Talaban's Official Response To The Strategic Agreement Signed Between Obama And Karzai

31 May 2012

By Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

Last night (1st May 2012) Barack Obama signed a so-called strategic pact with his puppet Hamid Karzai. Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan considers this agreement nothing more than treason by a puppet president and therefore condemns this pact with the strongest possible words. Our statement on this agreement outlines the following points:

1. Islamic Emirate is the legitimate representative of the Afghan people and based on this Islamic obligation, we commit to continue our armed jihad and struggle against the occupying forces and their Afghan puppets.

2. Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan considers the Kabul regime's president a puppet of the occupying forces. We consider every move by the puppet government to establish close ties with its international masters, an act of treason against the country and the nation.

3. It is reiterated that Afghanistan is under the occupation of American forces. The fact that the American president addresses his people whilst in Afghanistan clearly shows their attitude towards our country. A regime set up by the occupying forces has no legal existence and therefore any pact between the Americans and their servants in Afghanistan cannot have any importance whatsoever.

4. The fact is that America has been occupying Afghanistan for over a decade now. By signing this shameful pact, the United States of America is trying to prove to the world that their puppet administration is sovereign and also they want to imply that their relationship with Afghanistan has a legal basis.

5. This so-called strategic document signed between the Americans and their servants opens the region to a new phase of fight, struggle and political along with security instability. This is all being done by the Americans to follow their imperialistic and invasive goals and objectives in Afghanistan and the region.

6. This agreement will lead to more disaster and economic damage for America and its allies. By signing this pact, Americans have welcomed more physical and economic damage heading towards their people. This document will not achieve anything for the peace and progress of the American people or any other nation involved in this occupation.

7. The presence of occupying forces in Afghanistan is the sole reason for the instability in the region. The more they increase their presence, the worse the condition in Afghanistan gets. On the other hand, the sooner these forces withdraw from Afghanistan, the sooner the security situation will improve.

8. Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan considers American withdrawal from the country as the only way to ensure peace in the region. For this very reason, we announce to continue our armed Jihad against the occupying forces until the time we throw them out of our country. We have come to the conclusion that occupant America doesn't believe in any logic or negotiation other than the use of force.



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