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10 Feb 2012

By Usman Aminu Sani

One was almost choked with laughter when the governor of Kano State, Engr. RabiuMusa Kwankwaso was quoted in the Tribune Newspaper of 3rd November 2011 and the Aminiya Newspaper of 11th November 2011 that he would not probe his predecessor, Malam Ibrahim Shekarau because only God would judge him better and therefore, he handed over Shekarau to God.  

Indeed, governor Kwankwaso spoke like a born again man who has suddenly realized the power and importance of the Almighty God in one's life. Having tried every avenue to embarrass and destroy his predecessor unsuccessfully, it seems governor Kwankwaso has no choice more than to pretend to be holier than thou and would now like to act more of God in order to have his cake and would still want to have it.  

The governor made the pronouncement immediately after the unpopular tribunal verdict that upheld his election in April 2011 as the governor of Kano State. It is however still very fresh in our mind how governor Kwankwaso had tried to paint his predecessor, Malam Ibrahim Shekarau black through media hypes and campaigns of calumny, using all sorts of fictitious claims and political vengeance, forgetting that the same God he now wants to hand over Shekarau to exists.  

It would be recalled that immediately Kwankwaso was declared the winner of the 2011 governorship election in Kano State, he became highly elated, making all sorts of vengeful statements as if God does not exist in his dictionary. He openly lied and called his predecessor, Shekarau all kind of names. After the governor was sworn in on 29th May 2011, he swung into full fledge vendetta, annulling and condemning some of the popular developmental projects of the Shekarau administration. He converted the popular ICT Park to nothing, revoking land allocations with impunity and replaced the popular Societal Re-orientation Programme with something else that has no meaning to the people. In fact, there are some other marvelous developmental projects of Shekarau administration that the present governor deliberately changed against the wish of the people just to despise and spite Shekarau. This is for the simple fact that a man he demoted from Permanent Secretary to classroom teacher later became his boss for eight uninterrupted good years. 

It is however on record that there was nothing governor Kwankwaso has not done in the last almost six months he assumed office to tarnish the good image of Shekarau administration without success. It is therefore funny and strange the governor who perfected these ungodly acts against his predecessor could now turn around to tell us that he has handed over Shekarau to God for judgment and expect people to clap for him.  Not at all!!! 

If governor Kwankwaso wanted his people to believe in him that he is working on the path of God, he would not have attempted to carry out those documented vengeance against his perceived foe, Shekarau knowing full well that it is only God that pays back whatever one has done. Indeed, governor Kwankwaso would not have introduced wujuwuju (snake bite system of administration) to create unnecessary hardship for the good people of Kano just to avenge for their failure to elect him for his second term in 2003 as against his second time in 2011.  

Consequently, Shekarau administration probed that of Kwankwaso in 2003, not out of malice but in good faith, based on fact and out of the genuine commitment to move the state forward, which actually it is what happened. It is the strong belief of the people that Shekarau made good and judicious use of his eight years administration by providing enabling environment for the people of Kano State. Therefore, he is not in any way afraid of any type of probe, political or otherwise by either Kwankwaso government or any other agents that are interested in rubbishing the good governance of Shekarau while in office. After all, it is not easy for the type of society we live to tolerate good leadership as that of Shekarau. This is why things are still happening the way they are today. 

So, there is nothing left for governor Kwankwaso to warrant him handing over Shekarau to God as he has already exhausted his bakin ciki (deep seated jealousy otherwise called "black stomach") against Shekarau and his vibrant administration. It is now left for God to judge not only Shekarau and Kwankwaso but every one in this damn society, reminding ourselves of the fact that Allah loves: "those who do good deeds" (Q2:195), "those who ask Him for forgiveness" (Q2:222), "those who are God fearing" (Q3:76), "those who are firm and steadfast" (Q3:146), "those who trust Him" (Q3:159), "those who act justly" (Q5:42) and "those who strive for His Cause" (Q61:4). May Allah count us amongst them, Amin.


Usman Aminu Sani is of Gyadi Gyadi, Zaria Road, Kano.



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