"A Message of Hope and Glad Tidings to Our Fellow Muslims in Egypt (3)" - Sheikh Ayman AL Zawahiri

10 April 2011

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

"A Message of Hope and Glad Tidings to Our Fellow Muslims in Egypt (2)" - Sheikh Ayman AL Zawahiri

"A Message of Hope and Glad Tidings to Our Fellow Muslims in Egypt (1)" - Sheikh Ayman AL Zawahiri

In the Name of Allah. May peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah, and upon his family, companions and all those who follow him.

My Muslims everywhere: Asalamu alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu.

To proceed:

This is the third part in the series entitled, A Message of Hope and Glad Tidings to Our Fellow Muslims in Egypt. Before I began this part, various important events took place in Egypt and its surrounding areas which must be spoken about, events such as the referendum in southern Sudan, and the uprising in Tunisia and the protests in Egypt.

The events in Sudan need to be elaborated on, and thus I will delay its discussion till next time, Allah willing, though I had mentioned the roots of the problem of Southern Sudan in my discussion of the accords which led to its bipartite rule in 1899, which actuality started in September 1898 with the defeat of the Mahdi Movement in their war with the Anglo-Egyptian army, led by Kitchener in the famous Battle of Karrari.

But here I would like to comment on some important events which have taken place in Tunisia, as well as the present protests in Egypt.

I salute every freeborn and noble Muslim jealous over their religion, nation, sanctity and nobility, who has risen against their oppressive and traitorous rulers: these Arab Zionists who wage war against Islam and its laws, ban the Hijab, seek the spread of licentiousness and ignobility, build bridges with the Zionist entity, participate with America in their war against Islam and the Muslims - which they call the "War on Terror", besiege our fellow Muslims in Gaza - to be more exact, imprison and torture their youth and extract statements from them that help the Israeli Intelligence, to the extent that they even tortured the injured and sick who sought came to Egypt for treatment - those who demolished the tunnels at the border over the heads of our fellow Muslims of Gaza and the Sinai and pumped poisonous gas into them, and those who suppress and torture their people, pillaging their blood, sanctity and resources.

I salute every freeborn and noble Muslim who chooses not to remain silent when his religion, honor and sanctity is desecrated.

I salute every freeborn and noble Muslim who faces the bullets of the security forces so that Islam remains in the forefront in their lands, to protect the Hijab of their Muslim sisters, to put an end to the normalization efforts with Israel, to end the blockade of Gaza, to protect the resources of their people from pillage, usurpation, theft and exploitation, and to guard his society from ignobility, licentiousness, and corruption.

I send my salutations all these truthful and loyal nobles. I ask Allah to have mercy on their martyrs, to grant their families patience and solace, to heal their injured, to free their prisoners, and to grant them the strength, resilience, insight and awareness to continue their struggle, opposition, and Jihad to fulfill the hopes of the Muslim Ummah of the establishment of a free Muslim nation in the Islamic world, which governs with the Shariah, promotes justice, implements Shura, liberates the Muslim lands, ends the blockade of Gaza, guards morality, destroys the nation of ignobility and corruption, establishes a Shura system in which the Ummah chooses its rulers without domination, forgery or rigging, holds them to account, enjoining them with good and forbidding them from evil, and guards Muslim resources from domestic thieves and their international masters who loot the treasures of our lands, transforming them into weapons and supplies which are given to Israel as support and used to murder our families and children in Afghanistan. Pakistan, Iraq, Somalia and Algeria, making instruments of torture and repression used by the security apparatus in our lands which have been turned into torture cells and secret prisons in the new Christian Crusades against Islam and the Muslims, which they call the War on Terror.

These instruments of torture and weapons of repression and despotism are used to silence any noble sound, any opinion which speaks out for the truth, and any uprising which defies oppression.

My freeborn, noble brothers:

The events of Tunisia and Egypt, the results of which have reached Jordan, Yemen and other Muslim lands, must be studied carefully, so that the anger of the noble and uprising of the freeborn do not go to waste, and the fruit born of their efforts are not stolen after they watered its tree with their souls, blood and years of imprisonment.

All freeborn, noble and insightful Muslims know that the crimes of these corrupt and corrupted regimes which repress our Ummah and wage war against its creed and the Hijab of its daughters, pillage its resources and promote moral and social debauchery, depravity and degeneracy are part and parcel of the world order at war with Islam and the Muslims, led by America.

These governments are the proxies and aides of those global forces. They implement their policies in their war against Islam and the Hijab, altering the educational curriculum, normalization efforts with Israel, preventing the rule of the Shariah, and pillaging the wealth of the Muslims.

For these reasons, those global forces directly aid and support these local governments, turning a blind eye to their crimes, injustices, suppression, lies, fabrications, and pillage. But when they see that they no are no longer able to serve their interests, or that they have rotten and become corrupt to an extent unacceptable to all, they merely replace them with others, as their continuation may instigate the people to revolt, losing total control over it. Thus, these global forces, especially America, often change old faces with new ones, who fool the masses by implementing some reforms and freedoms. However, in the end, the interests of the global tyrants and despots are safeguarded.

In Green Tunisia, the ornate and noble Tunisia, the Tunisia of Qairawan, the Tunisia of scholars and scholasticism, and the Tunisia of Ribat and Jihad, our fellow Muslims and brothers revolted against America's proxy, the beloved child of France, who waged a war against Islam, persecuted sisters who practiced Hijab, promoted prostitution, moral depravity and sinfulness, built bridges with the Jews and carried out sinister forms of repression, torture, imprisonment, hunting down every freeborn and noble person who sought to defend his religion, people, land, and sanctities. He used Tunisia as a resource to pillage and loot, awarding its resources to his posse, usurping its wealth and extorting its treasures, leaving its people as victims of poverty, destitution, and need, most of them not even being able to fulfill their daily requirements except after great pain and hardship.

Then, when they rose up to demand their right of an honorable life, he released his herds of police and security forces over them. America stood by and watched from the sides for over a month. But when they realized that their man was expired, and that it was more harmful for them if he remained in power, they kicked him into the dustbin of history, to their agents in Jeddah. They started to give statements congratulating the new government, which is nothing but the leftover cronies of Bin Ali, in attempt to take control over the change, which would let off steam, but still be far distant from the rule of the Shariah, enmity to Israel and preventing America from their war against the Muslims which they call the War on Terror.

They sought to form new government which would ensure the people some of their freedoms, make some reforms, and release some prisoners for a while, but the real power would still remain in the hands of America's men, its agents and their soldiers.

Thus, it is a must that the freeborn people of Tunisia who are jealous in their religion, their Shariah, and Muslim sanctity and lands, to stop these political tricks which lie in wait. They must continue their sacrifice and struggle until Tunisia once again becomes a fortress of Islam, Jihad and Ribat, and frees itself from corruption, bribery, theft, suppression, injustice, debauchery and enslavement, and until Tunisia once again fulfills its proper role in the Muslim Ummah, defending its western borders (or Al Aqsa Mosque) and supporting the Mujahideen in the various Islamic lands, coming to the aid of the weak and oppressed, and working to liberate the Muslim lands from the armies of the neo-Crusades, in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, the Arabian Peninsula, Somalia and the Islamic Maghreb.

The noble and freeborn people of Tunisia must say to French occupation and their agents that they have had enough of deviancy, depravity, and degeneracy, and that they have been forced away from the Shariah for far too long by the bayonets and cannons of the occupiers, followed by the prisons of their agents.

The noble people of Tunisia must establish a system of government which sets an example for their brethren, one which establishes the Shura and justice, holds the ruler to account, hunts down the looters, closes the doors which lead to unlawful enrichment, and is just in distributing the resources of the Ummah to its people.

The same thing which is occurring in Tunisia has been planned for Egypt. America observes the events and issues vague statements. If Mubarak is able to control the situation through brute, force, and fraud, then this is what they like to see from the lead Arab Zionist who has granted them the whole of Egypt, its seaports, airports and the Suez Canal, and for whom he seeks to crush Islamic movements, squeezing statements of retraction from the prisoners in their juicers under American supervision, coming out altered, grotesque and disfigured, glorifying the praises of his prison guards, turning back on their fundamentals.

He is the one who blockades Gaza for them, and he is the one who guards the the southern border of Israel, stripping the Sinai of weapons for their protection, making it a market for the trade of Israeli prostitution. America, till this day, supervises and holds the stick from the middle, knowing all too well of Mubarak's crimes, and that he is the last person who fits the description of American claim of democracy. They only hold on to him because he is the lead Arab Zionist, the treasurer of American interests, and the guarantor of the continuation its crimes against Islam and the Muslims.

If Mubarak fails to control the situation, and this volcano erupts into a revolution, then the Palace of the House of Mubarak awaits him in Jeddah, in the dustbin of history, and his replacement, the secular ElBaradei is prepared and ready - a secular who publicly declares his secularism, saying that the second article of the constitution, despite its flaw and deficiency, can be reconsidered. He is a replacement who was reared in the laps of the UN, tested by its instruments, known and trusted by its agencies, and awarded prizes by them. He is a replacement who voices no opinion over normalization with Israel, nor the acts of aggression against Afghanistan and Iraq, the blockade of Gaza, the Joint Arab Defense, supporting the low income strata with basic supplies, the sale of the public sector, and self sufficiency in staple crops. He is a replacement who lives in Vienna, visiting Egypt in his free time. Now we see him coming to Egypt on the third day of protests and announce that he is ready to lead the interim government if the people wish. I have no idea where this interim government would reside, in Cairo, Vienna or New York!

He is a replacement who is part and parcel of the international order - fulfilling its interests, even though he may grant the weak, oppressed and poor some rights and freedom. Egypt will continue to serve as a military base for the Christian crusades, a main ally in America's war on Islam - which they call the War on Terror - and a guard over the southern borders of the Zionist entity.

In my discussion of the methods the British employed to ruin Egypt's system of government, I mentioned they attacked the legislative, but left the framework of Egypt intact, turning it into an instrument for their purposes. They allowed a fraudulent type of politics to exist in which the various parties butted heads, elections were held, and governments came and went. But the puppet strings remained in the hands of the British Commissioner who entrenching his forces in Egypt to protect British interests. This is the same thing America wishes for Egypt today, whether it be a tyrannical government or one that is democratic, government by one party or a multitude, each competing with each other to win the elections. The important thing is that the strings always remain in the hands of the US Ambassador who entrenches his forces in Ras Banas, the airport west of Cairo and the Sinai, while Israel is home the largest US base outside America, and in the Arabian Peninsula and Islamic Maghreb, its fleets sail all around us in the oceans and seas.

O' freeborn and noble people in Tunisia, Egypt and all over the Islamic world! we salute you for your resolution, your steadfastness and your sacrifices! However, the path to the liberation of our nation from its prison-guards and invaders is a long one. Be extremely cautious that your sacrifices are not stolen, that your suffering is not used by others, and that outer appearances change, but injustice and servitude continues to exist.

And our final prayer is that all praise is due to Allah, the Lord of all that exists, and may peace and blessings be upon our leader, Muhammad, and upon all his family and companions.

Asalamu alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh.

Translated by: The Global Media Islamic Front Observing Mujahideen News and Inspiring the Believers



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