The Afghans Can't Tolerate the Occupation even for a Single Day, Let Alone Tolerating the Permanent

23 March 2011

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful.

Karzai, the Head of the Kabul Administration, once again committed a clear affront to the proud Afghan characteristic and to his Afghan conscience during a speech at a ceremony held on the occasion of the World's Women Day on March 8. He said that he would convene a Loya Jirgah (a high council) to decide about the establishment and endorsement of American permanent bases.
No doubt, majority of the Afghans are very sensitive about the presence of the Americans and other foreigners and loathe the idea. Even now the so-called national army which is trained with American expenditure, nurtures the desire to make short work of foreign soldiers wherever they find an opportunity to do so. This is in addition to the resentments and hatred against the invaders prevalent among Mujahideen and the common populace. It is not a propaganda campaign ( that we say this) but it is a prevailing trend on ground, accumulating strength day by day and many acted on it practically. Every week, an event comes up that a soldier of the national army has turned barrel of his gun against the American and foreign soldiers. As result, some of them have been killed sporadically here or there.

Viewing the fact that a wide-spread animosity against the foreign presence and invasion is constantly spiraling up among the ranks of the military units and contingents of the stooge regime, waiting the time to gun them down, then how it is possible that the proud tradition of the common Afghans and the religious obligation and the Afghan characteristics of Mujahideen will allow them to overlook the overall American presence in the country? It seems the issue of American permanent bases is a process, now put on the shoulder of Karzai to tackle, ostensibly through bringing it to the floor of Loya Jirgah. Thus they try to give a clout of legitimacy to their current abhorrent invasion of Afghanistan. However, this is a project being neither acceptable to the Afghans nor to the people of America and the West, nor to the countries of the region.

During the past decade, the Afghans have passed through a phase during which they suffered a genocide of 150, 000 and torture of one million people. All these were perpetrated by the Americans. Similarly, the people of America and of the West witnessed the lies and the two-faced conduct of their rulers in addition to the coffins of thousands of their soldiers, who lost their lives in Afghanistan. They are now bogged down in a vortex of a quagmire without any passage to wriggle free. They have no way out except the option to escape. The regional countries are now well aware of the dangerous motives of America and their other ploys. Moreover, the Afghans saw all phony Loya Jirgah and high councils of Karzai which were formed under the bidding of the Americans during the past decade. All of them were constituted for the protection of the American interests but never solved any issue to benefit the Afghans. Every one knows, that a Jirgah or a council with members having been selected by Karzai Administration, will necessarily approve the decision taken under the bidding and instructions of America.

Karzai and his masters should know that gone is the days when fake Jirgahs and mediation were expectedly working. The Mujahid people will continue their resistance against the foreign presence in the country even though you accord them legitimacy through the said fake Jirgah, say, for a hundred times. The Jihad will continue as it had been continuing against the Britons, the Russians; as it is currently continuing against the Americans and their allies. The sacred Jihad and resistance against you have now evolved into a country-wide uprising. Every pious Afghan considers it his religious and national obligation to beat you and teach the invading troops a lesson that they will not forget so that they will not covet any other Islamic land to invade.



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