Talaban's Reaction To The Claims Of Resumption Of Talks With America

20 May 2012

By Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

Some media outlets published reports yesterday that a source (unknown) of Islamic Emirate has told British Channel 4 that talks have resumed between Islamic Emirate and America and that so far 2 meetings have taken place between the two parties all the while these allegations have no basis and are nothing more than baseless claims.

From the day the Islamic Emirate suspended talks with the Americans up until today, all contacts and meetings have ceased between the representatives of America and Islamic Emirate. Just as was stated in the statement regarding suspension of talks with America, the Islamic Emirate will not resume talks until the Americans take constructive steps and fulfill promises which were agreed upon for confidence building.

Due to this, we once again call on all media outlets to follow the ethics of journalism and refrain from publishing such baseless and misleading reports just for propaganda. Before publishing a report, confirmation about its authenticity should be acquired from the spokesman of Islamic Emirate. We have observed some media outlets in the past decade which repeatedly create and publish rumors in order to maintain a malicious propaganda atmosphere.

Hence, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan requests all impartial news agencies to avoid publishing reports sourced from such media outlets associated with known circles without receiving verification from Islamic Emirate while all the accepted rules of journalism should be observed.

Occasion of 7th & 8th Saur (April 1978)

The Afghan communist perpetrators, on 27 April 1978(Saur 7, 1357 Hijri solar year), so as to impose the Red apostate ideology (communist and socialist agenda and ideas) and expand its world-engulfing empire, mounted a repugnant military coup in the center of Kabul city, the Afghan capital.

The abominable local communists, upon the order from their despotic masters began resorting to all tools of oppression, aggression, terror and torture in order to ensnare the brave Afghan nation into the trap of communism, and to deviate them from Islamic and national beliefs; furthermore, take over their political sovereignty and to alienate this nation from its Afghan national identity, and eventually to wipe out this legendary land of the brave and chivalrous from political geography.

The Afghan Mujahid nation, keeping the great heroism and triumphs of its chivalrous ancestors in heart and mind, has never forgotten the ability of defending its beloved homeland against the invading forces and bringing them to their knee. Neither could the deceptive slogans of food, clothing and shelter fool our grassroots, nor could the racial, regional, and linguistic discriminations divide them.

Whereas this Mujahid nation, equipped with spirit of faith and Jihad, with one accord, solidarity and resolve, waged armed Jihad against Kufr (infidelity) and communism despite the lack of arms and ammo and the sounds of the slogans of Allahu Akbar rising from cities and mountains put the communist culprits and their Russian masters through the hell turning the world into the furnace of fire for them.

Allah the Great and the Exalted, through the nationwide uprising, unprecedented and sincere sacrifices by the Afghans led to not only humiliating the communist perpetrators of the Sour Coup De'tat but disintegrating the arrogant Soviet Union, crumbling on its very edifice and putting an end to the Red empire across the world.

14 years after a series of turbulences, sacrifices, hardship of displacement and migrations and engaging in a one-and-a-half decades long Jihad by Afghan Mujahid nation on 28 April 1992 (Saur 8, 1371 Hijri solar year), the caravan of Jihad reached its desired and victorious destination wiping out the communist empire worldwide. This day, (8 Saur) is recorded in Afghan history as a day of collapse of communism and victory of Jihad which is viewed with pride by every Afghan Muslim. But what happened in the aftermath and how some political parties in Afghanistan have, so far, played with bloodshed of our martyrs is extremely disputable and has yet to be questioned.

We have witnessed how brazenly these political parties resorted to civil war within the country for their own personal interests and political power, putting the Afghan nation yet through a much more grievous and unpleasant unrest and disaster.

In the prevailing sensitive circumstance, in which our country is passing through a significant new period in its history, the American invaders and its slave regime are face-to-face with awaiting disgraceful defeat with our country on the road to the independence.

The Afghan, thus, taking a lesson from the history, have to be mindful and smart enough to be outsmarted by the evil intents and traps of the enemy and work toward the liberation of Afghanistan from the impure grip of US occupation and strive for the enforcement of a pure Islamic system in our beloved country with solidarity, integrity and brotherhood.



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