Nangarhar University, Invincible Fortress For Revolutionary Muslim Youth

10 May 2012

By Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

Nangarhar University is the second largest institution in Afghanistan and one of the leading educational hubs in the region. It is located along Kabul-Jalalabad Highway in Darunta, one of the greenest areas, approximately 8 kilometers west of Jalalabad city, with Kabul River to north and a beautiful waterfall and hydroelectric power dam and a mountain tunnel to the south on the way to Jalalabad which welcomes travelers and links Jalalabad and other provinces including Laghman province.

The view of this mountain which takes your breath away and takes you back in time, to an earlier time, and from the moment of the Red invasion to now; it tells the legends of historic (Tor Ghar) which has swallowed up large number of invaders, reminding you of the abodes of Mehtar Lam Baba (referred to as Methar Lamech, father of Noah (peace be on him) in the bible and Jewish encyclopedia) and Gul Pacha Ulfat, a prominent Pashtu poet.

It has 10 faculties and provides training to some 3500 students which has offered thousands of well-trained/ trained cadres to the society.

It came into existences as medical university in the heart of (Gandhara) in 1962 and with time going by, it developed into a highly renowned university having several different faculties.

It was firstly acknowledged as Bayazid Roshan who was the first to lead a movement widely known as "Roshaniya" (enlightened) movement against Mughal emperor, Akbar after his proclamation of Din-i-Ilahia. It was later named "Nangarhar Pohantoon" (Nangarhar University) after the fall of communism and during the rule of Islamic Emirate, it came to be known as" De Nangarhar Islami Pohantoon" (Nangarhar Islamic University), however, the word Islamic was removed from the name of this university after the US invasion of Afghanistan.

The students and the elite academic cadres of Nangarhar University (NU) take pride in their Jihad and Hijrat (emigration) and are powerful front with intellectual fortitude against the occupation forces and their desecration of our sanctities. The ant-Islamic elements' use of every tool available, media together with their shower of dollars, slogans of democracy and exercise of power have been unable to weaken their will, resolve and intellectual fortitude.

They are those who, 33 years ago, raised their voice with Takbir, uttering "Allahu Akbar" against the communist puppets' slogans of "Hurrah" raising weapons against Marxist philosophy, and causing the decline of the Lenin socialist system through the sacrifice of their lives and bloodshed by their martyrs. Furthermore, this educational society equipped with Islamic morale has always been proud to inexhaustibly withstand every hardship and suffering getting in the way of safeguarding and defending the national sovereignty and achieving Islamic independence.

In October 2001, (NU), yet again, remained an invincible fort in the war of intellectuals and rose in revolt against the invading forces, strongly denouncing their clandestine conspires.

As an unconquerable fortress, the (NU) students rose up against the desecration of the Qur'an at Guantanamo Bay by the rogue invaders, as a tool of psychological torture against prisoners at the detention facility, shredding copies of the Quran and consigning them to trash before the very eyes of the detainees who, in fury like caged lions, watched the shocking scene helplessly with regretful tears rolling down their faces. Whereas, the students of (NU), like the masses in Nangarhar province, and students of the rest of schools and religious institutions across this province, stood up against this crime and by paying a high price of martyrs opened up a golden chapter in the history that the coming generation would be proud of, and conveyed the Whitehouse the message that no matter what tool or means the enemy of Islam has to use it would be impossible to divert the Afghan nation from Islamic awakening and led this nation to apostasy and replace our Holy Quran with its own abolished and transposed bible.

The American nasty army maliciously burned the copies Holy Quran, in response, more than 1.2 billion to 1.8 billion Muslims in the world did not do anything disgraceful to harass or assess their belief, on the other hand, it was the students of the (NU) who hurriedly took to the street that spread like wildfire and sparked countrywide protests in which they stormed several US invaders army bases. As per details, approximately 40 Afghans were martyred and above 100 Afghans were left injured across the country.

The students of (NU) with headbands bearing Jihadic mottos, chanted anti-American slogans and waved Islamic Emirate's white flags, symbol of giving peace and freedom and their shouting of pro-Mujahideen slogans echoed across Jalalabad city.

Demonstrations defending the truth of the holy Quran by Muslims what the analysts described as a major setback to Obama's reelection and a threat to Obama's exit strategy have rocked the Whitehouse so rigorously that Obama has issued apologies to Muslims over and over again.

On the other hand, it unveiled the masquerade of the US invasion and its true face was exposed to those unaware, who favored George W.Bush's crusading war during his rule. Lately, Michael Scheuer, a retired CIA analyst admitted that the Iraq and Afghan wars are those of religion rather than war on terror, and have been fought and are fought in the name of war against terrorism so that the US invaders keep off the threats posed to their crusading war by the nations of these certain counties, however, it is high time the US rulers blew the lid off the ground reality and told their nation the truth.

The demonstrators or protesters played the roles of campaigners, representing the objectives of Islamic Emirate who blocked the roads and paralyzed the entire city of Jalalabad marching through the city in front of US invaders army bases. Not only did the occupation forces empty the magazine of their machine guns on the marchers but also, their minions, or put simply the demonstrators' own countrymen (Afghan police and soldiers) opened fire on the demonstrators choosing to defend the violators and enemy of Quran rather than defending the truth, the Muslims holiest book, the Holy Quran.

Once again, the heroic student of the (NU), staged a rigorous protest against Zangawat, Kandahar tragic and heart-breaking incident in which 17 Afghans including women, old people and mostly children were cold-bloodedly shot and martyred by an American rogue soldier. The great demonstration was not only welcomed and escorted by the earthly creatures (people) but also by heavenly spirits (angels), while the bloodshed of the innocent left the world awestruck. The day is not far when the US evils will be disposed of, getting the world rid of its ills and harms at the hands of Mujahid Muslims.

The Islamic Emirate's successive and continual statements and its resolves are the indication of the fact that the youth of (NU) keep following the suit in what Mujahideen witness in laying down their lives for the sake of Islam and their country in the battlefield. Safeguarding Islamic sanctities and defending the national honors as well as the innocent children of the nation and the expressive and vigorous demonstrations by the students of (N U) will be recorded as part of golden chapter in our history and are viewed as worthy as the use of a gun of Mujahid in combat zone and this conforms to one of the Ahdees of the Prophet(sallallahu alaihi wa sallam): (افضل الجهاد کلمة حق عند سلطان جائر) "The greatest Jihad is the word of truth before a tyrannical ruler".

The Afghan nation will view such intense and timely demonstrations displayed on the right moment and in the right place as torch-lighting that will burn itself but its glowing light will provide illumination.

Afghan nation is constantly praying to the Lord of universe, Allah Almighty for strengthen the very youth in their determination and in their abhorrence towards the foreign invaders so much so that the enemy may be forced to leave this soil and a pure Islamic system enforced in the country.



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