Clarification Regarding the Recent Assertions of the American General Petreaus

22 March 2011

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful.

General David Petraeus, top commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan, has returned to Washington to find answer to questions and growing resentments of American people and Congress regarding the War of Afghanistan.

According to an opinion poll published recently in The Washington Post, a famous American daily, about two third of Americans have no confidence in the war of Afghanistan, considering it a fruitless mission. Similarly, hot debates are in full swing in the American Congress about the war expenditure in Afghanistan-- reaching to the tune of billions of dollars.

Congressmen like the American people want to know, do these fruitless efforts deserve the huge expenditure? General Petraeus, who is in charge of the war in Afghanistan, tried at the premises of the American Congress the other day during a hearing to give the Congressmen a spurious optimism. He said, though the Americans have been hearing about setbacks but there are some gains in the war of Afghanistan. These gains must be protected. General Petraeus emphasized on this point both during meeting with the American President Obama and American media, saying there were tangible advancements in the war. May be, he was pointing to operations by the American troops in some areas in south Afghanistan in the past recent months. We would like to say about the remarks of Petraeus that he is trying once again to give deceptive assurances to American people about the war of Afghanistan and quid pro quo, get some time and money for further prolongation of the war. However, if we look at the ground realities in the country, there is nothing to be called gains of the American troops. Not only they are losing the rural areas but also have become targets of effective attacks of Mujahideen in cities.

In the near past, the operation of Kandahar was one of the greatest ever carried out by the Americans. The Americans had had huge casualties being unprecedented in terms of loss. They are still smarting from their casualties. Though, the Americans destroyed whole villages and vineyards of people in some areas of Kandahar and afterward, built military bases there. Despite that, they were not able to wipe out the writ of Mujahideen. The Mujahideen are present in the areas and have blocked all ways and roads leading to the American bases. With the passage of every day, they lay further blockades to the invaders.

Another project of Pettaeus was the training of the Afghan hireling forces to rely on themselves in terms of quality and quantity. This is also a failed effort. High ranking officials of the Kabul regime openly complain that no progress has been made in the way of boosting the hireling Afghan forces, and even it is not expected that the target could be achieved during the next five years, to put the forces in a position to defend themselves on their own.

The common Afghans have rejected the Arbaki program launched by General Petraeus. However, it is operational in a few areas, that too, with a very low capability. Contrarily, the Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate enjoy a high morale and warfare spirit. The Mujahideen continued their military operations successfully in this winter, and did not let the enemy to take a breath of relief. Moreover, the martyrdom-seeking Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate have carried out effective attacks against the enemy in various parts of the country, sending a jittery through the ranks of the enemy.

The Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate continue their armed Jihad against the enemy, enjoying a high morale. They have the initiative of the battle in their hands, being always in the aggressive position while the enemy is retreating from or evacuating their bases in many areas in the country as the have withdrawn from Pech Valley. Thus they flee the areas.

I would like to point out my opinion about the assertions of Petraeus. Let's sum up the results and the losses. The Americans had launched one of their greatest operations in Gerisk district of Helmand province. It continued for one month. According to a survey conducted by Mujahideen, the Americans lost 54 tanks and armed vehicles as a result of road side bombs and attacks. But after the end of the operation, the situation did not change. The status quo is the same as before. The Americans went back to their bases after suffering huge casualties and losses. The Mujahideen are in control of the area. The same is the fate of other operations conducted by the forces of General Petraeus. It is very surprising that despite that, the general tauts these failures as military gains.

Like the American people, two-third of whom believe this war is fruitless war, the Islamic Emirate too believes that the current war of Afghanistan will bring in nothing for the Americans except defeat. We have faith in our God and believe, this legitimate Jihad of the Afghan people will ultimately result in the complete rout of the invaders. The surge and prolongation of the war will only add to financial loss and military casualties of America. Nothing more than that, if God willing.



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