The Bondage Of Delusion: The Mentalities Of Post-slavery And Post-colonial African Denizens

17 May 2012

By Reason Wafawarova

The inferiority of the African, just like the dominance of the European has from the time of slavery, through colonisation, all the way to the present moment unabatedly continued to be promoted by a racist propagating of historical and cultural falsehoods.

Africans have been victims of European racial supremacy in a way not too different from the position of women in primitive hetaeristic societies. Africa is communal property to the Western world, just like women are communal property to hetaerists. The bondage of the black person has sadly been perpetuated by delusions that reign supreme in the mentalities of post-slavery and post-colonial African denizens.

Delusion by definition is about false beliefs stubbornly held, retained and defended by an individual despite their logical inconsistencies with objective reality and valid evidence to the contrary, as defined by author Amos Wilson.

It was quiet easy for Britain and her allies to hold, retain and defend the delusional lie that removing white commercial farmers from the land they occupied by colonial privilege was synonymous with removing farming skills from Zimbabwe.

Those who supported the land reforms in Zimbabwe were summarily dismissed as heterodox, in fact criminals that supported a Mugabe regime that was wholesomely labelled wanton violators of "property rights." Whites almost successfully criminalised justice through Western media.

Not only did we have some Zimbabweans religiously and committedly supporting the position of the Westerner on land reforms, we actually had the biggest ever political party after Zanu-PF emerging almost entirely on a membership of people under the bondage of the delusion that messing up with white agrarian dominance was foolhardy and tantamount to madness.

Not only do beliefs held under delusion persist directly in the face of contradictory evidence, they also persist in the face of continuous negative consequences resulting from their being held. It does not matter black Zimbabweans remained under slave wages working for the super-rich white commercial farmer, there were still Zimbabweans many enough to make up a huge political party who vehemently waged a struggle to retain and uphold their economic slavery under the white commercial farmers, who themselves became key funders of the treacherous MDC.

The denunciatory rhetoric against Saviour Kasukuwere's efforts to indigenise the economy of Zimbabwe is not founded on elementary logic, but entirely premised on falsehoods concerning things African as well as European. These falsehoods are propagated as truths, as pure logic, and even as a measure of civility.

The remarkable job of the IMF and the World Bank is to fabricate evidence to support such confabulations and lies — reinforcing the false argument that Mugabe's "unsound policies" were the sole cause of the sanctions-induced economic decline that wrecked the country from 2000 to 2009.

It escapes delusional logic that reclaiming stolen land must be part of anything defined as liberation or independence. Britain wanted Zimbabweans to simply count wealthy whites among fellow blacks under the illusion of independence, that way preserving white domination and perpetuating black inferiority.

This is why the argument "they are also Zimbabweans" is meant to make perfect sense. We must be proud of a Zimbabwe where we can triumph to the top of the global economic ladder with white people controlling and enjoying the best of our economy on our collective behalf, the way Australia is a rich country to the Aboriginal person.

The puerile argument that indigenisation of the Zimbabwean economy is synonymous with destroying employment opportunities is not different from the racist argument that giving land to indigenous Zimbabweans is synonymous with allocating land to unskilled people.

These are arguments premised on instilling fear and insecurity, all the time designed to obscure reality and to conceal the inhumane motives behind the preached supplications of humanity and civilisation.

Tendai Biti studiously attempts to promote the papier-mâché façade of democracy and human rights, while in reality all the man is doing is promoting the hypocritical moral superiority of Western corporations. It is sad that the African today is a victim of the creation, presentation and sinister manipulation of powerful socio-economic ideas, social images, information, ideologies, rewards, punishments, values, symbols and social communications — obliviously allowing whites by dint of their overwhelming social and economic power, to inculcate in our people delusions that advance the selfish interests of imperialists.

These are the delusions that make Tendai Biti vow that in his lifetime he will never again accept something called the Zimbabwean dollar. It is the delusion that makes Morgan Tsvangirai believe that jobs for the citizens of Zimbabwe can only be created by Western investors. It is the delusion that says democracy comes with Western endorsed Constitutionalism. It is the delusion that makes some believe that attracting donor funding is a measure of lawfulness and democracy, that endorsement by Western governments is a statement of belonging to the international community. UN membership should suffice.

Dominant whites know too well how to utilise such delusory images, ideas, values and ideologies. It is entirely on the basis of this delusion on the part of us Africans that the imperialist justifies white domination, convincing both the white community and us Africans that we only have ourselves to blame for our inferiority. Some hopeless people even believe it is African fate to be subject to white power.

Our domination by the white man is premised not entirely on the evil nature of dominant white people, but mostly on the acceptance by us Africans of the falsification of our history and culture, and also our acceptance of European self-serving ideological fabrications.

It takes Zimbabweans a compelling mistaking of the lies of Westerners for truth that the nation remains in subordination. Such lies include the perfect logic that says the 51 percent local ownership of big businesses will scare Western investors. Indeed they have every reason to be scared. Their domination is about to melt down and any sane person would be scared.

The lie is not in the fact that these investors will be scared. It is in the warped logic that says scaring white domination equals the destruction of the economy — that giving 51 percent control of the Zimbabwean economy to locals is an unsound policy that will create unemployment — the nauseating Tsvangirai lie.

Our agriculture is fast picking up and we have seen a huge growth in tobacco production in the last three seasons. Barring erratic rains, most of the people who were allocated land in 2000 have proven to be dedicated and committed to changing their lifestyles for the better through agriculture.

This writer believes that the extraction industry in particular must be under the control of locals. Mining, forestry, safaris, and agriculture are directly linked to us and as such must directly benefit the people of Zimbabwe primarily, never mind how many for a start. There must be no apologies whatsoever in nationalising these aspects of the economy, together with sectors like tourism, media, telecommunications, and so on. Zimbabweans now fondly adore Jonathan Moyo's broadcasting policy of 75 percent local content after so many of our artists became mega beneficiaries.

It must by moral definition be that these industries are naturally dominated by indigenous Zimbabweans, and logic must dictate as an anomaly that foreign investors of whatever creed find themselves in control of our economy, with us subjugating ourselves to junior partners. That Zanu-PF and the MDC-T are divided over this matter is only a sad measure of how much our minds are subjugated to the myth of white supremacy.

What some of our people fear is not exactly the empowerment of indigenous people. That would be stretching the foolishness a little too far. Rather they fear failure of the indigenous person — failure to match the superior whites. We have been bred to mistake certain Eurocentric lies for truths and certain Afrocentric truths for lies.

The lie that says only European investors are capable of extracting and processing our minerals has been mistaken for truth by many of our people, sadly including the young and the learned. Equally the truth that our own people can own corporations and employ our own people is often easily dismissed as a lie not exactly by white people alone, but also by our own people.

The largely unchallenged socio-economic power wielded by the white supremacist establishment in Africa enables Western imperial powers to censor, degrade, deny, vilify and block out the truth about the validity of the economic empowerment movement in Africa. We very sadly allow ourselves to be a laughing stock for choosing to grab our wealth back from the white man. Our own wealthy people we quickly label corrupt thieves.

Our colonial education system enabled us to know certain things but was designed to ensure that we did not end up thinking, and we proudly fight down any efforts to change that legacy, all of us subconsciously doubting our capacity to charter a new way without the help and endorsement of the white man.

We have perpetuated a system that limits the dissemination of all important and positive information, ideas, ideologies and values relative to us Africans, defending vigorously only those values and ideas that are compatible with and supportive of white supremacy.

The white establishment uses its media and other propaganda mechanisms to associate aversive economic outcomes with those ideologies and policies, which if actualised by us Africans would revolutionise African-European relations dramatically. The use of these aversive outcomes motivates Africans to reject the advancement of any policies that are not favoured or endorsed by white people, us always tremendously in fear that such policies are hazardous.

In Zimbabwe the sanctions-induced wrecking of the economy was disguised as a direct result of policies leading to grossly aversive economic outcomes and this is precisely why some Zimbabweans are so scared of having a national currency ever again.

The corrupt nature of our politicians in Government helps a lot in giving credence to claims that mismanagement was the sole cause of the economic decline of the last decade. Corruption itself is a major indication of our belief in the lie that on our own we are incapable of development. This is why just about everyone who enters politics does so to enrich themselves and never to leave a mark by way of development. We are so used to benefiting and we are aliens to the concept of innovation and creating.

Our politicians operate on the principle of "what is in it for me", and never what is in it for posterity or for the future. Is it not sad that some of us now think the relief from suffering the aversive economic outcome of an ailing economy is based on a future of aid and more foreign economic domination?

Malawians are profusely apologising to the British for the foolishness of departing from British values and instructions by the late President Mutharika — fasting and praying to the Most High God that "donors may absolve us of our sins," just to quote one of the pastors from that country.

The aversive economic outcome of Mutharika's fall out with a British ambassador is seen as the sharp economic decline precisely caused by Mutharika's foolishness and lack of respect for white authority, not the demeaning and humiliating fact that a whole country was brought to its knees by a simple decision to halt British and American handouts.

When we see the face of Saviour Kasukuwere on television, some of our people see economic disaster written all over the place — not because they do not want the idea of black economic empowerment, but because they now associate aversive economic outcomes with anyone that speaks a language not compatible with the status quo of white economic hegemony. Hanzi dzosai varungu zvinhu zvifambe. (Bring back the whites and things will move).

For us Africans, the basis for belief is no longer truth or justice. Rather our belief is premised on expediency, on emotional consequences and not the truth value therein.

Zimbabwe we are one and together we will overcome. It is homeland or death!!

Reason Wafawarova is a political writer based in SYDNEY, Australia.


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