who are always opposed to Al-Qur'an dan As-Sunnah. Allah SWT says:

"And do not incline toward those who do wrong, lest you be touched by the Fire, and you would not have other than Allah any protectors; then you would not be helped." (QS Huud 11: 113)

Who is more wrong than the one who defends the satan or the people who takes their kufr lightly? If someone does not reject taghut (in reality, not only in theory) how can we trust him on the matters of this dien? Tawheed is a major issue that must be heeded.

"The example of those who were entrusted with the Torah and then did not take it on is like that of a donkey who carries volumes [of books]. Wretched is the example of the people who deny the signs of Allah. And Allah does not guide the wrongdoing people." (QS Al Jumu'ah 62: 5)

Wallahu'alam bis sowab!

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