Israel Is Decapitating The Two-State Solution

14 Feb 2012

By Khalid Amayreh

The Israeli government, a settler government par excellance, is now allowing Jewish settlers to build settlement outposts in area-B throughout the West Bank. According to the hapless Oslo accords, Israel has exclusive security control over area-B while the Palestinian Authority (PA) has limited administrative authority.

The latest violations of the Oslo Accords by the Israeli government show that the apartheid state is hell-bent on killing the two state solutions, whereby two states live side by side, Israel and a prospective Palestinian entity.

However, the ubiquitous proliferation of Jewish settlement throughout the territories occupied by Israel in 1967 has made the very concept of creating a viable Palestinian state, let alone one with East Jerusalem as its capital, unrealistic if not far-fetched.

None the less, the PA regime continued to cling to the chimerical dream as if the Zio-Nazi entity would undergo a miraculous metamorphosis leading to the demolition of hundreds of settlements.

But Zionism is not about to change as Israel is drifting stridently toward Jewish Nazism rather than universal egalitarianism. The writing is on the wall, and it is crystal clear.

Needless to say, by clinging to a fraudulent and fruitless peace process, the PA leadership is, inadvertently or otherwise, deceiving the Palestinian masses. PA official Sa'eb Erikat, who has been heavily involved in the so-called peace talks, said recently that the entire peace process has been a gigantic fraud, a monumental fiasco and a very fat zero.

This means that for nearly 20 years, the Palestinian people have been cheated and deceived. But the question that every honest Palestinian patriot should be asking himself or she is whether we have to waste another 20 years in deception and mendacity.

The past 20 years gave Israel the needed time to render the contemplated Palestinian state unachievable. Israel might very well utilize another 20 years to ethnically cleanse the remaining Palestinians, either by deporting them or even exterminating them.

Israel is unlikely to refrain from embarking even on the unthinkable if and when international circumstances allow the implementation of the most ghoulish Jewish designs against the Palestinian people.

Genocide, ethnic cleansing, and wars of extermination are not alien to the Talmudic Jewish mindset. Any reader of the Hebrew Bible, let alone the Talmud, should have no difficulty understanding what I am talking about.

In 2008-09, the Nazi-like Israeli state gave the world what could be a pre-view of what the collective Zionist mindset is capable of doing when the Jewish Wehrmacht virtually destroyed the Gaza Strip, murdering, incinerating and maiming tens of thousands of people, including hundreds of children.

Homes were destroyed on top of dwellers, mosques were bombed while worshipers were still praying inside and schools were hit with huge bombs as thoroughly terrorized civilians seeking shelter from the atrocities were huddled inside in panic.

True, Israel has not resorted to Auschwitz-like atrocities against its Palestinian subjects. But this doesn't mean that Israel is not capable, mentally and physically, from doing so.

The Nazis had not committed massacres of an unheard-of magnitude before WII, but this didn't prevent them from doing what they did eventually.

And Germany was one of the most advanced nations on earth, culturally as well as technologically.

The same criteria can be applied to Israel, a country that espouses an ancient pseudo-religious doctrine viewing non-Jews as sub-humans or even animals whose lives are expendable and have no sanctity whatsoever.

Hence, the fact that Israel has not resorted to mass extermination against the Palestinians is not attributed to such things as Zionist civility, charity or magnanimity. Accumulative experience tells us the Zionists have none of these characteristics.

The reason should be sought elsewhere, perhaps in the fact that embarking on a sort of holocaust against the Palestinians would boomerang and hurt rather then benefit Jews as the international community would turn against Israel.

But the international community is not a morally constant variable and can't be relied upon to prevent genocide from happening. Real and quasi-genocides are already happening and the international community is utterly failing to put and end to the mass killings.

Besides, we know too well that Jewish pressure groups are controlling the United States government, the only power on earth that can reign in the Zionist state.

The Jewish-Zionist domination of the American political landscape is so pervasive that most American politicians have been transformed into political prostitutes at Israel 's beck and call.

The American political discourse toward the Palestinians recently reached an unprecedented level of depravity when Republican candidate Newt Gingrich referred to the Palestinian people as an "invented people."

Just imagine how this despicable ignoramus would behave toward the Palestinian people if elected President. After all, an invented people can be un-invented just as the Whiteman dealt with Native American nations like the Seminole, the Navahos, the Cherokees and others. The White invaders, Gingrich's forefathers, killed millions of these helpless native Americans and called the genocide "manifest destiny."

This is why the Palestinian people must never take their survival as a people for granted.

This is especially true as we continue to hear Jewish leaders and settlers shout "death to the Arabs" and "Arabs to the gas chambers." What is even more terrifying is that such genocidal slogans fail to raise any eyebrows throughout Israel . In contrast, Jews everywhere would leave no stone unturned if and when a Jewish grave in some remote parts of Eastern Europe was desecrated.

In short, the Palestinian people must not allow themselves to be cajoled or bamboozled into thinking that Israel will give them their rights.

Israel , like its Nazi mentors, understands the language of brute force. Hence, Muslims everywhere must be vigilant.



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