The Freedom To Destroy Islam And The Muslims: "The First Talmud" In The Protocol

07 June 2012

By Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

There is no such thing as absolute freedom. Every individual and group activity will be restricted by other individual or group activities. Every individual and group will not be able to act and behave in a free manner according to his will. Where ever it is.

Even in the Western countries, which adhere to the ideology of liberalism, if there is anyone who wants and desires the absolute freedom, then he is in a mere delusion.

In the West, which adheres to the ideology of liberalism, still, there is no absolute freedom. The West is known to be discriminative and very intolerant. Because, in the West, the Jewish thinkings which are sourced from the Talmud have already permeated into the bone marrow, ingrained in the lives of its people.

The practices of segregation (separation based on race) occur in everyday life. The occurrence of racism and segregation based on race does not only happen in South Africa.

In the United States, the struggle of the Blacks is ongoing. It has been hundreds of years that they are struggling to get their rights. Their notable figures were slain for very illogical reasons.

In fact, in the West too, the Muslims are not free to practice their belief. If the Muslims are free, as in the principle : "Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Faith", surely the Muslims would be free to practice their belief. Not prohibited to pronounce the adzan (call to prayer), which is considered to be disturbing, and also including the use of Islamic attributes. Not prohibited to carry out da'wah, and conveying Islam is not suspected.

The figures of the Black struggle in the United States such as Malcom X were murdered, after embracing Islam. Basically there is no freedom. Whereas, religion is a basic right for mankind. The available spirit of freedom is only in the context of destroying human life. As desired by the people of the Talmud.

The freedom that they meant is when mankind abandon their religion, and then become colonized human beings, and enslaved by their own selves and the invisible hand, which in effect is unidentifiably controlling the humans today.

The freedom of speech, freedom of expression and freedom of faith, are nothing but a means used by the Talmudic people, who aim so that other groups of human beings who are not Jews, could be colonized and enslaved. A belief that is firmly entrenched and has already become a "credo" (faith) of the Western society, which always mentions about those freedoms, which are nothing but mere falsehood.

The freedom of speech, freedom of expression and freedom of faith, are simply a means (wasilah) to destroy the other groups outside of the Talmudic people. The perception of the freedom of speech, freedom of expression and freedom of faith, is simply a means to evoke destructive thinkings and ideologies for the other groups outside of the Talmudic people.

Like recently in Indonesia, in this era of post-reformation, many more groups are talking about freedom, pluralism, equality and justice, which essentially are only used to break down the noble values in Islam.

They want Muslims to never again believe in their religion and render it as something absolute. Religion becomes something relative. All those gear towards the interests of the Talmudic people, so that after the people do not believe in their religion anymore, they no longer have the rules of life in the long run and then they are headed for destruction. That's the ultimate goal of the Talmudic people.

Too many from the among the Islamic circles and activists are willing to become a part of the movement of the Talmudic people in Indonesia. They knowingly are willing to become a part of the movement of the Talmudic people, who want the Muslims to let go of their faith.

If Muslims are not convinced in the belief of their religion anymore, they will eventually be easily infiltrated with the values from the teachings of the Talmud. So basically the movement of the "Freedom of speech, Freedom of expression and Freedom of Faith" is only a process of entrapping, operated by the agents of the Talmudic people that exist in the countries of the Muslim. Their movements are always under the disguise of freedom and democracy.

In the protocol: "The First Talmud" the paragraph reads:

"Since ancient times, we are the first people amongst mankind to voice out the words 'freedom, equality and brotherhood'. Those words have been repeatedly parroted by the general election campaigners, which brought the people together to listen this bait with which they had brought down the world's true prosperity and everlasting freedom. The non-Jewish people who think themselves clever and smart, do not understand the omens behind the mentioned words, not taking into account the contradictions of their meanings and that they have no equation in order of things".

The Western society is a society that has been colonized and enslaved by the teachings of the Talmud. They are no longer able to do anything, from all facets of life. The people of the West, which in terms of value, have already become a materialistic society, is already weak and slumped under the soles of the feet of the Talmudic people. This is the true victory of the Talmudic people.

The goal of Capitalism that is based on industry is nothing but the misery of the human beings, who become the tools of the productions. The workers or labours, who are controlled by the owners of the capitals, will never ever be able to deal with the owners of the capitals. Because the owners of the capitals already control the country through elections and democracy. The senators and State leaders are just a tool of the owners of the capitals.

Who are the owners of the capitals? They are the Jewish capitalists, from Rochstchilds to Warren Buffed, or Rupert Murdoch. How do the 1 percent, who are the owners of the capitals and established in the Wall Streets, control 99 percent of the American people.

As for the poor labourers and the workers, and the poor people caused by the economic crisis, as was the case in the America and Europe, they can only get away by drinking alcohol. So they have become a nation that is languished.

The freedom of sex, and that is devoid of responsibility, is just a way served by the Talmudic people, to destroy the Western societies, where the population growth today is already "0%". So in that way, it would be very easy to become slaves of the Talmudic people.

Now, in Indonesia, came their "icon" named Irshad Manji, who brings the idea of freedom, and facilitated by the Salihara Institution, at Pasar Minggu, their only aim is to destroy Islam and the Muslims so that they abandon their religion, in accordance with the doctrines and strategies of the Talmudic teachings.

So if Fahri Hamzah, who had been Chairman of KAMMI, and is a PKS (a political party - ed.) activist, said that "Even God Himself let Satan lives, so why do we object the freedom of speech, and substantially the Constitution '45 guarantees the freedom of speech, so a discussion of any kind is free", and this means that Fahri Hamzah has already fallen into the trap of the Talmudic people.

There is no absolute freedom in life. Every freedom that is without rules is just going to give birth to chaos and conflicts. Freedom does not mean aiming at destroying and insulting the teachings of Islam which is the faith of 1.5 billion inhabitants of the Earth.




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