Awwal Shanono: A Painful Exit - The Barbaric, Uncultured Behaviours In Nigeria

16 June 2011

By Bukhari Muhammed Bello Jega

Darkness has once again beclouded my pious, but, sad heart, when I sat down to write this tribune again, to a bosom friend and brother whose lives was cut short by the barbaric and uncultured behaviours of our countrymen and women in far away Ibadan, the Oyo state Capital. It was 8.30 pm around Maitama area on the 6th June, 2011, when I receive a call that Awwal is missing in Ibadan, and probably death. I begin to readjust my brain to get the true picture of what it will look like. And Bilkisu later call me to inform me that, Awwal was death. My first reaction was; is it the cult guys or who? The Awwal I know is a shy and quite person…….. The only thing I can say to myself is why Awwal? But, immediately, readjust my thinking before I lose my faith as a Muslim, that sometime, thing are rather predestine by Allah the Creator of all humans and the world is nothing but a temporal and flitting for us to spend our time killing ourselves because of some egotism and selfish desire.

Awwal Shanono until his murdered was the National President of National Association of Medical Student of Nigeria. Since assumption of office late last year, Awwal has introduced innovative scheme that not only reinvigorated the body within six month; but, organized programmes and projects that have captured national attention. One of such programme was the World Medical Students Day, last December that attracted students from all over the world. Awwal is not only my personal friend; but, also a close member of the family. Whenever, he found himself in Abuja in one of their various meeting with their sponsors and consultation with related health ministries and parastatals; he always take delight in hanging around the house, even when hotel reservations were made in his name. These were periods of intellectual and religious discussion which seriously enriched my knowledge of the medical profession.

Awwal was a young man with a prosperous future. A medical doctor in the making. Awwal is everyone delight, as he marshals his view and projection about his medical stuff and life in general, whenever we had the time to discuss issues in this land of lost opportunity. The death of Awwal has deprived Nigeria the services of a young man whose ambition is to contribute his emerging medical experience in saving lives and human development. The passion for service to God Almighty and humanity was what drives the young man to study medicine in the first place at Ahmadu Bello University Zaria. This passion and zeal was what took him to Ile Ife in Osun state to hold rally, symposium/ lectures that was aimed at creating awareness on the dangers of Child Mortality and maternal health. This was his last contribution to mother Nigeria, when he and his colleagues ran into blooding fighting among the two factions of the National Union of Road Transport Workers in Ibadan. Unfortunately, Awwal was not that lucky like some of his colleagues who are alive to tell the story, as he felt to one of the bullet of these miscreants while passing by enroute to Kaduna. The painful aspect of the whole shenanigan is that, the thugs took possession of the body and burnt it beyond recognition to avoid the trace of his whereabouts. But, God willing his body was recognized by his friend through the ring that he wares in his left finger. It is unfortunate, that, those who did what they did really could not understand nor appreciate the struggles the young man has to undergo before attaining this faith. Just like a joke, a good for nothing tout with no future ambition shot this promising young man to his early grave.

There is no doubt, in our dear country life of human being has no value and can be taking away through various means. You will agree with me that we are living copses walking the various streets, cities and villages of Nigeria. This is because; someone cannot tell what is there for him/her. From happy policeman with his accidental discharged bullet, to hit and run road accident or someone runs into ethnic or religious cleansing or madness, just like the misfortune that visited my brother Awwal. This country has descended so low; where the lives of God Precious creation have no value. The growing discontent among Nigerians is making us to lose our humanism in us; as we begin to struggle on each other throats. It is really unfortunate, that, politics and politicians have created more problems for us than solving one. One imagines how many likes of Awwals have lost their lives in such circumstances without remorse from the Nigerian state. This is really a jungle island. A land of everything goes. What amazed me was the general disquiet in the media over the death of this young promising medical doctor; if not because of anything but, for the office and the institution he represent.

Out of curiosity, with a heavy pain in my heart, I say, to myself, let me see the reaction of the newspapers on the issue visa-vie the upheaval that greeted the death of Youth Corpers during the post election violent in northern Nigeria. To my surprise only the Dailytrust newspaper reported the news with an in-dept analysis of what happen. I can only say, to myself, this is a nation that is run on hypocrisy; that is why; we are saddled with hypocrite and carefree leaders. The upheaval that greeted the death of youth corpers members generated so much tension in this country; that most of us that wrote on the issues were branded as terrorist or inhuman etc, because we kick against the overemphasis of instead of death of all Nigerians irrespective of affiliation. But, the youth Corp members' death was use as an alibi to hit at northern as barbaric and inhuman creatures.

The media blackout of the information, show the role of media in creating mischief and setting us against ourselves. I wonder if this episode happens in the Northern region and Awwal happen not to be from the North; the whole media could have carry a different captured to portrait the brutality of the northern extremist or jihadist or almajiris. I hold no brief or looking for any sympathy or apology; am only making a point how hypocritical we have become in our choice of news reporting or demonization. I know whatever, media report such coverage will gain will not return my brother and chief medical director as I use to call him in the making; because I know, I myself, am just on a pathway to the next world and my faith have already been sealed either a peaceful death or that of brutal one like Awwal. But, we can only pray for God's Mercy and protection from the hands of these miscreants and no future ambition bastards whose only contribution in this world is to take the lives of promising young and agile men that the future of the nation rely on.

It is often sad when you seat down to recall the beautiful memories of moments, time and experience you share with the departed souls. Remembering the unfortunate murder of Dr. Awwal Shanono, further confirms the transit nature of this world. As the tears and pains of losing a dear friend and brother depresses once heart; we have nothing to do than to move and continue from where he left us. As we mourn, reflect and pray for the soul of Dr Awwal, we wish to call on the government of Oyo State to bring to book the miscreants that perpetrate this act. May the Soul of Dr Awwal continue to rest in peace and praying for Allah's mercy and forgiveness by admit him into his paradise amin; until we our time come my friend and brother?

Bukhari Muhammed Bello Jega

Wrote this piece from

Wuse Zone 4, Abuja


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