The Spiteful Expressions Of The American Ambassador Rayon Crocker

02 May 2012

By Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

Recently the press statement of the American ambassador Mr. Rayon Crocker has increased doubts about the American policies regarding Afghanistan and the region. He tried to create the atmosphere of doubt and fear and to pave the road for their colonial ambitions. He said that if the foreign forces make haste in leaving Afghanistan, another incident like 9/11 may take place and this time it might not be in New York and Washington but somewhere in Europe. The point of consideration is how he can exactly say that this time the target may not be American but some European country. Another point is that Mr. Crocker expressed this concern just after the withdrawal of 200 French soldiers from Afghanistan. While saying this Mr. Crocker totally forgets that present defense secretary, the former C.I.A. chief, openly announced to the media that only a pocket of 50 members of Al-Qaida is left in Afghanistan. Their number does not exceed 100 in any case.

After the martyrdom of Sheikh Osama bin Laden, the American officials have repeatedly expressed that Al-Qaida is no more threat for America and most of its member have fled to Africa. It is wonderful that on the one hand the American officials say that Al-Qaida members are few in number in Afghanistan and on the other hand the U.S. ambassador claims that Al-Qaida may attack a European country from Afghanistan. On the contrary the head of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has repeatedly said in his statements that we have no intentions of detriment to anyone nor we allow anyone else to use our soil against anyone else.

All these malicious expressions and statements show that Mr. Crocker wants to create a forged situation of fear and freight and to embarrass the situation and to catch the fish under the muddy water. It also shows clearly that the Americans are dragging the morale-lost allied countries of the world by hook or by crook.

The point in question is the one who is spreading fear and horror can carry out these kinds of terrorist attacks anywhere in the world just to prolong the so called war on terror under the leadership of America. Therefore the international community must not consider the Muslim communities responsible for each incident but shoul also consider the possibility of some strong agencies e.g. C.I.A.

The reality is as far as the situation of fear freight prevails over the world, the colonial war of terror will be continuous. The independent nations of world will be deprived of their self-determination and their territorial integrity and natural resources will be under the Americans threat and political destiny will be under the control of Washington.

Now every vigilant Afghan knows that the night operations carried out by these invading forces under the false name of terrorism will be a brand of infamy in the history of mankind and forthcoming generations will never overlook it.

Similarly they disguise themselves to be champions of peace, progress and development and in reality they cannot point out even a single vital project in the last decade.

Therefore we suggest Mr. Crocker as well as other American officials to give up the policies of conspiracy and deceit. Your have brought the American nation under the heavy burden of unnecessary loans and have shed the blood of other peaceful peoples.

The Afghans have neither harmed anyone in the past nor have these kinds of intensions in the future nor is this the policy of I.E.A. The irresponsible expressions of the officials like you have turned the whole world into a battlefield and the peaceful world have been changed into a hell.



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