A Message of Hope and Glad Tidings to Our Fellow Muslims (4)" Sheikh Ayman Al Zawahiri

05 May 2011

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

In the Name of Allah. All praise be to Allah, and may peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah, and upon his family, companions and those who follow him.

My Muslim brothers everywhere: Asalamu alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

This is the fourth part of the series entitled, "A Message of Hope and Glad Tidings to Our Fellow Muslims of Egypt", which I dedicate to the popular uprisings taking place all over the Arab world, and specifically in Egypt.

In the third part of this series, I promised discuss the problem of Southern Sudan, but I believe it is more appropriate to postpone this topic to future parts inshallah.

To begin with, I would like to reiterate my salute to the freeborn and noble Muslims who rose up in Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, and Yemen, who arose to confront and resist these corrupt and corruptive rulers, the Arab Zionists, who fight Islam and Hijab, propagate moral depravity and licentiousness, cooperate with Israel against the Mujahideen, continue to blockade Gaza while providing Israel with the water of the Nile river and gas from its reserves, and deprive the people of Gaza from entering Egypt for medical treatment or trade, at the same time allowing tens of thousands of Israelis to cross into the Sinai without even a visa, to practice their licentious sins to fill the pockets of the lead criminals with unlawful wealth.

These corrupt and corruptive governments which have participated with America in their war on Islam and the Muslims, which they call the War on Terror, whose jets and battleships were launched from its airports and seaports to pulverize the Muslims of Afghanistan and Iraq, and who have turned their prisons into torture stations at the service of the Christian Crusades.

I salute all freeborn and noble Muslims who have sacrificed their lives and comfort to confront these corrupt and corruptive evil tyrants in Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Yemen, Jordan, and the rest of the Muslim lands. Salutations to all of these freeborn and courageous Muslims. I ask Allah to have mercy on their martyrs, to grant their families patience and solace, to heal their injured, and to free their prisoners.

My freeborn and noble brothers who are jealous of their religion, sanctities and nobility, indeed your brother Mujahideen are with you, confronting the same enemy. They have stood up to face America and its western allies, who have cast Hosni Mubarak, Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, Ali Abdullah Saleh, Abdullah bin Husain and their likes over you. Indeed the change in the American policy of supporting these despotic tyrants and to attempt to deal directly with the Muslim masses with their deceptive politics and soft power is a direct result of the blessed attacks on New York, Washington and Pennsylvania. Since then, America and the rest of the West has rethought their policies. However, these compromises and retractions are insufficient and unacceptable to any noble and freeborn Muslim, rather any seeker of justice from even non-Muslims. Thus, your brother Mujahideen promise that by they Help of Allah, they will continue to strike America and its allies and damage them until they leave all Muslim lands, by Allah's leave, and stop their support of the despotic tyrants who rule them. And Allah is witness to what we say.

My freeborn and noble brothers in Egypt, in this critical stage of your anger, every noble and freeborn Muslim who is jealous for his religion, sanctities, and nobility must hold fast to their principles, constants and creed, and work on fulfilling and empowering them. There are many opportunists who are lying in wait for the right time to take advantage of the situation in order to sidetrack your outrage from taking its proper course, forcing it away from its goals, so they can achieve their own interests and aspirations.

My freeborn and honorable brothers who are loyal to their religion and Ummah, your dignified anger stood to confront the oppression and corruption of the ruling party in Egypt and change it. Thus, if we are to speak about change, let us discuss the matter medically. Let us speak of the disease, and then speak of the cure.

What is the disease which afflicted the corrupt regime in Egypt in recent history?

Egypt suffers being subjected to a secular regime that wages war against Islam, one which is despotic and corrupt, one which pillages the country's wealth, deserts their fellow Muslims before Israel, and has allied to the West, at the head of them America. I have detailed some of the conditions of this regime in the previous parts, but here, I would like to point out that secularism in our Muslim World in general, and particularly in Egypt, was not a choice made by the Egyptian people. Rather, the Egyptian people demanded over and over that the Islamic Shariah should be the source of all laws and legislation, and that Islam should be made the ruling system in Egypt. Sadat tricked the Egyptian People by slipping the second article into the constitution, that states that the Islamic Shariah is the main source of legislation. With this deceitful wording, secularism continued to exist in Egypt, this secularism which was imposed by the occupiers with their canons and bayonets, and then by others after them through rigged elections, suppression and aggression. I have explained some details about this in the previous episodes.

The demand of the Egyptian People to live under the Shariah is considered one of the most significant recent historical facts of Egypt, and it is still the demand of the vast majority in Egypt since the 1940‘s. It is for this cause that hundreds of souls have been sacrificed, tens of thousands have been imprisoned, and many more have been subject to torture.

International forces and their local agents in Egypt both sought to marginalize the Shariah from governance through suppression and deceit.

This goal of marginalizing the Shariah while encouraging and strengthening the secularists was from the most important plans of the US Administration, especially after the events of September 11. Anyone who wishes evidence can refer to the publications of Rand Corporation, especially the two books Civil Democratic Islam and Building Moderate Muslim Networks, both which assured that America's interest lies in the secularists and modernists, because they are its true allies, and affirmed the need to attack and marginalize the Islamists in general, and Jihadists in particular.

These Western forces that have occupied our lands, pillaged our resources and violated our independence, have realized that their primary adversary is Islam, which is capable of mobilizing the Muslims to form a superpower that would challenge their control and confront their crimes.

Also, the West has and remains to support these corrupt, despotic idolic tyrants over us in our lands, because they are easier to manage for achieving their interests, and because they are easy to bribe in return for dangerous concessions that affect the Ummah and its sovereignty, in return for silencing and suppressing every free, honorable voice that seeks to confront Western aspirations in our lands, in return for receiving what it seeks from our independence and resources, and in return for turning a blind eye to the crimes of the rulers and the corrupt elite which surround them, who are accomplices in their corruption.

America kept silent for 30 years over the corruption and theft of Mubarak, his family and his cronies, and it never it mentioned the transfer of authority in Egypt, until only after the security forces failed in suppressing the uprising of the Egyptian people, thirsty for dignity and freedom. Anyone who follows the statements of the American administration and its president, and the statements of other the leaders of West, realizes this gradual shift from seeking to maintain stability in Egypt to demanding Mubarak to step down and pressuring him to leave his position of rule.

However, they do not want that Mubarak merely steps down as ruler. Rather, they seek a controlled change which allows for new faces and maybe even a total replacement of the regime, but it must be one which continues and safeguards the policies which oppose Islam and marginalize the Shariah, even if it were something demanded by the vast majority in Egypt, policies which do not oppose the military presence of America and the West in Afghanistan, Iraq, the Arabian Peninsula, the Gulf and the Islamic Maghreb, but rather are aides to this presence and provide it the supplies, fuel, airports, seaports. information, force, and policies it needs to guarantee the existence and security of Israel. They will accept a government which has made compromises and surrendered [some rights to the people], in order to continue with their Zionist plans to demolish Masjid Al Aqsa and Judaize Palestine.

This is the type of democracy America wishes for us, a democracy customized for the third world, and specifically for the Islamic world. It is a democracy that we have seen in the elections in which the Islamic Salvation Front (FIS) participated in Algeria, in the blockade imposed by America and the West of the Hamas led government, and also in the US approval of Karzai to remain as president despite their acceptance of election rigging.

An onlooker may regard this as a contradiction in American and Western behavior and double standards at first: what is allowed for them is prohibited for others, and the supposed democracy which they boast about is not suitable, rather, not allowed for others. However, one who delves deeper into the matter realizes that this in fact is the truth of democracy, for democracy tries to fulfill one religion and worships one idol, which is the wished of the majority, without abiding by any religion, standards or ethics. Anything can change according to the number of votes.

One who looks into the history of the Western nations in general, and that of America in particular, will find humiliating examples of this fact. America and the West imposed Israel upon us, gathering together a scattered and lost people and shifting their residence to Israel, while expelling an entire nation from their homes, forbidding them from returning, without any regard for any majority, self-determination, or opinion of those they expelled. The majority in America and the West wished to expel the Palestinians from their land, and so they did. This is what democracy really is. Let those people go to Hell!

So democracy, in its essence, is not a set group of principles, ethics, or standards, but rather it is a religion which sanctifies the rule of the majority. The majority in America, the West and Israel do not want a government in our land which represents the people, but rather they seek to establish governments who are their slaves and will obey their commands.

To be more exact, they seek a type of democracy in our lands which allow the continuation of the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan, and the continuation of the military control of their armies and fleets over the oil reserves in the Gulf.

They want a democracy which accepts Israel remaining militarily superior and possessing nuclear capabilities, something which ElBaradei could not even think about requesting investigations over, moreover seek sanctions against Israel due to them.

They seek a democracy which bans ruling with the Shariah, even if the vast majority wishes this in our lands.

They seek a democracy which has no qualms with handing over the majority of Palestine to the Zionist entity.

They seek a democracy which continues to blockade Gaza and strangle the resistance movement against Israel.

They seek a democracy which wages a war against Jihad, which they call fighting terrorism.

They seek a democracy which imposes secularism upon us and deprives us from practicing Islam, like the democracy in Turkey which they seek to market in our lands.

They seek a democracy which alters our principles which guide our behavior in society. We must accept homosexuality and a family structure which is not necessarily composed of a father, mother and children, but rather grotesque forms of depravity.

They seek a democracy which alters our educational system in order that we accept the "others" who are occupying our lands, commit acts of aggression against us, rip us of our resources and wage war against our religion.

They seek a democracy which propagates an Islam without Jihad, without the Shariah, without the enjoining of good and prevention of evil, without alliance and disavowal, and without Tawheed.

This similar trick of calling to democracy is also played in regards to the Egyptian acts of aggression against freedom of press and the safety of journalists, something over which America and the West shed crocodile tears, as it is they who destroyed the offices of AlJazeera in Kabul and Baghdad through airstrikes, and it is they who imprisoned Tayseer Allouni because of his interview with Sheikh Usama bin Laden, may Allah preserve him, after the invasion of Afghanistan.

America, in order to empower another slave government in Egypt, shows no shame in openly meddling with its affairs, giving directions and commands day after day, sending representatives for direct intervention, and contacting the government and various opposition parties as if it were managing one of its farms or a branch office of their company.

This humiliating manner in which America deals with Egypt is something which was solidified by Mubarak, and by Sadat before him.

So this is the disease represented by the corrupt ruling government of Egypt. As I previously mentioned, it is a government which is secular, one which fights Islam, one which is corrupt and despotic, one which embezzles our resources, one which fails us in front of Israel, and one which has allied with the West, especially America.

So What is the Cure?

The cure is to uproot this corrupt government and replace it with proper and just government which rules with the Shariah, implements the Shura, spreads justice, gives way for the Ummah to participate in the selection of its rulers and holds them to account, involves them in the administration of its affairs through its representatives, and works to be just in distributing the wealth of the Ummah, preventing its theft, prohibiting depravity and immorality, confronts Western hegemony over our lands, and helps to free all oppressed people from injustice - as it is prohibited against believers and unbelievers. The Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam related from his Lord, Mighty and Majestic, that He said:

‹‹ يا عِبادي إنّي حرّمت الظلم على نفسي وجعلته بينكم محرّما فلا تظالموا ››

"O My slaves! Indeed I have forbidden Myself from injustice, and I have made it forbidden upon you, so do not act unjustly."

So the removal of this tyrant, rather the uprooting of this whole government, is only a step, or a few steps of the cure. It is like making an incision into the abdomen of a cancer patient; the patient will not be cured unless the cancer is totally removed. The abdomen then must be sutured, and then the patient must be placed under observation and care. As for merely removing the tyrant, it is more like opening the abdomen and then leaving the patient altogether.

Thus, the noble and freeborn Muslims who are jealous of their religion, sanctities and honor must not suffice with merely removing the tyrant whose removal is an obligation, but rather they must continue their Jihad and struggle until an Islamic government is established which guarantees justice, freedom, and independence. These freeborn nobles should not allow America nor others lying in wait to steal the fruit of their outrage, stance and uprising. At the onset of the protests, America tried to protect this tyrant in hope that he may quell the people's uprising. But then it moved to the second option, being solidified now, which is to try to remove this tyrant and transfer authority to what remains of his regime who America trusts. The third option is that America tries to get rid of the entire regime and transfer authority to another regime, democratic or otherwise, but in the end a regime which is submissive to it and under their control.

But what America fears most is that an Islamic government in Egypt or elsewhere is established that is just and confronts hegemony.

So, the freeborn and honorable must not accept those who remain of the regime, nor should they accept a secular government subordinate and submissive to our enemies. They must not be fooled by Omar Suleiman, as he is nothing but one of Mubarak's men and followers. He is nothing more than agent of the American intelligence and their trustee, and a person which Israel itself praised.

They must not be fooled by Hussein Tantawi, as he is another one of Mubarak's men and followers and an American trustee. Didn't Obama praise the Egyptian Army? Do American politicians not consider him to be the guarantor of what they call ‘stability' in Egypt? The Egyptian Army is full of free and honorable men loyal towards their religion and Ummah. Weren't Khalid Islambouli, Atta Tayel, Hussein Abbas, Abdul-Hamid Abdus-Salam, Essam Al‐Qamari, and Suleiman Khater, may Allah have mercy on them, from the Egyptian Army? Unfortunately, Mubarak and the Americans were able to empower a certain leadership over the army that is subordinate to them.

Wasn't it the leadership of the Egyptian Army which allowed the "Bullies" to charge the protesters with their horses, camels and weapons on "Bloody Wednesday"? Before this, wasn't it the one which supervised the military courts, which issued more than a hundred death sentences during Mubarak's reign, and issues many, many more unjust and oppressive sentences of imprisonment and detention?

Is it not this leadership which aided and continues to aid America's military and intelligence efforts against our Ummah, providing bases for the Americans, and offering them food, supplies and storage facilities for these forces?

Is it not this leadership which participates in military exercises with American forces and the NATO Alliance, including Exercise Bright Star in which joint forces trained on occupying Egypt should an Islamic rule hostile to America be established?

Is it not this leadership which receives American military aid estimated at $1.5 billion annually, to ensure the utilization of the the Egyptian Army for serving American interests?

And is it not this leadership that continues to blockade Gaza?

The leadership of the Egyptian Army, to America, is the guarantor of the ‘surrender' agreements with Israel and the military cooperation agreements with America. It is the guarantor to keep Sinai unarmed, and it is the guarantor of the security of the southern border of Israel and the continuation of the blockade of Gaza.

As I hinted at the military courts, I must remind every free and honorable person, protective over his faith and loyal to his Ummah in Egypt not to forget his imprisoned brothers in Mubarak's prisons; those who sacrificed their wealth and easy lives amongst their families, and endure torture, humiliation, degradation and lengthy imprisonment to fight this corrupt and corruptive regime.

O' free and honorable people! Liberating these prisoners is an outstanding loan about which you will be questioned in life and the afterlife.

And as I direct my call to every free and honorable person in Egypt to continue their resistance and Jihad until this corrupt regime is overthrown and an Islamic government is established, I specify my call to the lions of Al Azhar, and say.

O' lions of Azhar! O' lions of Islam! This is your day! Rise and lead the Ummah in its resistance to establish an Islamic government. You have the leadership of the Ummah in your hands should you unite and grasp onto the truth and stand steadfast by it, and liberate yourselves of these nobodies whom Mubarak had imposed over you. The roars of the lions of Azhar have started to be heard, so continue, be patient and outdo your enemies in patience. Lead a campaign amidst your Ummah so it can rise to overthrow the corrupt regime and establish an Islamic government over its ruins. Explain to them that there can be no security without Iman, no peace without Islam, and no freedom without Tawheed. Recover the freedom which was usurped from you, as well as your right over the endowments of Al Azhar and for its scholars to choose their Sheikh, not for them to be chosen by the idolic tyrants.

Recover your right of having an independent body which represents your stances and defends every oppressed from amongst you. How is it that every employment, even dancers and other lowlifes have unions and associations that represent them, while the scholars of Al Azhar are declined this right?


My freeborn and honorable brothers ones in Egypt: there are some who want to obtain power in Egypt by striking a deal with America and by guaranteeing the security of their interests and crimes, in return for a fake political life and false freedoms that orbit America, and that would bring us back to the fake political life of the monarchic era. There are some who seek to resolve Egypt's problems by submitting to America and seeking its help. These people intentionally turn a blind eye from the fact that America is the root of the problem.

The freeborn and honorable people in Egypt must realize the nature of the struggle, that our domestic enemies are nothing but agents of our foreign enemies, and that political freedom cannot be achieved without freeing humans from polytheism and submission to foreign invaders, and without ridding Egypt and the Arabian Peninsula, Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine and the rest of the Muslim lands from the occupying forces. It cannot be achieved except by the fair distribution of wealth, so that food is not snatched from the mouths of the poor to be stored in the foreign accounts of these thieves.

They must realize this in order that the fruits of their outrage and the gains of their uprising are not snatched under their noses.

Before concluding my talk, I would like to send three messages:

First, to our people in the beloved Tunisia, the Tunisia of Qairawan, the Tunisia of Jihad and Ribat. I say to them: the idolic, tyrannical ruler is gone but the idolic, tyrannical regime remains, so continue your Jihad and resistance until you uproot idolic tyranny from your land, and until the flags of Islam, freedom, glory and justice flutter over your plains.

The second message is to our people in the beloved Yemen, the Yemen of faith and wisdom, the aide of Islam and its supporters. I remind them about their Islamic responsibility towards their Mujahideen brothers who have stood to confront the idolic, tyrannical, corrupt and corruptive regime. I encourage them to uproot this regime which has turned Yemen into a base for spies and supplies for the Crusader campaign, a regime which has filled its pockets with evil and unlawful wealth of the Crusaders, in order to unlawfully shed the blood of Yemenis with it. You have begun your uprising, so continue it until Yemen is liberated from the Crusaders and their agents.

My third message is to my Muslim Ummah everywhere. I say: America's defeat has begun to appear in the horizon, and its aides have begun to fall one by one, so participate in their Jihad and help those who are waging Jihad against them.

And our final prayer is that all praise is due to Allah, the Lord of all that exists. And may peace and blessings be upon our leader, Muhammad, and upon his family and companions.

Was'Salamu alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh.

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