The Biography Of The Mujahid Sheikh...Abu Omar al-Saif R.A

15 March 2011

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun


O Worshiper in al-Haramain
O Worshiper in al-Haramain, if you take a look at us, you would come to realize that your worship is just like playing around…
While people have tears on their cheeks, we have blood on our chests…
While people use their horses in nonsense, we use our horses to good deeds every morning…
While people smell perfume, we smell the black dust that is disturbed by our horses' hoofs…
Where we are told by our Prophet in an authentic saying that no one whose nose suffers from the dust caused by horses in battle will never suffer from Hell-fire…

This is the Book of Allah saying to all of us truthfully: martyrs are alive and not dead.

"Think not of those who are slain in Allah's way as dead. Nay, they live, finding their sustenance in the presence of their Lord; They rejoice in the bounty provided by Allah. And with regard to those left behind, who have not yet joined them (in their bliss), the (Martyrs) glory in the fact that on them is no fear, nor have they (cause to) grieve." (Al 'Imran: 169-170)


Perhaps it didn't cross the minds of the two great Imams Sufyaan al-Thawri and al-Fudayl bin Iyad – May Allah have mercy on them – when they exchanged that poem that history would repeat itself, and that approximately ten centuries later the same scene will reoccur with all the same details.

Here is the pure Jihad and here are the Mujahideen who are going out to fight seeking the establishment of Allah's religion on earth, and to enable people to worship Allah alone. And many of them didn't care about worldly beauty and ornate pleasures. Otherwise, they wouldn't have left their homes and their families. One of the pinnacle examples of this is Sheikh Omar al-Saif – may Allah have mercy on him – who spent ten years in Chechnya as a Mujahid, scholar, Mufti, and a teacher of goodness to people.

This Imam represented the real role of a righteous scholars whom we hear about in the books of early Islamic biographies, a scholar who is considered to be a beacon of light that the Muslim nation would resort to after Allah, to enlighten the way and teach the tenets of faith. And when knowledgeable scholars who seek Allah's acceptance lead the way, Jihad becomes pure and sincere.

This Imam was not only a leading Imam in knowledge alone, but he also was a leading Imam in Jihad and fighting. So, let us get to know to see some excerpts on this man's biography during his time in Chechnya and enjoy the story of this hero who left his fingerprint on the Jihad and the Mujahideen in Chechnya, and who worked quietly to establish faith in Allah and establish His laws in these countries.

First Chechen War 1994-1996 / 1414-1417 A.H


Get up and go O friends, Allah has opened the door ….
Get up and go O friends, Allah has opened the door, the door of paradise….
In my soul, I feel the melodies of this attractive hope…
In my soul I feel the melodies of this attractive hope…
Let us do it, O lion of the jungle…


Nearly a decade ago, and specifically in the spring of 1417 H, Abu Omar ended up in Chechnya, this was during the first war, and as soon as he arrived he was enrolled in the camp of the commander al-Khattab, may Allah have mercy on him. Abu Omar was not well known at the time, for he was careful to stay away from the limelight, until the leader Abu al-Waleed - may Allah have mercy on him - came one day to visit the camp. He could barely believe what his eyes had witnessed when he saw Abu Omar, who had been his Emir and his teacher in Afghanistan. He was very happy with this and he introduced him to the leaders in the camp and alerted the people to his knowledge and goodness. They were happy to learn of the man's position.

"Allah is the greatest. After a bloody battle in the Southern area of Vedeno, here is the convoy leaving Vedeno"

When the war was over, and the Russians began to withdraw, Sheikh Abu Omar began establishing education and direction. He began by establishing lessons for the Mujahideen, and teaching them matters of religion and the jurisprudence of Jihad. The commanders were pleased with this because he made them self-sufficient when it came to education and direction, and filled a gap that had kept the commanders in Chechnya and elsewhere worried for a long time.

Commander Khattab – may Allah have mercy on him – speaking about the al-Qoqaz Institute:

"Really, this experience was very rewarding to us only after fighting was over. The most important thing, the most important thing is the institute, I swear by Allah. The institute and preaching in the path of Allah is more important than military camps and military operations. This became true and evident to us after the fighting was over and we established the institute of al-Qoqaz for Da'wa and for the preparation of preachers. Wonderful people were the result of this work after they graduated and learned about the religion of Allah (swt) and understood the tenets of the Qur'an, Hadith, and Jihad. After that, we sent them to boot camps for military training and, sure enough, they made the best of their abilities and these young people showed the best examples in the fight against the Russians. This way you get a group of young people in whom you can trust, and trust in their faith and their honesty. Also, through living with them for two or three months, you get to know who are the brave ones among them and who is wicked, and so on, and whoever is not patient to stand two months or more of education, what do we need them for? They should find themselves something else to do or, better yet, go home."


And it didn't stop there; things got greater and more important. After the Russians completed their withdrawal, the Chechen president Zelimkhan Yandarbiyev – may Allah have mercy on him – announced his intentions to practice Shari'ah law in that republic and started corresponding with Sheikh Abu Omar. Their first meeting was in the month or Rajab 1417 Hijra in the company of Sheikh Fathi, may Allah have mercy on him. A long discussion took place between the Sheikh and the president during this blessed meeting on the importance and manner of establishing and applying Shari'ah law.

Sheikh Abu Omar – may Allah have mercy on him:

{Allah the Almighty said: therefore fear not men, but fear me, and sell not my signs for a miserable price. If any do fail to judge by (the light of) what Allah hath revealed, they are (no better than) Unbelievers.} (Al-Ma'ida, 5:44)

President Zelimkhan – may Allah have mercy on him:

I heard from the general public that if they don't apply what he taught them, then the blame and the bad deed will be on the judges, scholars and people, and (that) he left the blame from himself because he did his part and delivered the teaching.

Sheikh Abu Omar – may Allah have mercy on him:

Your authority is the executive authority in Shari'ah, since you are the ruler, then you should rule according to Allah's laws and choose what is best for the people. Also, you should be honest, truthful, and strong at the same time.

President Zelimkhan – may Allah have mercy on him:

Right now, we intend to establish new guard units called the Shari'ah guards, and we will call it the Shari'ah Brigade, to enforce the laws and create a balance of powers. A just ruler brings glad tidings [unclear] to find him, as great and glad tidings and a morale-booster.


Other meetings followed this meeting, and President Zelimkhan issued many edicts. He issued an edict establishing Shari'ah courts, another edict to establish the Hesbah Institution, calling it the Shari'ah Guards, and other edicts to organize education, mosques and other affairs.

When Abu Omar became aware of the true intentions of President Biyev to apply the Shari'ah, he was very happy and dedicated himself to this great work and continued to work tirelessly day and night. He personally supervised the most important institution in this stage which was Shari'ah Justice, so, he established the Shari'ah Law Institute and Shari'ah Guards Institute.

At night he used to teach Judges and would look over their shoulders when they practiced judging between people according to what they just learned the day before, until the time came when these courts spread everywhere to include twenty-six branches which were a blessing for people. Many judges and disciples graduated after studying with him.

Sheikh Abu Omar – may Allah have mercy on him - supported President Zelimkhan in his blessed opinions, and he announced his support publicly and asked people to do so. He also helped the President financially, even though he didn't have much himself, and he committed himself to build up this great structure because of its importance and priority, especially due to the fact that this all is the fruit of Jihad in the cause of Allah. The results of practicing Shari'ah started to show on people. They felt safe in themselves and their wealth. Many mosques were built and the number of people praying increased. Learning circles spread everywhere and corruption came to a halt in a country that had been full of chaos, controlled by gangs, and many of its inhabitants had not known anything about the tenets of faith and about the Shari'ah.

The Second Chechen War, October 1999 - Jamada al-Thani 1420 A.H

Three years after his arrival, the drums of war started to beat once again, and Russian invaders came back to Chechnya. Abu Omar witnessed everything himself which got the best of him.


In war, we are like lions that don't fear, and hawks that fly high in the sky…
The neighs of horses are heard at the start, and upon them we ride with pride…
We are knights, we start on our horses, when the call comes, we respond…
In the path of Allah, we live and die a life of glory…

The voice of Sheikh Abu Omar al-Saif – may Allah have mercy on him:

The Chechen people's faith was hurt in this campaign. Mosques were destroyed and the Qur'an was searched for in homes and torn apart by the Russian soldiers. People are now afraid of keeping the Book of Allah and books of Hadiths in their homes. Plus, women were unable to wear their hijab anymore and the Russian government was distributing drugs to the young Chechen people through the Russian intelligence agency, in order to destroy the young people, besides destroying them militarily.

Also, the people of Chechnya were faced with a civilian genocide by way of systematic execution to decrease the number of young people in Chechnya and this accusation was directed at the Russian government from foreign governments. Every month, tens of strong men disappear, even if they are civilians. These tens of men are taken away and executed. Villages are continuously bombed just like they bomb mountain-sides and houses are destroyed on top of their inhabitants. Also, Russian soldiers raid civilian homes and plunder everything inside. Not only that, but they also kidnap civilian men and women and turn them into living and breathing commodities of the Russian Apparatus for it to buy and trade.


He then proceeded to meet with Jihad commanders and discuss with them the ways to defend against the invaders, through buying weapons, ammunition and provisions, and whatever else was needed. When the war intensified, casualties mounted on both sides especially since the Russians concentrated on killing the prominent commanders. They killed the Chechen commanders Dzhokhar Dudayev, then Arabayev, then Zelimkhan, then Maskhadov, and other commanders may Allah have mercy on them. As for commanders among the Ansar, the leader Hakim was killed as well as Khattab, Abu Al-Waleed, Abu Qutaybah, and other commanders, may Allah have mercy on them.

The voice of Sheikh Abu Omar Al-Saif, may Allah have mercy on him:

How does a Mujahid languish, get weak, and resign himself? As he listens to Allah's words: {So lose not heart, nor fall into despair: For ye must gain mastery if ye are true in faith.} And Allah's words: {How many prophets fought (in Allah's way) and with them large bands of godly men? But they never lost heart if they met with disaster in Allah's way nor did they weaken nor given in. Allah loves those who are firm and steadfast.} And the words of Allah, {If ye are suffering hardships they are suffering similar hardships but ye have hope from Allah while they have none.} That means you shouldn't slacken or weaken in following up the enemy. Russia has many internal virulent diseases and prolonging wars which the Russian government doesn't want. The continuation of Jihad in the Caucasus and the losses affecting the Russian government including loss of soldiers and money is an impediment on its succession and movement. Even to a small degree it affects its ability to correct its internal issues and address foreign threats.

To end battles in Chechnya and its surroundings it has set up all its preparations assembled all its soldiers and agents and set them free to kill and exterminate. They have committed assault and rape of all kinds. Their most important plan was to target Jihad leaders hoping that it will make the Mujahideen weak. They devised and they hoped. Of the late leaders, the Chechnyan leader Aslan Maskhadov, may Allah have mercy on him. By killing him, they thought they delivered a final blow for Jihad and the Mujahideen. These infidels don't know the reality of Jihad in the path of Allah. And that the Mujahideen are fighting in the path of Allah, the eternal and everlasting. They trust in Allah, the one with no associate.


He was careful to unite the Mujahideen's words and create affection in their hearts. At the same time - may Allah have mercy on him - he wasn't just theorizing or encouraging war with his pen he was leading the Mujahideen. He was always pondering ways in which he could join all the Mujahideen leaders, and unite them while applying Allah's Shari'ah. The historic meeting was in Rabi Al-Awwal in the year 1424 Hijri. Due to his efforts he was with his Arab brothers. Abu Al-Waleed and Abu Qutaybah were leading, may Allah have mercy on them. Also, the leader Abu Hafs Al-Urduni and others.

Sheikh Abu Omar, may Allah have mercy on him:

We give thanks to Allah the Blessed and Exalted for this blessed meeting. It is virtuous by Allah's will, the Exalted and Most High. This is where they join their word and unite their lines. Thanks be to Allah, the Exalted and Most High. Our word has become one. It is a meeting of sustaining Allah's Shari'ah, referring to the laws in all matters of the nation. This meeting, thanks be to Allah, had a good effect on the Mujahideen's morale. It increased their will and renewed their morale to continue Jihad and completing large operations by the will of Allah the Exalted and Blessed.

This meeting was preceded by blessed efforts from righteous brothers. The leader Al-Khattab - may Allah have mercy on him - had started work on this matter a year ago. All the efforts came together so that Allah allowed for this meeting. We ask Allah for this to be a conquest and a victory for Islam and the Muslims in these lands. Thanks be to Allah, this meeting resulted in great achievements. From this meeting and results, this land's constitution was renewed according to the Shari'ah. Goals became one under this constitution thanks be to Allah. The Chechen nation now includes all the Mujahideen. They united under one government. They also formed a Shura council that handles running the nation which becomes a reference for all matters within the Islamic nation, and in all government plans Allah willing. Ministry councils were formed as well. These will handle the nation's issues and deal with the people's services and needs. Military plans were also set for the next phases for the summer and autumn periods Allah willing. These were the most beneficial accomplishment this meeting achieved with the help of Allah the Exalted and Most High.


In exchange, the Sheikh ensured his connections are strengthened in the Islamic world. They are led by the greatest scholars in the Islamic nation. Of them is Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Salih Ibn Uthaymeen - may Allah have mercy on him. He was in constant communication with them. He explained all matters and described the situation. Sheikh Al-Uthaymeen used to follow up on the Mujahideen's news in Chechnya himself. He inquired, directed, and advised the Mujahideen.

Sheikh Muhammad ibn Salih Al-Uthaymeen - may Allah have mercy on him:

He said "I'm not saddened by the death of a man in Chechnya, or a child of Chechnya because Allah willing, they are martyrs. What saddens me the most is the other Islamic countries' silence. Otherwise, it would be necessary to cut ties with all other Muslims. If they had done that they would have stopped Russia in its tracks and no harm would have come to them. Unfortunately, the Islamic countries and by that I mean the heads of Islamic countries, (excluding countries with entities like Hamas who have no capability) are quiet, and say nothing at all. By Allah, this is regrettable. An Islamic republic, young, and new. All these things happen to it and we are silent?


He was sure that in order to keep the Jihad borders there needs to be a constitution that preserves Jihad's stature and with it, unites the Mujahideen. Even if the war ended the Mujahideen's unity remains and with them, remain the goals of their Jihad. This is what sets Chechen Jihad from others. It is why he was careful to provide references. This allowed him to write his great last book in his life titled "Shari'ah Politics."

He wrote the following in the end of his introduction:

"By Allah's blessings to you this is one of the magazines on political doctrine and I need you to collect them for me, Allah bless you. The reason Allah bless you is that the Supreme Court, or the authority, will write a book on Shari'ah politics and the nation in the coming months. This book will be issued from the Supreme Court and will remain as abiding to the nation. This is important, Allah bless you because some members of the Supreme Court may be martyred if they decide to advance. This is especially with the increased amount of ignorance here. What I mean by ignorance here is the shortage of Ulema. This may cause divergence and errors in the nation's politics and structure. That is why it's advisable to have rules and a book on Shari'ah issued by the same Supreme Court in the Arab countries and Allah willing, it will be circulated in Russian countries."

Voice of Muhammad Shishani (R.A.) Sheikh Omar's Translator:

The book was completed before he was killed. He wrote a book titled "Politics in Islam" It is a beautiful book. He wanted to finish writing it before he got killed and leave behind a legacy for the Muslims. He used to spend many hours on the computer and say "We have to hurry and write and finish before we die. I want to leave my legacy behind for Muslims." He wished for that and it came true, thanks be to Allah.


May Allah have mercy on him. He knew the war was taking up equipment and ammunition and that it will last for a long time as is the struggle between truth and evil. That is why it's necessary to build a progressive national base to protect Jihad and nurture the Mujahideen. This won't happen without missions and media efforts in parallel with military efforts. This will complete the vision for Jihad. Cornering in battle is a shorthand route to understanding Jihad. He stressed the meaning of Jihad in Islam has an overall meaning in the field of life.

The Voice of Sheikh Abu Omar, may Allah have mercy on him:

The state of the Mujahideen is good, thanks to Allah. They were able to speak in one voice, in one government, and under one Islamic constitution. They have agreed on a new constitution. The old constitution was the reason for Shari'ah disagreements. Consequently, a new constitution was formed. Thanks be to Allah. After that, everyone got together as one government. This meeting had a great effect on the Mujahideen's and the people's morale. It also had an effect on military work, missionary work, and judicial work. Allah willing, it was necessary to organize well.

Also, from the missionary side there are six magazines. They will be issued on a continuous basis. Allah willing, in the next couple of days television and radio broadcasting will begin. On the missionary side, the brothers are working hard to distribute Islamic tapes. As well as Islamic pamphlets. Thanks be to Allah, this Jihad brought great results in improving the Mujahideen and many leaders with Allah's aid. This Jihad promoted associations between brothers and the Mujahideen. These associations caused many cooperations, peace and summits among them. It wouldn't have been possible without Allah.


Even with his constant work with Jihad and Mujahideen even with the great responsibilities on his shoulders and even with distance and lack of communication with his family.
Even with all that, he took care of his mother as much as he could while directing his brothers to virtue and righteousness.

Sheikh Abu Omar, may Allah have mercy on him - Message to his Mother and Siblings:

Allah's peace, mercy, and blessings upon you. To my dear mother, Allah protect you and to my brothers and sisters. I ask Allah, the Great and Almighty, that you get this recording while you are well and in good health. All I need is to see you and that has no meaning without Allah, the Great and Almighty. I advise that my mother is treated well and that she remains in good health. I ask everyone to fear Allah and prepare to meet Him. Allah has created us to worship Him as Allah, the Most High, said: "I have only created Jinns, and men, that they may serve Me."

Whatever temptations there are in the world they should be used to obey Allah. It is to be a means and not a goal. The goal is to worship Allah, the Blessed and Exalted. We shouldn't hang on to this life. Rather, we should use it as a means to worship Allah, the Blessed and the Exalted, until we meet Him. I urge you to the Book of Allah the Most High. Read it, use it, and understand it. The Book of Allah shouldn't be interfered with. The Book of Allah to the worshipper is greater than those things that destroy his life and his afterlife.


Even though the Sheikh, may Allah have mercy on him dedicated himself and his money to Chechen Jihad he was always concerned and felt sorrow for conditions of the Muslims. He kept track of their news. He was optimistic that victory is near, and stressed the importance of Jihad for the nation's good. He drove the nation towards glory and leadership.

The Voice of Sheikh Abu Omar, may Allah have mercy on him:

I stress that Jihad has a great benefit to the nation and the leadership will not prevail without Jihad. This is the situation in Afghanistan and Kashmir or Chechnya and Palestine. With Jihad: Leadership and glory come easy to the people of Islam. Going to Jihad in Iraq and Palestine will have great effects on improving the situation. Jihad has a lot of virtue for the Muslims. There has to be martyrdom and injury in Jihad. There also has to be prisoners, but punishment is for those that fear, Allah willing and it will be of virtue. The existence of Jihad in Iraq and Palestine is a wonderful opportunity Allah willing, to bring recovery to the area.


He was pious with blood and money. He was constantly in contact to the Ulema seeking their guidance and fatwas. He doesn't hasten when issuing a fatwa he asks many questions, contemplates and refers to his sources. If he can't form an opinion comfortably he's not ashamed to say "I don't know." He then consults with scholars outside Chechnya especially those in Saudi Arabia.

The Voice of Sheikh Abu Omar, may Allah have mercy on him:

At times there are Shari'ah-related matters which require the brothers to consult with Sheikhs in Saudi Arabia, in order to get clarification on some Jihad aspects. For example, the Mujahideen execute an explosion against Russian forces, and in the process Arabs, Muslims, and citizens are harmed. Does this have an implication or not? We need a clear answer on that.

Sheikh Abu Umar consults with some scholars:

Last year, an amount was sent but only a few people received a portion because there wasn't much time. I wrote down what was sent and what was distributed but it's not with me now, it's somewhere else. The rest of the money was spent on general items. You should ask the knowledgeable people about these matters. Expenditure can be geared towards general jihad expenses. It is necessary that we consult in that…

The Scholars' reply:

…they use these methods for confrontation… Also there's a threat by…
[We apologize for the lack of voice clarity this recording was made via telephone.]


He was distinguished by his cunning and intelligence, and was person of strong character, feared by all, and was very patient and very humble. He only spoke when he had something useful to say, was very quiet, calm in character through his movements and his stillness, very well-mannered, and he had unparalleled determination and insistence.

He would not cajole or flatter at the expense of the Shar'ia. He was very measured and took his time in taking important decisions. He was an easy companion, he did not lean towards sharpness or roughness when dealing with the brothers.

Instead, he was easy and flexible, but he was serious in the work, and was not domineering in his opinion. He would often consult, benefiting from the opinions of those around him, and he would fall back on what was right if wisdom in an opinion became clear to him. If you knew him then you loved him, and if you saw him then you feared him.

The Sheikh was killed in the month of Shawwaal 1426, after a confrontation with the enemy, and he went without pre-planning, may Allah accept him among the martyrs.

The Voice of Mohammad, the student of Sheikh Abu Omar and his translator:

From your brother Mohammad, the student of Sheikh Abu Omar and his translator. As you know, our brother and our good Sheikh Abu Omar - may Allah have mercy on him - left this mortal world, and earned martyrdom, Allah willing, for which he left his country and home and family, and he earned it finally on the night of Monday the seventh of the month of Shawwaal.

And in truth, in the last few months we had felt that he would be martyred soon, and he increased his worshiping in his final days and he increased the prayer and recitation of the Qur'an, and he also began to pray, to increase the amount of prayer asking for martyrdom in the name of Allah, and he would say to me sometimes "Say Amen", and I would say Amen, then he would pray "We ask Allah to grant us martyrdom."

And nearly a month or two months before, my younger brother was sent and so I was sad, and it seemed he felt that I was sad, so he patted me on my shoulders and said, "Do not be sad. We will be martyrs, Allah willing, and all of the problems will end." Allah answered his prayers and chose him from among us, so we ask Allah to bring us together with him in the highest levels of paradise.

As you know, our Sheikh was very careful, and he would write everything down that he gave, all the expenses, even if they were small, and he would record them all in a notebook and he would compile the recommendations in a notebook but this notebook was with him when he was killed.


He didn't look behind him the day he left
He threw down the weight of the world off his shoulders
A muhajir for the sake of Allah – He has said goodbye to his family
He threw down the weight of the world off his shoulders
A muhajir for the sake of Allah – He has said goodbye to his family
He walked on Earth like he wasn't born on it and has never known any friends
He didn't look behind him on the day he left
He threw down the weight of the world off his shoulders
A muhajir for the sake of Allah – He has said goodbye to his family
A muhajir for the sake of Allah – He has said goodbye to his family
He threw away desires when he wanted the heavens

Excerpts from a lecture by Sheikh Suleyman bin Nasser Al-'Ulwaan:

The Prophet said: This religion will not be established, with a group of Muslims fighting for it until the hour of Judgment arrives.

And many are those in whom this truth is represented and this worship, for they would seek martyrdom while others were seeking life and its temptations.

And Anas, may Allah be pleased with him, said: The Prophet, peace and prayers be upon him, said: No worshiper who dies and has goodness with Allah is pleased to return to the world and has the world and what is in it except for the martyr, because he is so amazed by the glory of martyrdom that he is happy to go back to the world and be killed once more.

Excerpt from a lecture by Sheikh Salman bin Fahad Al-'Owdah:

Oh Muslims, a discussion about Jihad in the name of Allah is a discussion about the high matters even if the souls hate this. As our Lord says: "Jihad is ordained for you though you dislike it, and it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you like a thing which is bad for you. Allah knows but you do not know."

It is a discussion about liberating the obligation and the Ummahh from the slavery of temptations and a saving of the souls from illusion and cowardice and inaction and it is a road to spread religion and terrorize the enemy, and to extend the loftiness of Islam across civilization, and saving the Ummah from the humiliation of subordination, and this is what distinguishes the people of Islam and infidelity, and the hypocrites are exposed, and the people of suspicion and those have sickness in their heart.

The rite of Jihad must be revived in the souls, and there must be knowledge that Jihad is the best thing that a man can volunteer and his volunteering to do Jihad in the name of Allah is better than the volunteering for pilgrimage and 'Umrah and building mosques even if it were the Haraam mosque, and Sheikh Al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah said: "The bond in the trenches is better than being beside Makkah and Medinah, and working with the spear and arrow in the trenches is better than the prayer of choice."

From this, the enemies of the group are parted by Jihad, and are very afraid of the true Mujahideen, and purposefully slander the image of Jihad, and hurl the worst names against the Mujahideen, and the cries of the Mujahideen and their magnification calls break the threads of their heart. If this is not strange to come from the enemy, what is strange and truly sorrowful is that such rumors are spread in the lands of the Muslims, and these thoughts that bring down Jihad and that slander the image of the Mujahideen are present among some of the sons of the Muslims. And in the Arabic and Islamic media there is the use of incorrect concept of Jihad and its goals, and about the Mujahideen and their attacks.

The Prophet, peace and prayers be upon him, who has my soul in his hands, said: "I would liked to have been killed in the name of Allah, then live and be killed again, and then live and be killed again."

Is there someone who goes to Jihad and who goes to do Jihad against the people of infidelity and stubbornness? For it is the greatest defeat to see the soldiers of Allah and the military of faith fighting the Jews and Christians among the Russians and Americans and you are with the sheep, you do not do Jihad yourself, even though you have ability and there is need for you, and you are also stingy with your money.

Is there no one who yearns to live in paradise, among the beautiful women of heaven, and gaze at Allah? So go forth, go forth to the place that Allah built with His hands, a brick of gold and a brick of silver, and its mud is musk and its gravel is pearls and rubies, and its sand is saffron.

So hear the traits of the brides of heavens then choose yourself. Choose for yourself, O knowledgeable one.


Choose beautiful and good natured virgins and
ones with qualities of the most beautiful women,
Your sight will be confused with beauty that…
…has been bestowed on you – Your eyes will be confused
He says when seeing her splendor:
Glory to God for creating such beauty!
To the one wanting the beautiful virgins…
for their connection to the heaven of beings…

So what do you think of a woman who when she laughs in the face of her husband lights up heaven with her laugh, and if she moves from palace to palace you would say this is the sun traveling in its orbit, and if she lectures her husband how good this lecture is, and if she takes him by the waist, how delicious is this hug and this taking by the waist! The winners will win by the Lord of the Kaba.


So this is a whiff of the goodness of Abu Omar - may Allah have mercy on him - the Mujahid religious scholar, who renewed the role of the religious scholars in the Jihad in the name of Allah, we wished through it to remind the people of knowledge of their responsibility and role in supporting the Ummah and defending it from slander, for this Imam went forth and met his Allah, hoping that he is among those who were considered to be martyrs alongside his companions, we consider them to be thus and Allah is their probator, and we force no one upon Allah, and we ask Allah to bring us together with them in the place of his mercy, and to bring to the Ummah those who would repeat the journey of Jihad and the Mujahideen.

[Poem followed by Nasheed]

By God, the martyr's blood will not dry till You meet him,
He will enjoy seeing her light with his eyes,
A distinct virgin and a beauty,
A virgin, who no man or Jinn before them has touched
I sacrificed for you a soul that has seen the light,
it rose and cried to the angels in the sky,
Have we really left and suffering is over?
Have I really caught the winds of…
She appeared with a mouth of milky pearls,
An entire generation like her – Like light in the darkness
…You are my medicine,
I have been raised in this shelter to be forever for God
Your lord has satisfied your hope,
They mourn you and they do not know…
Have I really caught the winds of paradise…
And left behind me the winds of isolation?
Will I really meet the virgins of eternity?
Will her melodies delight me in her songs?
Our arms will intertwine…

Excerpt from a lecture by Sheikh Salman bin Fahad Al-'Owdah:

And at the death of a martyr this was life for him, as the Qur'an uttered. Allah said: "They are alive with their Lord", and so the death of the martyr is life to the Ummah after him, for those are the great heroes who cheapened life and thought little of it in the name of Allah, they are the ones who built glories and underlined the pages of history.

Abu Bakr, may Allah be pleased with him, told the soldiers of the Believers: "Seek death, and you will be given life". And Musaylamah said and those with him: "I will fight you with a people who love death just as you love life."

Ibn Al-Mubarak went to Al-Sham to fight in the name of Allah, so when he saw the situation of the people in terms of worship, attacking and Jihad, high morale and faith, and every day a mission or brigade or fighting, he turned to those around him and he was amazed by this new state and said "We are to Allah and to Allah we return for ages we have spent and days we spent in knowledge in solitude and wilderness, and left the doors of heaven upon here." He said, "Let a young man of my age come and develop, and leave for Jihad in the name of Allah."

Honey that gives life. Yes, Allah willing. It is Jihad in the name of Allah. The fated lineage on this Ummah, or otherwise then it will perish. For if the Ummah abandoned Jihad and ignored it then Allah will bring it humiliation, as the Prophet said: "Allah will bring up upon you humiliation if you abandon Jihad and accepted submission, then Allah will bring humiliation upon you that will not be lifted until you return to your religion and declare Jihad in the name of Allah, and adhere to the Shari'ah of your Prophet Muhammad", peace and prayers be upon him.

So avoiding death is doing Jihad, whether it is Jihad of money or soul or words or any possible means. Death is staying with family and children and money and abandoning Jihad.

There are many channels that aim to make the Muslims infidels and occupying from their true cause. For football contributes to this, and television contributes to this, and the media generally tries to occupy people from their true cause. So in return there must be a general conscription that is cared for by the men of Islam, and the callers and imams of the mosques and the people of knowledge and da'wa, through the schools and newspapers and magazines and books and tapes and lessons and councils. This is to teach the people the book of Jihad, the Hadith of Jihad, the life of Jihad, the judgments of Jihad, the manners of Jihad, and to put in their souls the spirit of bravery and dignity. Jihad does not mean Jihad by the sword alone, but Jihad in Qur'an, in knowledge, in da'wa, Jihad promoting goodness and forbidding condemnable things, and Jihad by the sword is the ultimate worship of Islam.

Excerpt from the speech of the leader Al-Khattaab - may Allah have mercy on him - calling upon the Ulema and the religious student to rise and fulfill their duty in teaching people religion:

We come to when we say, does this man have creed or not? Where can this man have creed? How can these people have creed when we have left them for 200, or 300 years or ground under Shi'ism for 70 years. What creed are we talking about here? We are the ones... if we are to say that these people have no creed then we are at fault in this matter, for we live and eat and drink, and we demand these peoples, to have the correct creed or to understand the religion of Allah or to understand Shari'ah. This is not possible... if there were those... meaning, injustice falls back upon us. Us, the people of Tawhid, the sons of Allah's religion, the sons of understanding Allah's religion in the Arabian Peninsula, and in the Islamic world for example, for example in the Arabic one we must... this is the duty of applying the Message and the Call, to call upon the people and share their troubles and live within these peoples so that we can cure these issues up close. So I say that if they saw these people in any place, any place you go to directly to teach the religion of Allah, then those people will learn the religion of Allah. And I swear that if those people, in any place, see honesty in treatment and you share with them their troubles, then that is enough, they would understand, people understand, and they understand truly and there is no room for compliments or lies.

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