American Mujahids In The Arena Of World Jihad: The Who's Who Of American Mujahidun

10 April 2011

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

They are Muslims who grew up in a country with a predominantly kafir population. Even so, it did not deter them from learning and understanding Islam like the understanding of their predecessors, the understanding of the salafuh salih. They believe that jihad is the best way to defend Islam. 

Patrick Boyd Daniel

Arrested on 27th July 2009. Daniel was regarded as the leader of a group of seven people in South Carolina. He was accused of supporting the jihad movement in other countries including Israel, Jordan, Kosovo and Pakistan. According to the indictment, Daniel received "radical Islam" training in Pakistan and Afghanistan, but he was not associated with Al-Qaeda or other jihad group which operate in those areas. 

Adam Gadahn

Gadahn is a member of Al-Qaeda from America who is most wanted and is the first American citizen to be given the charges of treason since the 1940s. He is one of the two American citizens in the FBI list and one of the 28 most wanted "terrorists" and America is offering 1 Million USD for information leading to his arrest. Gadahn was born in Oregon and grew up in California, considered as a senior commander for Sheikh Usamah bin Ladin and reported to play the role of a translator, video producer and cultural interpreter. In the above photo, Gadahn was seen in a video posted on the internet. In his message, he praised a US Army who had killed 13 people in the Fort Hood military base in Texas. 

Abdul Rahman Yasin

Born in 1960 in Bloomington. Yasin is wanted for allegedly participating in the WTC bombing in 1993, which resulted in the death of six people. He is one of the two American citizens included in the FBI list, America is offering up to 5 millions USD for information about him. The above poster was circulated in 2001. 

Sheikh Anwar al-Awlaki

Born in 1971 in Las Cruces. This charismatic ulama' is sometimes called the "bin Ladin on the internet". Sheikh al-Awlaki endeavors to reach the English-speaking Muslims in his lecture and encourages them to engage in jihad in the West. He has been connected to the shootings in Fort Hood by Major Nidal Malik Hasan and the bombing attempt on an airplane by Umar Farouk Abdulmutalib, a mujahid from Nigeria. 

Omar Hammai

He was born in Alabama. He had appeared in the New York Times feature , "The Jihadi Next Door". Raised as a Christian. This son from the American-Syrian father and mother gradually get acquainted with Islam and became a "fundamentalist" Muslim in 2007, and then joined the Al-Qaeda in Somalia which supported the group "Al-Shabaab". He is said to be a star and the main recruiter. The above photo was from his message video on 31st March 2009 released in the jihad forum. 

Najibullah Zazi

Arrested on 16th September 2009. Although born in Afghanistan, Zazi and his family moved to New York in 1999 and legally became residents there. The court documents stated that in 2008 he went to Afghanistan to unite with the Taliban even though he was recruited by Al-Qaeda. He returned to America in January 2009, moved to Denver and before the end of the year he was stated as guilty for planning to blow up the New York underground train with homemade bombs. In the photo, he was escorted out of the NYPD helicopter. He likely will be given a life sentence. 

Nidal Malik Hasan

Arrested on 5th November 2009. Major Nidal, a doctor in the US military carried out the shootings in the army post in Fort Hood, Texas which killed 13 people. He was born in Arlington, but Hasan has never gone into the war zones. 

John Walker Lindh

Arrested on 25th November 2001. Lindh, who came from Washington DC, was captured as an enemy combatant when America invaded Afghanistan in 2001. He became interested in Islam after seeing Spike Lee in the film "Malcolm X". Lindh is now serving a prison sentence of 20 years. In the photo was Lindh when registering at the Saudi Hassani Kalan Surani Bannu Madrasah in Pakistan in 2002.  

The Pakistani police were escorting five men whose hands were cuffed and identified as Aman Hassan Yemer, Abdulah Ahmed Minni, Waqar Hussain Khan, Ramy Zamzam and Umar Farooq. All are American citizens from North Virginia. They intended to join the jihad in Afghanistan to defend the Muslims who are invaded there, but it was not meant to be, they had been arrested at the border by the puppet police of Pakistan. Now they are still in the jail of the thaghut Pakistan and standing trial.





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