Talaban Statement Regarding The Demonstrations Of the Afghan Mujahid Nation In Reaction To The Desecration Of The Holy Quran By The American Invaders

28 Feb 2012

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

Last Tuesday night, the American invaders continued their barbaric acts and once again raised their hands in blasphemy against the sacred book of the Muslims (Holy Quran) by disrespectfully throwing hundreds of its blessed copies into the fire in Bagram military base. The zealous and faithful people of Afghanistan, in defense of their sacred book and in response to the savage actions of the American crusaders took to the streets and have held heated protests throughout the country against the American occupiers for the past 2 days during which tens of them have been martyred.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, despite condemning the American perpetrators of this unforgiving crime in an official statement on the initial day, it once again deems the ruthless martyring of the defenseless protestors by the barbaric Americans and their despicable backers as inhumane, unethical and an unjustifiable action, against which it gives its Mujahideen and its honored nation the following guidance:

1. As the repeated desecration and burning of the Holy Quran of the Muslims at the hands of the Crusaders is the natural and deliberate act of these infidels, then as part of our defense of our sacred book, we should not be satisfied with mere protests and empty slogans but the military bases of the invaders, their military convoys and their troops should become a target of our courageous attacks. Kill them, beat them, take them as prisoners and teach them such a lesson that they never summon the courage to abuse the Holy Quran again.

2. The infidel American officials want to cool down the feelings of the Muslims in reaction to this reprehensible act with mere dramatic apology but in reality, give free hand to its barbaric soldiers to continue with their savagery. The Muslim Afghan nation must not be deceived by their superficial apologies and must continue seeking revenge until punishment is dished out with your hands to the perpetrators of this heinous crime for their despicable transgression.

3. That the protection of the blood and wealth of every Muslim is the duty of all Muslims according to Shariah and transgression against it is absolutely prohibited therefore the target of revenge of the protestors should only be the American occupiers, their facilities and properties and not those of the ordinary people.

4. The despicable backers of the invaders who have turned a blind eye towards the unforgiving crime of the infidels due to their cowardice and as defense of them, are halting the march of the protestors then they should be prosecuted for their actions before the Americans.

5. As the Holy Quran is the sacred book of all the entire Ummah therefore the Islamic Emirate calls on all the Muslims of the world, their governments and people, religious officials of the two sacred mosques and the religious centers of Darul Uloom Deoband and Al Azhar, as part of their religious obligation and fervor to take a united stand against the desecration of our common book by the American aggressors. Condemn their unforgivable crime both practically and verbally and back the legitimate struggle of the Muslim Afghans against them.


Message of Islamic Emirate to the army, police and security apparatus of the Kabul administration

It is common knowledge that our country is physically under the occupation of foreign invaders and during this decade of incursion, our countrymen have had to face numerous crimes and horrors. Similarly, our religious sanctums have repeatedly faced violations and blasphemy; our young generation is being pushed towards misguidance and ethical deviations under the slogan of ‘freedom' and new doors of corruption are being flung open for them everyday; blind imitation of the western infidels is being encouraged in our cities and villages; the veil of modesty and dignity is being uplifted from our women under the slogans of ‘women rights'; our countrymen are being called towards the abrogated religion of Christianity and hundreds of other similar misfortunes have befallen every facet of our lives from the onset of the invasion which pushes us away from our religion and culture.

All of these things are the gifts brought to us by the accursed western invasion which is forcing it upon us under the name of democracy. In order to change this state of affairs, every single individual in our society must carry out their duty as it is an obligation binding on them both religiously and morally. A group from amongst the Afghan society which can play a very effective role in wearing down the foreign enemy is the youth who, under various flawed justifications have joined and are physically present in the ranks of the so called police, army and other security apparatus of the Kabul regime. This group, despite being extremely erroneous in their choice because with great regret, they are right now siding with the opposition against the vanguards of truth (Mujahideen) and have raised their weapons against their own people but there is also no doubt that in their midst, there are also the real sons of this nation who courageously stood up to the foreign invaders and butchered the murderers of thousands of our countrymen by paying the price with their heads. The consciousness, deeds, actions and intentions of these young men are completely worth decorating and the leader of Islamic Emirate and its Mujahideen also praise their valor.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan calls on all the youth present in the security apparatus of the Kabul regime to fulfill their religious and national duty, to repent for their past sins and to record their names with gold in the history books of Islam and Afghanistan by turning their guns on the foreign infidel invaders instead of their own people as part of their Islamic conscious, brotherhood and as part of their national honor in order to take revenge for the decade old oppression of our nation by the infidel occupiers and to record their names in the ranks of warriors of Islam. These youth must realize that this is there best opportunity of gaining success in both this world and in the hereafter. The Holy Prophet (SAW) says: "لایجتمع کافر وقاتله فی النار" - Those who kill an infidel shall not be put into hell fire with him meaning that the killing of a warring infidel earns one a place in Paradise. And similarly, such warriors are also honored and remembered as heroes amongst the people in their life time and after their death. Those courageous youth who intend to carry out such heroic strikes will be supported and given a lending hand in everyway possible by the Islamic Emirate as part of its religious obligation.

Islamic Emirate gives guidance to all its officials to give all possible assistance to the families of those in the opposition rank who take steps against the invaders, to hold them in high esteem, welcome them as heroes and to introduce them to their leaders so they can be shown extra appreciation.



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