Elucidatory Statement Of Islamic Emirate Regarding The Barbaric Crime Of The American Savages In Zangawat

02 March 2012

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful. 

It is thirty three years ago today since the former Soviet-led ruthless communists, crushing the popular Jihadic uprising, martyred 25000 Muslims of Heart province, Afghanistan in cold blood, in what was one of the most heinous crimes in the history.

The Herat insurrection took place, in the context of large scale unrest, against the communist system implemented by puppet regime (The Khalq (Masses) faction) on Mar. 15, 1979 coinciding with Hoot 24, 1357 solar year.

Tens of thousands of Herati Muslims, under the Sharia Fitwa (religious decree) issued by Muslim scholars, rose up in revolt in large measure to struggle to retain independence in the face of growing Red Empire.

The martyrdom-loving Herati Muslims' uprising set off Jihadic resistance across the country and successfully gave way to the spirit of Jihad and sacrifice among the Islam-loving Afghans to launch Jihad against the Soviet-backed communist regime and the Red Army.

Despite the exercise of its fullest power to suppress the rebellion, resulting in callous massacre of more than 25000 empty-handed and unarmed Herati Afghan Muslims, the then puppet regime failed to stop the waves of revolution from engulfing the entire country, weakening the resolve of Afghans and subjugating them.

The Afghan nation, in spite of all this, kept putting up firmer Jihaidic resistance, regardless of laying down their and the lives of their loved ones, so much so that they spread it countrywide.

This day is observed while our country is in the tyrannical occupation of America and the Afghan Muslims is in frontline trenches conducting Jihad against the US invasion all over the country.

Today, our Muslim nation is witnessing several revolutions and uprisings as it used to do during the oppressive rule of former Red Army.

The current US occupation and the former Soviet's are similar in nature and objectives with the mere difference of fact that the former fooled Afghans under the slogans of ‘shelter, food and clothing', whereas latter is shedding the blood of the oppressed Afghans under the false slogans of ‘peace, democracy and progress'.

The then Khalqi regime used to shower the oppressed Afghans with bullets and bombs, while the blood thirsty US terrorists are making the Afghans bath in their own blood all around the country.

The US, in the same way as the former Soviet Union, may end in tears and will be destined with the same embarrassing fate the Red Army befell and will be forced to flee our beloved country in much disgrace with help and grace of Allah Almighty.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, as away a asking Allah (Subhanahu wa-ta'ala) to accept the martyrs of the Herat historic uprising, hereby, deem itself duty bound and vows to continue to launch Jihad till it drive the last invader out the of its soil, insha Allah.


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