The Nato's Killings In Afghanistan: Is This Not Terrorism?

27 Feb 2012

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

A few days ago during the indiscriminate bombardment and assaults of the invaders inside Kapisa, Nangarhar and Ghazni provinces impeccable children were martyred. Pictures of these aggrieved lovely children were published in some international media which enrages every human being. Whereas in the last week, in a report of the United Nations, 77% blame of the civilian casualties is put on the Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and the external occupiers are almost acquitted.

Undoubtedly the invaders will turn their eyes blind on these crimes. The executers will neither be trialed nor punished. The question is if someone claims serving democracy, whether this hollow claim is enough for the permission of shedding the blood of the delicate children and white bearded people, the destruction of houses and villages and the wiping of orchards and crops? Whether the entire world should support and assist it; or is there some other loftier humane criterion for it?

Whether the international organizations and institutions consider the inhabitants of the Europe and America as human beings and the blood of the remaining people of the world is valueless for them? If this is not the case, why the United Nations human rights organizations are muted for so long?

In the past the Afghans have neither gone to Washington to divest their national autonomy nor to London, rather have the invaders from London, Moscow and Washington taken away our sovereignty and humiliated our religious values.

Surprisingly on one hand in these European countries and America the people insisting and fighting against the foreign invaders are commemorated as national heroes and their anniversaries are celebrated with great pomp and show, on the other side here the freedom fighters are called terrorists!!!

Who is a terrorist and who is not, everyone knows better.

In the same way it is a pity that the original offspring of the beloved country are passing their days and nights full of torment and vexation in Bagram and some other countries' jails by this very name. They are tortured and martyred contrary to all the declarations of human rights, just because they are not ready to yield to alien occupation. We ask them what you will do, if your sovereignty is on stake. Whether you will consider your freedom struggle and religious values elevation as a crime?

We would like to tell the patriot Afghans and the people of the world that the wayfarers of the present Jihad are the champions of the day and the celebrities of the history. Do not let that these celebrities are tortured and martyred under the disagreeable name of terrorism. It is the Islamic, national and human responsibility of all (Afghans and other freedom and peace loving people of the world) to raise voice in their favor.



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