Afghanistan Over Last February: Invaders Death Toll - Intellectual War And Desecration

18 March 2012

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

The first two months of 2012, with the New Year comes, have brought a series of good news contrary to the expectations of the occupation forces and their minions.

Mujahideen, yet again, emerged as victors with strong stance and achievements of the Jihad on both the military and political fronts, unprecedented over the past couple of years.

We are, hereby, following the enemy's fatalities from last month, going to come up with the February's statistics and figures.

What may come as a surprise, well worthy of mention, is the fact that the statistical figures being released here are the ones published in the mainstream media and confirmed by the enemy itself. However, precisely the accurate statistics and actual losses (not detailed yet) in the terms of human and material inflicted on the enemy are far too high.

Invaders death toll:

Nato confirmed the death of its 24 soldiers, including 16 American and 8 allied crusading troops over the month of February in comparison with 38 invaders killed last year in the same month, taking the invaders' total death toll up to 2905, 1808 of whom were Americans.

Viewing the invaders causalities from 2009 to 2011, the February death tolls alone hit record high, comparing it with the entire period of the US invasion of Afghanistan.

The causes of apparent fall in the February's fatalities may be somewhat described in two points given below:

1. The crusading forces' factual statistical figures over the entire period of invasion, depending on the invaders' combative strategies and policies, have been kept secret so far in particular, the 2011 and 2012 fatalities statistics so as to keep a lid on their ignominious historic defeat in the first place. Even though their confirmation of the newly-released figures is against their false policy, yet the enemy confirms it due to the fact that they have occurred in the strategic points and well-known cities which are impossible to cover up.

2. In the second place, the extreme winter cold and severe diaper scarcity may account for the decrease in the enemy's fatalities. According to sources, the crusading enemy cannot venture out, fight or face Mujahideen attacks without using diapers, for US-NATO and their allies are living their harshest days in Afghanistan and are in fear, shock and awe of Mujahideen's power which has made their life miserable.

It is worth mentioning that February, too, witnessed the death of Brig. Gen. Terence J. Hildner who had just spent three months of his service, heinous in nature, in Afghanistan and his guilty and impure soul, unable to stand the harsh conditions and the inhuman atrocities by the crusading enemy, departed his filthy body and the general, all of a sudden, kicked the bucket on Feb. 5th, 2012.

Material losses:

Aside from the annihilation of several dozens of armored personnel carriers and other army vehicles of the occupation forces, 7 fighter aircrafts were brought down during February, not to mention, the first shoot-down of enemy helicopter that occurred on Feb. 05, 2012 in eastern Afghanistan and went unreported. There was no any official release of the death figure by the enemy from the shoot-down.

On 11 February 2012, Mujahideen downed another Nato helicopter in Zabul province, about which the Nato confirmed, saying four Tajik nationals were killed, whereas it denied involving death of any of the Nato soldiers.

Similarly, one of invaders' pilotless spy planes was brought down on Feb. 15 in Nangarhar province followed by downing another US-NATO helicopter in 18 February in Sarubi district of Kabul province which, too, went unreported except for the confirmation of the district governor of the puppets. There have not been any reports of the shoot-down of the helicopter in any of the press release of the mainstream media so for this day. On 20 February, 2012 US military plane crashed in Djibouti, Africa killing four American soldiers returning home after what was apparently their mission in Afghanistan.

Yet another enemy's helicopter was downed near northern Waziristan on Feb. 26th with the very last one being downed in Nooristan province, Afghanistan in a series of shoot-downs amid Afghan war during the month of February.

Civilian casualties:

Civilian casualties during the month of February were the highest at the hands of US-Nato occupations as they used to be over the last couple of years. On Feb. 09, 2012, eight children were brutally martyred by US-Nato forces as part of their war crimes in Nirab district of Kapisa province, what was more; their stooges confirmed it, taking no action in this respect, letting this most heart-breaking incident be drowned in the sea of forgetfulness.

The irony is that or put bluntly, the funny thing is that the casualties reports released by US-influenced UN brazenly pinned the current civilian casualties on Mujahideen.

No wonder why the US invaders continue to resort to such terrible war crimes, atrocities as it is part of their strategy and policy to do so, but mind you, such savage and demeaning behavior is typical of US and its allies. One of the worst occurred in February when the American invaders bombed a school in Nangarhar's Shiwa district leaving 8 under age students including their teacher fatally wounded.

Intellectual War and Desecration of Islamic Sanctities:

The invaders, together with their war front against Afghan Muslims, have a deep contempt and disrespect to our sanctities, Islamic values and Afghan cultures. Besides, they have made every effort to continue to retain such inhuman behaviors with extreme intensity since their occupation of our country.

January saw the gruesome desecration of the dead bodies of our Muslim martyrs, but the worst had yet to come. February witnessed the worst blasphemy, the most shocking of its kind, the burning of hundreds of the copies of the Muslims most sacred Book, the Holy Quran.

This was met with a slight disapproval, if any, from the slave regime; on the other extreme, it startlingly resulted in a large scale reawakening and ultra-wide revolution among the Angry Afghan masses countrywide.

12 US-NATO invaders were dispatched to Hellfire by Angry Afghan masses amid countrywide protest against the blasphemous act of burning the copies of Holy Quran. Regrettably, some 30 Afghan protesters were martyred chiefly by the slave puppets and partly their masters.

Escalating hatred towards occupation forces:

The eleventh unwelcome military presence of the occupation forces and their abhorrence and contempt for our Islamic and historical values are viewed with extreme detestation and call for the Afghan nation's intense provocation which is intensifying day by day.

The following is an overview of a series of incidents that our country saw throughout the month of February, 2012.

On Feb. 20, Afghan policeman opened fire on Albanian invaders, killing three of them and fatally wounding a further two in Spin Boldak district of Afghanistan's Kandahar province. Among those killed one was an officer working for an American NGO in connection with international assistances for CIA.

It was the first time any of Albania's invaders have been killed in Afghanistan.

February, too, was witness to a series of continued countrywide protests against burning of the copies of Holy Quran by US invaders. On Feb. 23, amid such angry protests a brave Afghan working for stooge regime's supposed national army, out of true conscience and spirit of faith, gunned down 10 American invaders in Khogyani district, Nangarhar province making them face the music for what they had done. With this, the soldier left the area safe and sound.

However, NATO, understating their fatalities and casualties as always, said in a press release that only two US troops were killed.

Similarly, on Feb. 25 another Afghan Muslim, haunted by his guilty conscience, shot and killed two top-level US advisers within the ministry of the interior in Kabul city, the capital of the country that created a state uncertainty and tension between the invaders and their slave puppets, consequently, the occupation forces pulled all their staff out of the ministries of stooge regime, suspended their meetings, halt every work in the ministries.

History-making hero's martyrdom:

Martyrdom of Al-Haj Mullah Obaidullah in one of the notorious hell-like Pakistani jails in February is viewed as a great and irreparable loss to Muslims besides the gains achieved through this month. His martyrdom, if seen as a great loss, is yet another testimony to a justifiable and rightful decade-long national Islamic struggle in the same way as other revolutions and movements, involving several different difficulties and hardship such as imprisonment, injury, martyrdom and so forth faced in the path of Jihad.



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