The Inhumane Treatment Of Oppressed Prisoners In Pul-e-Charkhi

08 March 2012

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful. 

Even though our innocent countrymen are being targeted with persecution and heart-rending terror from every direction and their cries from the pangs of tyranny imposed upon them by the invaders and their henchmen can be heard everyday, the stooge Kabul administration's Ministry of Interior and the notorious intelligence figures from the former Communist regime's KHAD now coined NDS have gone a step further and decided that all the copies of the Holy Quran and other religious texts are to be confiscated from the possession of all the political detainees locked up in the Pul-e-Charkhi prison.

They claim that it is these books and the Holy Quran which incite people towards so-called ‘terrorism' and evil-doing!!! and with this pretext, all the copies of the said books and of Holy Quran have been taken away from the prisoners. What is most astonishing and a point of great regret is that this step coincides with the same date on which the American occupying troops burnt copies of the Holy Quran and other religious texts in an incinerator in Bagram airbase. With this, we can clearly establish whom the orders were handed down from and the reasons behind why the stooge Kabul administration took this step? because the American Generals also put forward the same excuse for their barbaric crime of burning the Holy Quran and other religious books claiming they were misused by the inmates!!!

Similarly, the so called officials of the National Directorate Services have taken out hundreds of inmates from normal cells under various pretenses and thrown them into solitary confinement where they endure inhumane conditions in order to abuse the defenseless inmates and bring them under physiological pressure.

In reaction to this inhumane and un-Islamic practice by the prison officials, the oppressed prisoners, as part of their religious obligation and in order to raise their voices, have gone on a strike related to which some have wired their mouths whereas the officials have responded with another savage step by shutting off all electricity and food items. The inmates have gone hungry for two days and they are languishing in unbearable conditions. All of this is happening despite the voice of prisoners being suppressed by every means possible and are being strangled from their necks. No one is allowed access to information about the poor condition of the detainees.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan strongly condemns this inhumane, anti-Afghan and un-Islamic treatment of the prisoners and warns the perpetrators that they will definitely have to pay back heavily to the Afghan nation for their savage actions.

Alongside this, it calls on the United Nations, all the international right organizations and the international Red Cross to stop these illegal and inhumane acts of the Kabul officials and to help all the political Afghan prisoners home and abroad in receiving their rights.

Islamic Emirate would also like to remind the supposed Muslim lawmakers in the Kabul parliament that if they keep silent as enmity is openly being expressed towards religious studies and the Holy Quran in a Muslim country and against political prisoners most of whom are scholars and memorizers of the Quran then they shall also be considered as partners in this crime.

Islamic Emirate also calls upon its countrymen to stand resolute against the Kabul administration and its handlers in every corner and avenge their abused Muslim brothers by retaliating against the perpetrators who are struggling against our independence and an Islamic government from being established.


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