Russia Can Be Saved In No Way, Its Collapse Is Inevitable And Unavoidable

07 Feb 2012

By Markaz Kavkaz

The Ukrainian state news agency UNIAN distributed an article by Kiev analyst Boris Kushniruk about inevitability of a long-awaited collapse of the bloody Russian empire. He points out:

"Back in 1999, the KGB brought to power its puppet Putin. Extremely high oil and gas prices during the first decade of 2000s gave the KGB government a chance to raise the living standards of most Russians.

However, total corruption and concentration of major assets of the country in a very narrow circle of KGB bosses led to a further stratification of the population.

The KGB men, by virtue of their unique features, are unable in principle to create a quality model for building economy.

They know how to destroy enemy's plans, blow up buildings, murder and discredit individuals and corrupt officials in their own and other countries, making them dependent on the KGB. But they don't know how to develop an efficient economy.

At the same time, a series of important social processes took place that will inevitably affect the development of Russia. Business activity is increasingly concentrated in large cities, primarily in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

A large middle class from small-and medium-sized businesses was formed there, as well as highly qualified employees of companies and government agencies.

In the face of declining of electoral support of the "party of power", led by Putin, and lack of real legal mechanism for the regime change, there are more reasons for political instability. Any incident may be sufficient for a social explosion.

As demonstrated by the events of November-December 2011, it the explosion could happen at any time. And it is not so important that Putin and his "party of power" still have a fairly substantial electoral support. This support is not where it should be and among those populations, on which the regime lean in case of the explosion.

As demonstrated by the events in Egypt, sufficiently powerful and prolonged protests in major cities, especially in Moscow, could shatter the power that seemed monolithic and steadfast, and cause its collapse

Such scenario is taken into account by analytical centers, including the Russian ones which are linked to authorities. No wonder that in December, Russian media published the information that the final decision on Putin's third presidential term was taken on the basis of the assessment of a realistic scenario of political instability. It is clear that Medvedev is too weak to resist it.

Given the centuries-old tradition, an acute political crisis in Russia would lead to a powerful uprising.

That is why it was decided in the narrow circle of top bosses of Russian security services that the power could be only be preserved by Putin - a more rigorous leader who is more deeply linked to security services.

However, these assumptions about Putin's ability to act tough and efficiently may prove to be incorrect. He joined the Soviet secret police of 1970-1980s - at a time of their complete moral and intellectual degradation.

Putin's ratings will only fall from now on. Everything that used to work as a positive will be treated by Russian citizens in the future with sarcasm and irritation. The KGB power will have less and less legitimacy with every day in the eyes of the Russians.

Most likely, Putin himself is well aware of that, but he cannot just walk out. Too many participants in this ruling KGB regime rely on him.

Too much property, which in reality belongs to Putin, is in the hands of his trustees. Therefore, leaving the power would mean for Putin a risk of being killed by his own accomplices, so that the stolen property remains with them. The price of the issue, according to both Russian and Western experts, is as much as tens of billions of US dollars.

Putin has long ceased to be "a galley slave", as he once called himself. He leads too luxurious life for a slave in the galley. Putin is the hostage of the KGB power, which he represents.

This scenario is one of most probable, say many experts, including the Russian ones".



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