Protecting The Life, Wealth And Honor Of People Is From Amongst The Lofty Goals Of Jihad

25 Feb 2012

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

One of the biggest factors involved in the coming about of the Islamic movement of Taliban during the year 1994 was because the ordinary Afghans were being killed by unaccountable gunmen, their wealth and honor was usurped and there was no organ to turn to for justice.

Each warlord's whims were his law. The country was divided between feudal sections which posed immense danger to its national unity. Even today, the protection of people's lives, wealth and honor is an important obligation of Islamic Emirate. Regarding this issue, the recent report of United Nations is a political maneuver and part of the propaganda war which is being waged against the Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate while the reality is that the leader of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is paying strict attention to the prevention of civilian casualties as the esteemed Commander of the Faithful (may Allah protect him) stated the following in his message on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr in 1432:

"You should be very careful about conduct with the common people. Gain the heart of people through good conduct and behavior. Our nation is a Mujahid and Muslim nation. They have made colossal sacrifices in the cause of Islam more than any one else and have passed through sufferings and hardships. You should respect every common individual whether he is an old man, a young , a child or a woman. If you receive any report about a given person, first, make meticulous investigation about him. Never harass people on the basis of fake and biased reports. Pay attention to the good advices and views expressed by the common people. When you face a common man, think if you were a commoner in his place and if you had no weapon, what you would expected him to behave with people. In other words, think if that given person whom you are confronting with, if he was your father, brother or another close relative, how would you behave with him? Mujahideen should always have a conduct of kindness and tenderness with the common man. They should never regard themselves above them.

Do not impose bans or issue orders to people by yourselves unless your leadership has instructed you to do so or your provincial chiefs permitted you to do the task. Otherwise, this will defame the Mujahideen and Jihad. It gives reason to the enemy to launch negative propaganda and create a rift between the people and the Mujahideen. Similarly, you should implement the instructions given to you in consultation with the people of the area and the local religious scholars.

No one affiliated with the Islamic Emirate is allowed to extort money from people by force. If a Mujahid or any one else is found extorting money from national businessmen, landlords and other wealthy men by the barrel of gun or if they are involved in kidnapping people for ransom, they should be prohibited from doing so. If you managed to detain them, administer to them punishment as per the Sharia rules. ( Remember) protection of life and property of people is one of the main goals of Jihad."

The esteemed Commander of the Faithful (may Allah protect him) also issued the following during the occasion of Eid-ul-Odha this year:

"Related office and the Cultural Commission should also acquire information from various sources regarding civilian casualties caused by Mujahideen or unknown persons and forward them in written form to the acting authority every so often."

The mentioned guidelines issued by the esteemed and respected Commander of the Faithful (may Allah protect him) is part of the domestic policy of Islamic Emirate and in its light, the Mujahideen not only strive to protect the lives, wealth and honor of ordinary Afghans but also strongly condemn the killing of civilians in Afghanistan and consider it a deplorable act. Similarly, in accordance with these humane and Islamic guidelines, Islamic Emirate considers the killing of innocent civilians in all parts of the world, be they by governments or organizations as injustice and tyranny and Islamic Emirate distances itself from such actions. Unfortunately some governments and international organizations every now and again, for furthering their political agenda, accuse Islamic Emirate of causing civilians casualties. So we call on those governments and organizations to refrain from slandering Islamic Emirate of things which are contrary with its strategy and domestic policy but rather fingers should be pointed towards those inhumane crimes and genocide which is repeatedly being committed by the foreign invading forces in Afghanistan under the banner of ‘war on terrorism'.

Remarks of the spokesman of the Islamic Emirate regarding baseless claims of US officials

In the later hours of Friday, US officials declared to a number of news agencies including Reuters that a letter was sent last year to the White House by the Commander of the Faithful, Mullah Muhammad Omar Mujahid in which a number of subjects were touched upon including peace and prisoner exchange.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan rejects this baseless rumor with the strongest of words and considers it as part of the chain to create anxiety and distrust. The decisions made by Islamic Emirate are not founded on imploring or entreating anyone but are based on pure faith, divine support and the backing of its courageous nation.

All praise is due to Allah, we have adamantly proved in the past decade that we shall never bow our heads to the enemy but will counter every one of its actions. American officials, instead of making up such baseless lies should acknowledge the ground realities and accept the transcendence and firmness of this nation in every period.

Wishful claims will not cure the current ailments of America but it must foremost remove its presence from our soil in order to save its people from the heavy wounds of war. Hoping for surrender from the Afghan people is an unrealistic wish and a goal which could not be achieved by America in the past ten years despite employing its state of the art weaponry and satanic stratagems. Such irresponsible claims by Americans and the media outlets associated to them will not serve any purpose except put into spotlight the turbulence inside the White House and amongst its officials.

The esteemed Commander of the Faithful, Mullah Muhammad Omar Mujahid is very well known by the Afghans and the rest of the world; his determination and will have also been thoroughly tested in the past decade so tying such rumors to him cannot mean anything other then blatantly exposing oneself and an attempt to please a few American officials.


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