The Typical Nigerian Blame Game Continues

18 Feb 2012

By Babandi Gumel

The sudden removal of the fuel subsidy enjoyed by Nigerians for many years came to abrupt end at beginning of this year at a time when Nigerians are undergoing various trials and tribulations. The Nigerian Labour Congress and its allies called for an indefinite strike unless the measures taken by the Government was rescinded. The petrol price rose from the usual 65 Naira per Litre to more than 140 after the subsidy came into effect.

Various demonstrations across the Country took place and unfortunately some lost their lives in the battle to go back to the status quo. The Government was forced to remove the subsidy as it became clear that it is unsustainable costing it more than $8 billion. Obviously this is huge amount and unfortunately Nigerians had never realised what they had been enjoying in the past until this subsidy was removed. Of Course the timing was ill-conceived the Government should have considered others measures to be taken in the event of this sudden removal to alleviate the suffering of the majority poor down trodden masses.

In December last year the Government released the list of the people who benefit from the subsidy which included some of the Nigeria's richest people and other oil importers. According to the Central Bank Governor Malam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi the subsidies should be for production not for consumption. He and Dr Ngozi Iweala the erstwhile Minister of Finance were among the few vocal elites in Goodluck Jonathans Government that came out in support of the removal of subsidy. Dr Ngozi Iweala and Malam Sanusi Lamido are among the few sincere elites in the Jonathan's team that are trying to assuage Nigerians of the need to accept the bitter pill with the intention to overcome some of our economic woes and miseries.

We are not sure whether the removal of the subsidy would bring better electricity and restore our refineries and other necessities of life which many Nigerians routinely cry for. In the meantime the blame game continues following the emergency rule imposed in some local Governments mainly in the North after multiple bombs said to have been carried by the Militant Boko Haram Group. Other Militant Groups such as Massob the Biafra Group and Niger Delta Militants are also threatening to take revenge causing chaos and mayhem in various parts of the Country at the time when the Nation is faced with so many miseries and trials seen the past.

One good thing about all these despite the difficulties these problems were eventually overcome after difficulties bringing Nigerians together. All these Haram the Boko Haram the Niger Delta Haram,the Massob Haram and Fuel Haram and other Harams who are giving Fatawas on how to move forward the Country are nothing but bunch of disgruntled elements unfortunately being used sometimes by the politicians to exploit the situation facing Nigerians who live hand to mouth to perpetuate the ruling elites at the expense of the poor masses who are mainly innocent.

If the leaders and the led i.e. all Nigerians collectively and individually become sincere we can move the Country forward as they say if there is a will there is always a way. So the way forward is for us Nigerians is to stop all these bickering and hating one another as taught by our religious belief Muslims or Christians animists or whatever and work for the good of our Country. What we need is constant electricity not bombing constant sincerity not hypocrisy love and respect for one another not hatred and disrespect for each other.

We have to sit down with all these Boko Haram and all other Harams and listen to their grievances with a view to alleviating their problems once and for all and the main problems we all know facing our country is poverty and lack of good leadership. Though the Government as some people see have good intention in removing the subsidy by appointing the Kolade Commission to assess the matter yet some observers are of the view that it should be done gradually so as to reduce the impact which can be seen all over the Country.

So we have to find solution to the problem not increasing it by something beneficial for our society thus reducing the corrupt practices and other evils bedevilling the Nation which make us cry unnecessarily inviting trouble for our beloved prosperous Nation that has everything to be proud of. We are fed up with incessant continued blame game that takes us nowhere near the solution.

We have to change our intention and be sincere to God and to people and we must accept our shortcoming and be ready serve the people sincerely as our ancestors used to do. We should not allow anybody to use us to destroy ourselves and the God given natural resources which should be used judiciously for the benefit of all Nigerians the most populous Black Nation Pride of Africa.

In order to maintain stability and retain our status and credibility we have to work together as brothers keepers by showing respect to one another as we used to maintaining the fraternal peaceful coexistence which Nigerians ever enjoyed time immemorial as a way forward and solution to all our problems. God will not change condition of people until they change what is in their hearts.



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