Hiding Realities: Case Study About Kufr Disbelief And Kuffar Disbelievers

10 March 2011

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

We think we have believed. We think we are protected from the worst fate: disbelief. Because we have called ourselves Muslims, then we must be believers, right?

According to Ibn Kathir, there are people who may have declared themselves Muslims but still commit disbelief. The following is taken from Tafseer Ibn Kathir:

The Qur'an uses the word Kufr to denote people who cover up or hide realities. The Qur'an uses this word to identify those who denied Allah's favours by not accepting His Dominion and Authority.

Kufr thus is an antonym for Iman or disbelief in Allah and a Kafir is a nonbeliever.

This type of Kufr is called Al-Kufr al-Akbar or major Kufr.

There are many types of Al-Kufr ul Akbar:

1. Kufrul-‘Inad: Disbelief out of stubbornness. This applies to someone who knows the truth and admits to knowing the truth and admits to knowing it with his tongue, but refuses to accept it and refrains from making a declaration. Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala says: Throw into Hell every stubborn disbeliever... (Surah Qaf: 24)

2. Kufrul-Inkar: Disbelief out of denial. This applies to someone who denies with both heart and tongue. Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala says: They recognise the favours of Allah, yet they deny them. Most of them are disbelievers. (Surah an-Nahl: 83)

3. Kufrul-Kibr: Disbelief out of arrogance and pride. The disbelief by the devils (Iblis) is an example of this type of Kufr.

4. Kufrul-Juhud: Disbelief out of rejection. This applies to someone who acknowledges the truth in his heart, but rejects it with his tongue. They call themselves Muslims but reject any necessary and accepted norms of Islam such as Solat and Zakat.

5. Kufrul-Nifaq: Disbelief out of hypocrisy. This applies to someone who pretends to be a believer but conceals his disbelief. Such a person is called a munafiq or hypocrite.

6. Kufrul-Istihal: Disbelief out of trying to make haram into halal.

7. Kufrul-Kurh: Disbelief out of detesting any of Allah's Subhanahu wa Ta'ala commands.

8. Kufrul-Istihzaha: Disbelief due to mockery and derision.

9. Kufrul-Iradh: Disbelief due to avoidance. This applies to those who turn away and avoid the truth. Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala says: And who is more unjust than he who is reminded of his Lords signs but then turns away from them. (Surah Al-Kahfi: 57)

10. Kufrul-Istibdal:


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