Have The Shiahs Fought The Zionists? The Propaganda - Shiah Anti-Jews, Anti-America, Anti-Zionist And So On…

07 June 2012

By AM Waskito

Some of the reasons that makes Shiah Rafidhah always embellished are as follows…

[=] Shiah is the greatest enemy of America and Israel.

[=] Shiah is the main enemy of the Zionist Jews that is so feared, as it has a nuclear installation.

The history of Shiah: "Always Stabbing the Ahlus Sunnah from the Back. And They Have Never Fought The Kuffar."

[=] The Hizbullah is a figure of the Shiah power which is always courageous in stopping the armies of the Zionist Israel.

[=] While Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar, are always acting sweetish with the brain of the Jews, namely America.

[=] The Revolution of Khomeini is a revolution of Islam that inspires the struggles of the Islamic movements around the world.

Yes, more or less thus were the claims of the activists of this Persian religion (Shiah Rafidhah). In various forums, opportunities, including in the discussion on this blog, those reasons are always presented by them. As if there is no other reasons for Shiah to remain existing on this earth's surface, besides such claims.

So what are our views, as the Ahlus Sunnah, on the claims of the Shiah people?

Let's discuss it in a concise and practical manner, by asking the help from Allah Al-Hadi…

FIRST. Those Shiah Rafidhah people continue to work hard and be very passionate; in order that their religion will be recognized as Islam, that they remain to be viewed as Muslims and that they continue to be a part of the Muslims worldwide. This is the very essence of the spiritual torment that Allah impacts on their hearts, forever. They have sinned greatly for deriding, despising, insulting and praying badness for the wives of the Prophet, the Khulafaur Rashidin and the Sahabahs Radhiyallahu ‘Anhum. So Allah always make them uneasy, worried and desperately wanting the label 'Islam' or 'Muslim'. They are always in the confusion like this, like the Children of Israel who were in confusion for 40 years in the Tiih Wilderness, for having insulted Musa ‘Alaihissalam and Allah Ta'ala. Take a look at those humans who are the adherents of the Persian religion (Rafidhah)… they go everywhere bringing la'nat (curse) from the prayers of la'nat that they recite to insult the best human beings i.e. the Sahabahs Radhiyallahu ‘Anhum.

SECOND. In its history, since the time of Ali bin Abi Thalib Radhiyallahu ‘Anhu to this day, know that this Shiah Rafidhah (Persian religion) have never conducted jihad against the kuffar, be they Christians, Jews, Mushrikeen or atheists. Shiah does not have a history of jihad, confronting the kuffar. The "Jihad" of the Shiah people for the most part are directed against the Sunnis, since the olden times until today.

At first, the Shiahs in Kufah invited Husein Radhiyallahu ‘Anhu to come to Kufah, they said they wanted to give bai'at. As Husein already set out to Kufah, the ruler at that time (Yazid bin Muawiyah) considered Husein as bughat (dissident/rebel), so that he could be killed. Upon arriving in Kufah, not a single Shiah came out to give bai'at, to help or support Husein. Husein's position was so distressed, to return to Madinah, he had already been regarded as bughat. To ask help from Kufah, not even a single Shiah would help. In the end, Husein was crushed in Karbala. In fact, during that crackdown, not even a nose of the Shiahs showed itself, even to just help the victims from amongst the party of Husein and his family. Now, it's that incident of Husein's murder that are always celebrated and indulged in by the Shiahs in the moments of Ashura. Their tears condemned the murderers of Husein, while their hearts say : "Alhamdulillah Husein and his family have perished in

The next "Jihad" of the Shiahs was in assisting Hulagu Khan (Mongol ruler) in quelling the Khilafah Abbassiyah. Then they tried to wipe out the Sunnis in Egypt, but were managed to be beaten by Nuruddin Mahmud Zanki. They continued by stabbing the struggle of Salahuddin Al-Ayyubi. They have always been enemies of the Turkish Ottoman Empire as well, always in cooperation with the countries of the Christian Europe to weaken the Turkish Khilafah. In the contemporary era, The Khomeini Revolution in Iran had eliminated the Ahlus Sunnah in Iran. They are also stabbing the struggles of the Mujahideen in Afghanistan. They slaughtered the Ahlus Sunnah in Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, in fact they are almost overpowering Bahrain.

In brief, there is no Jihad of the Shiahs in history, except the "jihad" that were directed at destroying and devastating the Sunnis. Classical and modern history have already laid out the facts. In fact, in the Iran Contra Gate case, a big scandal was uncovered. It turned out that behind the Counter movement in Nicaragua, America was supplying weapons to the guerrillas. Where did the funds come from? From the outcomes of oil dealing cooperation with Iran. Whereas, in the world campaign, America is known to be in conflict with Iran. But behind that, there is a ridiculous "oil dealings" farce. This case is very famous , so much so that an American colonel was sacrificed as its casualty.

THIIRD. What the heck were done by the Hizbullah (Shiah Rafidhah) in Lebanon to Israel? Is it involved in an open war with Israel? Did it occupy the territory of Israel and attempt to expel the Jewish population? Apparently, the Hizbullah's actions were just firing mortars in the direction of the Israeli forces or the territory of Israel. Or firing guns, or anti-tank rockets. That's all. They are never engaged in open warfare vis a vis, like the fighters of the Ahlus Sunnah in Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya and others. So in brief, those actions of the Hizbullah were just a sort of "playfulness" to dispose of the light ammunitions. That 's all.

FOURTH. In the history of the Arab-Israeli war, since the independence in 1948, Israel has repeatedly fought against the Arab forces. The famous ones are the 1948 war, the 1967 war and the 70's war. They are often called the Arab-Israeli war. After that, there has not been any significant war. In this history, again and again, there was no role of Iran whatsoever. In fact, when Gaza was devastated by Israel in 2008-2009, Iran again was not involved whatsoever. So, nothing is impressive about the adherents of the Persian religion (Shiah Rafidhah), they have nothing to be proud of?

FIFTH. According to Ustadz Farid Okbah, there are so many Jews in Iran. According to information, the amount could reach 50,000 souls. They can live safely and prosperously in Iran, whilst the life of the Ahlus Sunnah was miserable there. Iran has a "welcoming" attitude towards the Jews, but very offensive towards the Muslims. This is a very sad reality. Hence, it is not wrong if there is someone who says, Rafidhah is more sadistic than the other kuffars.

A very unique example is the cooperation between Hamas and Iran. A lot of people said, Hamas always cooperate with Iran. It was based on the attitude of Sheikh Al-Bana who ever commented that, the Shiahs are fellow Muslim brothers too. That they are equally Ahlul Qiblah. But the truth is, tens of thousands of the Ikhwanul Muslimin in Syria were slaughtered by the regime of Hafezh Assad. Apparently, that regime and his son's, were assisted by Iran too. Now, it's very ironic. Hamas cooperates with Iran, while Al-Ikhwan in Syria were slaughtered by the regime of Syria which is supported by Iran.

SIXTH. As for the propaganda that says that, Shiah Rafidhah is the enemy of the Zionist Israel, all this is just sheer propaganda. In truth, they are the best of friends, they are close friends who mutually help each other, some being the wali (guardian) over the other. They will never engage in warfare forever. The Jews need Iran, as the enemy of the Ahlus Sunnah. While Iran needs the Jews, also as the enemy of the Ahlus Sunnah. In the hadith of Prophet (SAW), it is also mentioned that soon Dajjal would appear in Isfahan (one of the cities in Iran which currently has massive Jewish population) with 70,000 forces. The Jews need Iran, because out of it would appear their leader. And in the Shiah literatures, the figure of Dajjal is actually the figure of "Al-Mahdi Al-Muntazhar" whom they are always waiting for. Thus, there are many similarities between Shiah and the Jews.

SEVENTH. The next very startling fact. It turns out that the Shiah Iran also establishes cooperation with China and Russia, the two prominent Communist states. They are generally cooperating in industry, trade and arms dealing matters.
When America intended to apply sanction due to Iran's nuclear installation, China and Russia immediately vetoed that decision. Both countries openly defended Iran.

Similarly, they are also defending the regime of Bashar Assad (May Allah Al-Aziz soon break the head of this miscreant human being, amin ya Mujibas sa'ilin) from the threat of an international sanction. Whereas we know that the regime of Syria has a very close connection with Iran. Therefore, we can make our own conclusion as regards the position of Iran in the eyes of China, Russia and the regime of Syria.

So if later we hear the propaganda that suggests that Shiah is anti-Jews, Shiah is anti-America, Shiah is anti-Zionist and so on… -Yeah right, I'll just laugh- do not take it serious. Take it as just an oral "sport" (to borrow the term of a rotten politician).
Shiah will forever be friends with the kuffar and very spiteful towards the Muslims (Ahlus Sunnah). They were born out of our history, but their existence and hearts belong to the kafir people. Na'udzubillah wa na'udzubillah min dzalik.

May this simple article be useful. May we become more aware, that Shiah Rafidhah is not a friend. They need the term "friend" while they are still weak. Later, when they are strong they would devastate the Ahlus Sunnah. But enough is Allah Ta'ala as our Wali, Protector and Helper. He is the best Protector and Guardian. Walhamdulillahi Rabbil a'alamiin.

Original article in Indonesian by : AM Waskito


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