The Compartmentalized Ummah: The Common Concern, The Need To Talk Among The Elites

11 March 2011

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

The emotional uproar of the Islamic political arena is becoming increasingly livelier. The terrorism, Senayan political stage, MUI (Majelis Ulama' of Indonesia), insulting of religion and even issues of apostasy become news items that are packed with public attention. But the map is very easy to read. All lead to a reality that this ummah has been divided.

The group of Muslims who are concerned with the Shari'ah and are struggling in their own way, are forced to feel the bitter pill in the form of hostility from the security forces. They are being hunted, put behind bars and even killed sadistically on-camera belonging to news reporters. This heavy trial has to be undergone alone, because the supports from the ummah are very quiet. There is no resistance from outside the iron bars, because the other movements move within their own selves, separated from one another.

While the Islamic group that choose the path of the (political) party are busy with their target of poking their cadres in Senayan. Being dialectical with various other groups of differing ideologists. Sounding off to contest ideas for the success of Islam. But many people doubt their intentions because the reality always say something else. Those activists are engrossed in polemics, discourses and politics, in the name of strategy and camouflage which are confusing.

On a different angle, there are Muslims who flay their own brothers in the name of da'wah and advices. No matter how big the contributions of their brothers are, in the name of erroneous manhaj, their honours are finished off in the open spaces. There is no bayan (giving clarification), confirmation or tabayun (obtaining clarification)with the relevant party. Harsh and often leaving deep wounds.

The movements of this ummah can not be in uniform. Each are busy with their own affairs. The younger generation also lags far behind, because they are untouched by the da'wah that is desired. They are dissolved by the music, films and all sort of opiating entertainments. Masjids are deserted, nobody comes near the musollas. Their activities are lulled by the intoxicating virus of 'love'. While the great communal works are abandoned because of the never-ending disagreements.

We appeal to Allah for His help and hidayah. So that this great ummah are able to move in the same rhythm. In the same tune with each other and according to what was envisaged. Mutually filling the gaps and mutually helping to lighten the loads. Indeed, this is not an easy road, but also not impossible to be accomplished.

1. The Common Concern

There should be a common concern in viewing the condition of this ummah. Opening our eyes to our position in the midst of the global politics. That the Islamic ummah in Indonesia are still far from what was expected. Whether in terms of communal, social, political or economic system. From this common concern it is hoped that there are concerted efforts to mobilize the potentials that we have, for the journey to become more compact and in uniform.

2. The Need To Talk Among The Elites

If it is very difficult for the movements today to reconcile in the elite level, then we are expecting it from the successor generations ahead. Maybe those who are senior have always been egotistic. Difficult to be invited for a cooperation and only wants to win alone. Then, to their successor generation, it is hoped that they are more willing to open up. So that they are willing to cooperate and not being selfish. Mapping out the struggle of the Islamic ummah to the future. So there will be no more compartmentalization, but what we will have is an alignment of the movements. Who will be doing what, so that no energy is wasted.

These two steps will have a major impact for the Islamic movements in Indonesia, that subsequently they can focus on saving the nation. Making Islam successful in the Nusantara (Archipelagos in South East Asia). Becoming the highest fiduciary (holder of trust) and regulating the life in a nation and state with the Shari'ah of Islam. May that great future goal be realized soon.

Original author: Burhan Sodiq



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