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24 March 2011

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

A parcel bomb addressed to a prominent figure of the Jaringan Islam Liberal (JIL) or Liberal Islam Network, Ulil Absha Abdalla, exploded, seriously wounding three people, Tuesday (15/3/2011).

The bomb exploded at the Jakarta office of the group when localized by the Gegana Elite Team of the Metro Jaya Regional Police in the area of Utan Kayu, East Jakarta. At that time, the Squad Leader of the Criminal Investigation Bureau (of police), Police Commissioner Dodi Rahmawan, came to the site and tried to tweak and mess with the parcel.

It resulted in an explosion, severely wounding the Police Commissioner Dodi Rahmawan whose hands were blown off. Two other people were also seriously wounded.

"I was standing behind the policeman and his hands blew off" said witness Ole Chavannes. "There was no bomb squad and the policeman was not wearing any protective equipment."

Earlier, there was suspicion that the package was a bomb.

"True, there were reports of suspicion on an object resembling a bomb," said the Head of the Matraman District Police Police Commissioner Uyun Rafie as reported by the

Uyun stated that in the beginning, the package for Ulil was received at 10.00 AM. When the officer checked it with the metal detector, the equipment gave out a sound which showed that there were metals in the package.

"That initially there was a consignment of books for Ulil at Utan Kayu, KBR 68 H, when checked with a metal detector, it sounded. It was suspected that there are metals inside it," Uyun said.

A second bomb was sent to the former head of Indonesia's Densus 88 anti-terror police, General Gories Mere, earlier in the day.

The explosion was the first bomb attack in the Indonesian capital since the twin martyrdom bombings in July 2009 which killed eight people and wounded 50 at the Ritz Carlton and JW Marriott hotels.

Police were still struggling to identify the architects and their motives, but a letter accompanying the bomb suggested the attack had been carried out by a hardliner Muslim group according to the police. If so, it signals a new tactic in the targeting of liberals who opposed to Shari'ah, or Islamic law.

Sulaiman Azhar, Sender Of The Packet For Ulil

In addition to the package bomb fashioned as a book, there was also a piece of letter written by Dr. Sulaiman Azhar meant for Ulil Abshar Abdalla, it was reported that the author comes from Ciomas, Bogor.

To date, it is still not clear who Drs. Sulaiman Azhar is, is it true that he was the one who sent the packet for Ulil?

The following is the letter (transl.) for Ulil, written by Drs. Sulaiman Azhar as reported by the

To : Dear, Ulil Abshar Abdalla

Re: A Request For Providing A Foreword In A Book And Interview, Written With Bold Letters And Underlined

Attachment: 1 (1) A Book

With respect,

Along with this I, the undersigned below,

Name: Drs. Sulaiman Azhar, Lc.
Address: Bahagia St., Panser Alley, no. 29
Ciomas, Bogor, H/P: 0813 3222 0579
Occupation: Writer

is in the process of completing the writing of a book in which the urgency is much related to the active role of you Sir, within the institution that you lead . This writer intends to request that perhaps you are willing to provide a foreword in my book.

Book Title: They Should Be Killed Because Of Their Sins Against Islam And The Muslims.

Theme: Lists Of Names And Sins Of Indonesian Figures Who Deserved To Be Killed.

Total: 412 pages.

I am ready to do an interview with you Sir regarding this little work of mine.

I say my thanks for the cooperation and your willingness to give the attention, as well as the time.

I respectfully, Drs. Sulaiman Azhar
and given a signature

Why Are The Liberal Islam Network (JIL) So Bigheaded?

Many parties still do not understand about the activities of the JIL, who likes to meddle with the peace of the Islamic ummah in Indonesia particularly. As the country with the largest Muslim population in the world, the Jews with the Freemasonry are supporting the JIL, which is also indeed funded by the Asia Foundation which is supported by the CIA, the American intelligence agency.

What is Liberal Islam and Why it is Called Liberal Islam?

"Liberal Islam" in essence is an insubordination of the self and thoughts through a foundation, movement, news agency or political movements against Islam which is in the way of Prophet Muhammad SAW. The ideology of Islam (they claim) suppresses personal freedoms and the liberation from the social-political structures that is oppressive. The objective of the JIL is to spread the ideas of liberal Islam, as extensively as they can, to the society with the support of the International Jews which is strongly entrenched in Indonesia, and the support of America through the Asia Foundation which is supported by the CIA, as well as the Western Imperialism, and is now controlling the Paramadina University and Islamic University of Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta.

The JIL is more akin to the continuation of the Western Imperialism on the Islamic world in which a form of justification is sought from the Islamic treasures. In terms of politics, there is a 'red thread' with the CIA. The JIL was officially present around March 2001— a significant impact arising from the birth of that warehouse of thinkings was the birth of the atmosphere of ‘stubbornness alias foolishness' which is termed by most of its followers as "critical thinking". They are so spirited in ‘criticizing' the Qur'an, rejecting some nas (texts) of the saheeh hadith, as well as accusing the ulama's as a conservative group. On the other hand, they are extremely busy embracing the liberal references. Their must-reads are: "Tahrirul Mar'ah" by Qasim Amin, "The Spirit of Islam" by Amir Ali, as well as "Al-Islam wa Ushul Al-Hukmi" which indeed is only a replica of the writing by an English Orientalist, Thomas W. Arnold.

Such names as, Sayid Ahmad Khand, Arkeun, Ali Abdul Razik, Charles Kuzman, Fatimah Marnissi, Nasir Hamid Abu Zaid and Fadzlurrahman, are as if having their new "holy books", which are now embedded in their brains. At the same time, they started to appear lazy reviewing the Qur'an, perhaps even fed up (sickened, ed) when listening to the daleels from the hadith.

If we observe the agendas of the JIL carefully, we will find a correlation between the Western imperialism and the agendas of the JIL. Luthfi Asy-Syaukanie, one of the motors of the JIL, had once mentioned openly the four main agendas of the Liberal Islam. First, the agenda of politics, Second, the agenda of religious tolerance, Third, the agenda of women's emancipation, and Fourth, the agenda of freedom of expression.

In the agenda of politics, for example, the Muslims are "directed" by the JIL to believe in secularism, and reject the Islamic system of government (Khilafah). In the agenda of pluralism, this group urged that all religions are true, there can be no truth claiming. The agenda of women's emancipation is like levelling in absoluteness the roles or rights of men and women without exception, and the agenda of freedom of expression, like the right to have no religion, is not much different from the agenda of politics above. All these ideas in the end, at its downstream, go back to the ideology and interests of the imperialists.

Adian Husaini and Nuim Hidayat asserted: Therefore, it is very hard –or rather impossible-- to not say that the roots of those thoughts could not be found to be coming from the pure Islam itself, except after going through a 'defilement' of the texts of the Qur'an and Sunnah. For example, the theology of pluralism which considers all religions as true, in truth it comes from the outcomes of the The Vatican Church Council II (1963-1965) which revised the principles of extra ecclesium nulla salus (no salvation outside of Catholic) to become the inclusive-pluralist theology, which states that "there is possible salvation outside of Catholic." ("Liberal Islam: The History, Conception And Its Deviation", by Adian Husaini and Nuim Hidayat – transl.).

Besides that, from the ideological framework, it can be stated in all probability that the ideas of the JIL themselves are the ideas of capitalism. Luthfi Asy-Syaukanie, in his book "The Faces Of Liberal Islam In Indonesia" (2002), has succeeded in presenting the descriptions and maps of the ideas of the JIL. If we analyze, the conclusion would be that there are many perfect copying from the ideology of capitalism.

Of course, there is the creativity and modification. Especially in the search for the verses or hadith or historical precedents, which would then be interpreted forcefully so that they fit in with capitalism. The main ideas of capitalism, among others are; (1) secularism, (2) democracy, and (3) freedom. From the support on secularism --particular experience of the West-- they appeared so hardworking in rejecting the Islamic system of government (khilafah), and very eager in rejecting the Shari'ah of Islam. But they easily accept all ideas of democracy without giving any critical reasoning. The phrase is, they right away become 'awake' (saucer-eyed) when criticizing Islam, but hurried blindly (pretend to not see) if those sources are coming from the West.

The denseness of the fundamental ideas of capitalism and its various derivatives, still coupled with a capitalistic method of thinking, i.e. by making the ideology of capitalism as the standard of thinking, by borrowing the words of Al-Jawi, the capitalist ideas are first accepted by way of 'taken for granted' or presumption and then believed as an absolute truth, without giving an opportunity to debate (ghair qabli li an-niqash) and without any chance to be changed (ghair qabli li at-taghyir). Then those ideas of capitalism are used as a way of looking at (and a judge!) to assess and judge Islam.

The JIL, Asia Foundation and CIA

The Asia Foundation is a giant NGO where the main headquarters is located in San Francisco. This NGO has 17 branch offices throughout Asia, plus an office in Washington D.C. In 2003, The Asia Foundation disbursed aid amounting to 44 millions USD and distributed 750 thousands books and educational materials in which the value ranges to reach 28 millions USD throughout the region of Asia.

As quoted by the official website of the American government,, last October –a few days before the election in Afghanistan, The Asia Foundation, was making the program, The Mobile Theatre Project, a mobile cinema. On the pretext of democracy education—or more precisely, the campaign of coercing democracy— they went around villages to play the movies watched by around 430,000 viewers.

In Indonesia, in the 2004 general election, like what was claimed on their website, this institution also participated in funding the JPPR (or Voter Education Network For The Masses) by employing 141,000 volunteers and conducting training of more or less 70 thousands people. They can make use of the radio with the assumption of having 25 millions listeners, and make use of the TV watched by 74 millions viewers, as well as controlling the print media with an estimated 3 million people who read it .

In Indonesia, its presence has existed since 1970. They stood behind the programs named; religious training, gender studies, Human Rights in Islam, civic education in Islamic institutions, Muslim Women Advocacy and issues of pluralism, in parallel with the programs of the JIL.

If we look at the variety of agendas and activities so far, there is a correlation between the agendas of the JIL and the Giant NGO called The Asia Foundation.

It can not be denied that the life of this group is very dependent on the flow of funds from The Asia Foundation. And because of the very large donation from this NGO, the JIL in a relatively short time has been able to establish the first satellite Radio in Indonesia, Radio 68H, where the broadcast is relayed by dozens of radio transmitters in Indonesia, they are also able to buy one full-page of the Jawa Pos newspaper, in fact they are even able to show ads with a long duration on TV, for example the ads of "The Colourful Islam", which in the end stopped showing due to a subpoena from the MMI (Majelis Mujahideen of Indonesia), as a matter of fact they are able to support their activities which require large costs. If eyed from the main sponsor (read: The Asia Foundation) which all these while became the main "exponent" of the funding of the JIL, it can be concluded that The Asia Foundation is its 'chief' network. In other words, the JIL is the ‘employee' of The Asia Foundation who serves on the ground to run their large projects.

The Asia Foundation is suspected of funding many activities in the framework of spreading the ideology of capitalism and the like. The most striking visible involvement of The Asia Foundation is how they have backed up the Team of Gender Mainstreaming (PUG) formed by the Religious Department, which later succeeded in preparing the draft called the Compilation of Islamic Laws, in which the contents later raised a controversy.

Referring to a working paper entitled "CIA's Hidden History in the Philippines" by Roland G. Simbulan, delivered at his lecture at the University of The Philipinnes (18 August 2000), and quoting from the writings of an American sociologist, James Petras, which was featured in the Journal of Contemporary Asia, it was illustrated of how a big NGO or corporate giant can be controlled --if not supported by the U.S. government-- by the secret agents or CIA who want to use it as a tool of camouflage. What was meant by Petras is, it is to 'draw the wool over the eyes' (to fool) and avoid the conflict that could arise from the direct collision with the formal structure of the government, as well as avoiding the class analysis on the existence colonialism and capitalist exploitation.

Roland G. Simbulan also explained that those who play the role of the CIA prominently are The Asia Foundation. This statement was considered as quite valid, because it was based on the statement of a member of the US State Department of Bureaucracy, William Blum. In a review of the book entitled "Asia Foundation, The Principal CIA's Front" and in one of the books by an investigative journalist of the Times magazine, Raymond Bonner, entitled: "Waltzing with a Dictator: The Marcoses and the Making of American Policy", it was stated that "The Asia Foundation is an instrument and cover of the CIA!" This is strengthened by the interview of Roland G. Simbulan with an ex-CIA spy operating in Philippines in 1996, where as an agent he was actively using this foundation (The Asia Foundation). In fact, also openly disclosed in the annual report of The Asia Foundation, year 1985, was the statement by Victor Marchetti, one of the deputy heads of the CIA, that "The Asia Foundation was established by the CIA and until 1967 received subsidies from it." (The Asia Foundation Annual Report, 1985).

It is clear that this NGO i.e. The Asia Foundation, is indeed the constituent of the CIA, established as a tool and medium to expand and ease the process of American imperialism on other Nations in the Asia Pacific regions, in a non-confrontational manner.

It is also from here that, in all probability, the JIL --when seen from the substance of the ideas that they carry, as well as from their partnership-- that indeed their activities have nothing to do with Islam, nor had they anything to do with the difference in methods of interpreting the nas, reform, enlightenment or critical attitude. The activities of the JIL are, once again –in all probability-- no other than the activities of foreign intelligence that want to to implant the nails of imperialism in the lands of the Islamic ummah generally, and in Indonesia specifically.

Wallahu a'lam.

Beware of the Ideas of the Misguided Personalities below so as not to be deceived by their sweet words and craps which would cause us to be lost in this world and the akhira:

List of 50 Figures of JIL Indonesia

A. The Pioneers

1. Abdul Mukti Ali
2. Abdurrahman Wahid alias Gus Dur (Ex-President)
3. Ahmad Wahib
4. Djohan Effendi
5. Harun Nasution
6. M. Dawam Raharjo (Liberal figure)
7. Munawir Sjadzali (Ex-Minister of Religious Dept.)
8. Nurcholish Madjid (Cak Nun)

B. The Seniors

9. Abdul Munir Mulkhan
10. Ahmad Syafi'i Ma'arif
11. Alwi Abdurrahman Shihab
12. Azyumardi Azra (Former Rector of the UIN Jakarta)
13. Goenawan Mohammad (Tempo)
14. Jalaluddin Rahmat (Shiah and interfaith figure)
15. Kautsar Azhari Noer
16. Komaruddin Hidayat (Current Rector of UIN Jakarta, 2011)
17. M. Amin Abdullah
18. M. Syafi'i Anwar
19. Masdar F. Mas'udi
20. Moeslim Abdurrahman
21. Nasaruddin Umar
22. Said Aqiel Siradj (Ex-Minister of Religious Dept.)
23. Zainun Kamal

C. The Successors Of The "Struggle"

24. Abd A'la
25. Abdul Moqsith Ghazali
26. Ahmad Fuad Fanani
27. Ahmad Gaus AF
28. Ahmad Sahal
29. Bahtiar Effendy
30. Budhy Munawar-Rahman
31. Denny JA
32. Fathimah Usman
33. Hamid Basyaib
34. Husein Muhammad
35. Ihsan Ali Fauzi
36. M. Jadul Maula
37. M. Luthfie Assyaukanie
38. Muhammad Ali
39. Mun'im A. Sirry
40. Nong Darol Mahmada
41. Rizal Malarangeng
42. Saiful Mujani
43. Siti Musdah Mulia
44. Sukidi
45. Sumanto al-Qurthuby
46. Syamsu Rizal Panggabean
47. Taufik Adnan Amal
48. Ulil Abshar-Abdalla
49. Zuhairi Misrawi
50. Zuly Qodir


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