Indonesia: What is Ulil's Sin Against Islam And The Muslims That He Deserved To Be Killed?

08 April 2011

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

Ulil Abshar Abdalla, a prominent figure of the Liberal Islam Network (JIL) was sent a package of book containing a bomb, Tuesday (15/3/2011) at KBR 68 H, Utan Kayu, East Jakarta . The book containing the bomb was entitled "They Must Be killed! Because Of Their Sins Against Islam and The Muslims ( trans.)". What is Ulil's sin against Islam and the Muslims that he has to be killed?

Ulil's Sins Against Islam and The Muslims

It is not strange if Ulil, a prominent figure of the JIL became the target of assassination. The track record of this man who was born in Pati, Central Java, on 11th January 1967, is already known as "anti-Islamic Shari'ah". On 18th November 2002, Ulil wrote an article in the public's daily, the Kompas, entitled "Refreshing The Understanding of Islam ( transl.)" which reaped the death fatwa from the Forum Ulama Umat Indonesia (FUUI).

In that horrendous article, Ulil tampered with Islam as sadistically as he could, which of course, became Ulil's most severe and never forgotten sin against Islam and the Muslims. In that article Ulil insulted the Islamic Shari'ah, and considered it as only an Arab culture.

"The aspects of Islam which are a reflection of Arab culture, for example, need not be followed. For example, the issue of jilbab, amputation of hands, qisas, stoning, beard, robe, need not be followed, because those are only the particular expression of local Islam in the Arab."

Ulil does not believe in the Islamic Shari'ah or what he called as the law of God.

"I think, there is no such thing as "the law of God" in the sense as most Muslim people understand. For example, the law of God on theft, transaction, marriage, governance, etc. What's there are the general principles which are universal, which in the tradition of classical Islamic law study, is called maqasidush shari'ah, or general-purpose of Islamic Shari'ah."

Furthermore, Ulil also insulted the noblest human being in Islam, Prophet Muhammad SAW and considered him as having many flaws.

"How to place the position of Rasul Muhammad SAW in the context of this kind of thinking? I think, Rasul Muhammad SAW is a historical figure who should be assessed critically, (thus he is not only a myth that is admired, without looking at his aspects as a human who also has many flaws), and at the same time as a role model to be followed (qudwah hasanah)."

Ulil even acknowledges all religions as true, intermixing and saying that the truth of Islam can be found in the philosophies of Marxism.

"I even see further: each value of goodness, where ever its place, in truth is also an Islamic value. Islam-as once presented by Cak Nur and a number of other thinkers-is a "generic values" that can exist in Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Konghucu, Judaism, Taoism, local religions and beliefs, etc. It could be that the truth of "Islam" can exist in the philosophy of Marxism."

From Ulil's article in 2002 which was featured in Kompas alone, the sins of Ulil against Islam and the Muslims are deemed as unforgivable. Unfortunately, Ulil did not stop insulting Islam and the Muslims.

In 2005, he wrote a letter from Boston which again and again was insulting Islam and creating controversy. Ulil said in the letter that what's wrong today are not only the Islamic ummah, but also Islam itself.

"I think, indeed there is something wrong at this time, not on Muslims, but on Islam itself. If this is not admitted, then the "culture of death" (I don't want to call it "martyrdom") such as that exploded in Bali, would be constantly colouring Islam, in the future. Only when the Muslims realize the mistake, and acknowledge it as a kind of disease, that they will immediately rush to the doctors, and seek treatment. The "Politics of denial", to continuously refuse while saying that "This is not Islam, it is an action of a sole individual," only lengthens the life of the disease, will make it increasingly chronic, and undermine Islam itself. That culture is just a parasite that must be cut off."

The Sins Of Ulil and JIL Reaping Adzab & Disasters

Those sins of Ulil specifically and the JIL generally, against Islam and the Muslims could be the reason why he was sent a package of book containing a bomb. This could be seen from the title of the book "They Must Be killed! Because Of Their Sins Against Islam and The Muslims" sent by someone named Drs. Sulaiman Azhar, Lc. And claiming to be from Ciomas, Bogor.

In the letter, the sender explained that the theme of his book is "A list of names and the sins of the Indonesian figures who deserved to killed". In the 412 pages book, it could be ascertained that the name Ulil was in the list regardless of what sequent number it is on and whether the book has really been written and published.

The name of Ulil in the book entitled "50 Prominent Figures Of Liberal Islam In Indonesia" written by Budi Handrianto and published by the Hujjah Press, was ranked number 48 and placed in the category of "The Successors Of The Struggle" of the JIL in Indonesia. Ranked in number 49, was the name Zuhairi Misrawi, which uniquely was also nearly killed because of his work in the JIL. The same goes with Masdar F Mas'udi (ranked number 19 and included in the category of the JIL Seniors). The following is the chronology of the event as contained in the book "Disbelief Thinking Of The Paramadina Sect", (Wihdah Press, 2004, pg. 146).

Mid February 2004, the Muslim public of Egypt and Indonesia were in hullabaloo with the threat of murder against Masdar F Mas'udi and Zuhairi Misrawi by Limra Zainuddin, the President of the Indonesian Student Union in Egypt (PPMI).

Masdar F Mas'udi, Director of the Pesantrens (Islamic Boarding Schools) and Society Development Association (P3M), on Friday afternoon in February 2004 was in Hotel Sonesta, Cairo. He was there because of a thanksgiving ceremony entitled "Education and Bahtsul Masa'il (Discussion of Issues) on Emancipatory Islam". This event was held at the five star hotel, from Saturday to Monday. The activity was jointly organized by the P3M, Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) Syuriyah Managing Committee, and the local student organization, "Discussion Of Breakthrough Strategy". The participants were made up of approximately 75 Indonesian students in Egypt representing a number of connexions. Egyptian thinkers, Prof. Dr. Hassan Hanafi and Dr. Youhanna Qaltah, were scheduled as speakers.

That afternoon, Limra went to the hotel to oppose the event. After seeing the hotel manager, he met the committees from the representatives of Indonesian students in Cairo. Limra spoke of the reasons for disapproving the event, because the thinkings of Zuhairi was considered as disturbing the public mind.

"Zuhairi's statement that says solat is not obligatory. And the issues of Muslims marrying mushrik women," Limra said. "As well as Masdar's view on hajj," Limra added. Only a few minutes after Limra was at the hotel lobby, Masdar appeared along with several students.

Limra submitted copies of the letter of objection from the PPMI to Masdar. The letter dated 5th February 2004 asked the Ambassador of Indonesia to Egypt to quash the event to be held by Zuhairi Misrawi as the coordinator of the P3M Emancipatory Islam Program. The rejection, he said, was based on the aspiration of the Indonesian students in Egypt. The end of the letter from PPMI implied a threat. "You can already read what would happen, if Zuhairi's event is still going to be held."

Responding to the issue, Masdar tried to cool the atmosphere by offering dialogue. Limra refused, for the reason that it was only a waste of time. He assessed Masdar's view on the violation of the time of Hajj as having pried up the aqeedah. "It was just a thinking. You don't have to follow it," Masdar said, arguing. "You just can't," Limra said in a raised voice. "I am tired of taking care of problems like this, it has made my own program neglected. Since the 'eid, I have been angry. And now I am still angry."

Masdar then challenged, "Supposing this event is still going to be held, what will happen?" Limra responded to it by hurling the threat to kill Masdar. Masdar then taunted Limra, "Can you make me the threat letter saying that I will be killed?" And Limra eluded, "I can only pass on it orally, I have many things to do."

Masdar again asked, "So, there is totally no way out?" Limra was fuming. He was breathing heavily. His right hand took the ashtray on the table, and then pointed it to the face of Masdar. "Should I kill you now?" Limra snapped.

In other texts (the threat was quoted in the chronology documents made by the committee team circulated in the mailing list of the students of Al-Azhar University, Egypt), Limra among others mentioned: "I will kill you or Zuhairi. If it's not you who's going to be dead, or Zuhairi, then I'll be the one who's going to die. The choice is either my dead body or your or Zuhairi's dead body. If you still insist, I will personally kill you."

A similar incident had also happened on a liberal figure from Egypt, Dr. Faraj Faudah (1945-1993). Dr. Faraj Faudah was killed after the "big debate" incident between the secular camp in Egypt and the Islamic camp, in 1992. Dr. Faraj Faudah was killed six months after the debate, i.e. in April 1993, in Egypt.

Sheikh Muhammad Al-Ghazali, who was the "debate opponent" of Faudah was brought in as an expert witness in the trial for the killing of the secular prominent figure. Al-Ghazali's testimony was then talked about a lot in the mass media of Egypt, there were both the pro and cons. This was because, apparently in the court, Al-Ghazali stated unequivocally that the people who claim to be Muslims but publicly refused the implementation of Islamic Shari'ah and invited to replace the Shari'ah of Allah with the shari'ah of thaghut, then those people have already been out of the religion of Islam alias murtad.

Sheikh Umar Bakri Muhammad in an article in Shari'ah Magazine entitled "The Secularist's Attack on Islam and Muslim" revealed that there are Muslims who propagandize non-Islamic ideas. The evil attitudes and deeds of those people have already been uncountable, in fact they are the most dangerous threat for the existence of the Muslims and the re-emergence of the Khilafah, because they are the unseen "threat" (munafiq).

Abdurrahman Al Maliki in "Nidzomul Uqubat fil Islam", included the activities of disseminating kufr ideology into the sanction which is of the ta'zir type, namely the sanction that is imposed on the immoral acts in which there is no Had and Kifarat.

"Anyone who does the activities of disseminating the kufr ideology, or Kufr thoughts, he will be liable to imprisonment starting from 2 years to 10 years. This is if the person is not a Muslim. If the perpetrator was a Muslim, then on him will be assigned the penalty for murtad, i.e. death penalty. And anyone who does the spreading of the kufr religion in the midst of the Muslims, then he will be given the same sanction."

"Any writing or calling containing insult against one article from the aqeedah of the Muslims, then the perpetrator will be liable to imprisonment starting from 5 years to 15 years, if the perpetrator was not a Muslim or his insult cannot be said as making the speaker kafir. However, if the perpetrator was a Muslim and if the insult could be said as making the speaker kafir, then he will be given the sanction for murtad (death penalty)."

Wallahu'alam bis sowab!

Original article by: M. Fachry International Jihad Analysis

Source: Arrahmah



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