This Is Al-Qaedah: The Role of the Ameer in Qaedat Al-Jihad - The Leadership

13 June 2011

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

Translated by Ansarullah Blog's English Team

I had written these few words on "This is Al-Qaedah" and had decided to publish them. However, due to certain events I was unable to publish the remainder. So, I decided to publish a few words concerning Shaykh Osama bin Laden (R.A) separately. I had written these words, one year ago and not a word has been changed since then. (This is Al-Qaedah-2)

The Role of the Ameer in Qaedat Al-Jihad:

People know that these days the Ameer of Qaedat Al-Jihad is Shaykh Osama bin Muhammad bin Laden. Therefore, what is the role of the Shaykh as the Ameer?

Osama is a top of the line military leader. He devises the practical military strategy of Jihad and tries to organize and unite other groups so that they work together as one row, as a reinforced wall.

He is a military leader of unique attitude; many people do not know this. He is a man who was engrossed in battles against the Soviets and America, where he demonstrated his amazing military expertise, strategic planning, and acumen.

Then, he is a firebrand, who incites the Ummah for Jihad, the scholars for being truthful, and the Rulers to turn to Allah's law, away from Western culture.

The Crusaders cannot be blamed for considering him as dangerous challenge, who is also a seasoned politician.

Muslims are not short of might, intelligence nor means. What they lack is a personality who can guide these things towards the objectives of Allah's Law.

Once an Orientalist had said: "The most frightening thing we fear is that a new Muhammad may arise and unite the Muslims".

What Osama did (and will continue to do) is to unite efforts and ranks and make the Muslims concentrate on their real enemy. These are not merely empty slogans but facts which can be witnessed. And this is what is considered to be legal politics (in a nutshell) from many Scholars.

Hence, Shaykh Osama is a military leader, political leader, a firebrand who incites for Jihad in the path of Allah. We ask Allah the Almighty to protect him and accept him (Ameen).

A very important point which escapes many people is that Osama is not Al-Qaedah, but in fact, he is the Ameer of Al-Qaedah. And if he dies or is martyred, then the Mujahideen will appoint someone else. This is what they did in Iraq when Ameer Zarqawi was martyred (may Allah accept him among the martyrs).

The land of Jihad is most fertile at producing men. The Mujahideen will always find a person who can resume the responsibility from a Ameer who has completed his turn. The matter of Jihad is the matter of religion, and religion is never lessened by men. In reality, men perform deeds only, and Allah sees and knows. And, the one who is sincere is for his own good, and the one who does wrong does it against his own self. And with the death of the greatest Mujahid in history, peace be upon him, the Jihad did not cease. Will it cease with the death of anyone else? Jihad will continue forever, until the final Ummah will fight the Anti-Christ.

Therefore, Jihad will not be harmed by the killing of a Ameer. Nor will the Mujahideen turn on their heels after the death of their Ameer. If anyone turned back, then he would have turned against himself, and he will not be able to harm Allah in the least. And the one who remained steadfast, he has taken a firm and straight path. He who has worshipped the Ameer should know that the Ameer will die, and the one who has worshipped Allah should know that Allah is ever living and will never die. The battle of one who fights for his Ameer is that of the Jahiliyya, and the one who fights to make the Word of Allah supreme is in the path of Allah.

Osama toils so that when he meets Allah, He may be pleased with him, still fearing that his deeds may not be accepted due to the mistakes of his own self. And if for one day, Osama becomes fearless and confident of his deeds and becomes content with himself, he would have wasted them, since deeds are weighed according to how the life comes to an end, and a believer would never be fearless of Allah's devising.

The favor of Islam on Osama is important and greater than his favor on Muslims, while Osama and others have not done any favor for Islam. Osama is known because of Islam, and not Islam because of Osama. And Osama is known because of Jihad, and not Jihad because of Osama. Mujahideen know all this very well, while at the same time they acknowledge his honorable position and his sacrifices. They are also aware of his intelligence and well-judged planning, both in times of peace, as well as war. That is why they have given him preference, and he has proved to the entire world that he is truly worthy of it.

- Originally Written in Arabic by Shaykh Husain bin Mahmoud



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