17 Reasons Why The Ulama's Declare The Shiahs Kafir: The Shirk Of ‘Ayatollahs'

By Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

There are a total of seventeen doctrines of the Shiahs which are always hidden by them from the Muslims as a part of the implementation of the doctrine of taqiyah (hiding their Shiah beliefs). All of the seventeen doctrines are contained in the holy books of the Shiahs:

1. The world and all of its contents belong to the imams of Shiah. They will give the world to whom they desire and take it away from whom they desire (Usulul Kaafi, pg.259, Al-Kulaini, India ed.).

It is clear, a doctrine like this is contrary to the words of Allah SWT in QS Al-A'raf 7: 128, "Indeed, the earth belongs to Allah. He causes to inherit it whom He wills of His servants." The Shiite belief above shows the equality of the power of the Shiite imams with Allah's and this doctrine is a shirk aqeedah.

2. Ali bin Abi Thalib, who is claimed to be the first imam of the Shiahs, is said to be the first and the last dzat (being), the dhahir (manifest) and the bathin (hidden) such as contained in surah Al-Hadid, 57: 3 (Rijalul Kashi pg. 138).

A doctrine of this kind is clearly a kufr on the part of the Shiahs, who lie in the name of Khalifah Ali bin Abi Thalib. With a doctrine of this kind, the Shiahs position Ali as God. And this certainly is a deception of the Shiahs against the Muslims and the purity of their aqeedah.

3. The imams of the Shiahs are the face of Allah, the eyes of Allah and the hands of Allah that bring rahmah (mercy) to the slaves of Allah (Usulul Kaafi, pg. 83).

4. Amirul Mu'mineen Ali bin Abi Thalib is said by the Shiahs to be a representative of Allah in determining the heaven and hell, acquiring something that is not previously acquired by human beings, knowing the good and evil, knowing all things in detail i.e. things which have happened in the past, as well as the ghaib (unseen) (Usulul Kaafi, pg. 84).

5. The wills of the Shiite imams are the wills of Allah too (Usulul Kaafi, pg. 278).

6. The Shiite imams know when their death will come and they themselves determine the time of their death because when an imam does not know such things, then he is not entitled to be an imam (Usulul Kaafi, pg. 158).

7. The Shiite imams know whatever is hidden and they can know and answer anything when asked because they know the unseen things like the way Allah knows (Usulul Kaafi, pg. 193).

8. Allah is bada' in nature, i.e. He only knows something after it has already happened. However, the Shiite imams have already known things that have not happened (Usulul Kaafi, pg. 40).

According to Al-Kulaini (a prominent hadith expert ulama' of the Shiahs), Allah did not know that Husein bin Ali would be killed. According to them, God at first did not know, therefore God made a new Ordinance, in accordance with the existing conditions. However, the Shiite imams already know what will happen. Due to that, according to the doctrine of Shiah, Allah is bada' in nature (Usulul Kaafi, pg. 232).

9. The Shite imams are the warehouse of Allah's knowledge and also the interpreters of Allah's knowledge. The Shiite imams are Ma'sum (free from error and they never forget, let alone to commit Sin) in nature. Allah commands mankind to obey the Shiite imams, they must not be disobeyed and they are the hujjah (the Argument of Truth) of Allah in heaven and earth (Usulul Kaafi, pg. 165).

10. The Shiite imams are the same as Rasulullah SAW (Ibid).

11. What's meant by 'Shiite imams' are Ali bin Abi Thalib, Husein bin Ali, Ali bin Husein, Hassan bin Ali and Muhammad bin Ali (Usulul Kaafi, pg. 109)

12. The existing Al-Qur'an has been changed, reduced and added (Usulul Kaafi, pg. 670). One example of the Qur'anic verses that has been reduced from the original is the Qur'anic verse of An-Nisa': 47, according to the Shiah version, it says: "Ya ayyuhalladziina uutul kitaaba aaminuu bimaa nazzalnaa fie ‘Aliyyin nuuran mubiinan". (Faslul Khitab, pg. 180).

13. According to Shiah, the Qur'an brought by Jibril to Prophet Muhammad has 17 thousands verses, but what remains now only has 6660 verses (Usulul Kaafi, pg. 671).

14. Calling Abu Bakar, Umar, Utsman bin Affan, Muawiyah, Aishah, Hafsah, Hindun and Ummul Hakam as the most disgusting beings on Earth, that they are the enemies of Allah. Whoever is not hostile to them, then his iman to Allah, His Rasul and the Shiite imams is incomplete (Haqqul Yaqin, pg. 519, by Muhammad Baqir Al-Majlisi).

15. Making halal the nikah Mut'ah, in fact according to the doctrine of Shiah, one who performs nikah mut'ah 4 times has a higher degree than Prophet Muhammad SAW. (Tafsir Minhajush Shadiqin, pg. 356, by Mullah Fathullah Kassani).

16. Making halal the mutual exchange of maidservants for sexual intercourse with their peers. They say, imam Ja'far said to his friend: "O Muhammad, consort with this slave of mine as you desire. If you already don't like, then return her to me." (Al-Istibsar III, pg. 136, by Abu Ja'far Muhammad Hasan At-Thusi).

17. Rasulullah and the Sahabahs will be resurrected before the day of judgment. Imam Mahdi will come before the day of judgment and he will dig up the graves of Abu Bakar and Umar, which are besides the grave of Rasulullah. After they are brought back to life, both of these men will be crucified (Haqqul Yaqin, pg. 360, by Mullah Muhammad Baqir al-Majlisi).

Can all the seventeen doctrines of Shiah above be regarded as the aqeedah of Islam as brought by Rasulullah SAW and firmly grasped by the Sahabahs, as well as the Muslims who lived from the time of the Tabi'in until today? Does anyone still believe that Shiah is a part of the Islamic ummah? According to Imam Malik and Imam Ahmad, whoever does not TAKFIR (declare kafir) the aqeedah of Shiah, then he is Kafir.

All of the above-mentioned kitabs (books) are the principal kitabs or main references of the Shiahs, in which the positions are similar to the hadith kitabs of Imam Bukhari, Muslim, Ahmad bin Hambal, Nasa'i, Tirmidzi, Abu Daud and Ibnu Majah for the Muslims. Due to that, the efforts of the Shiahs to instill the impression that Shiah is a part of the Muslims, that it only differs in some respects which are not in matters of principle, is a lie and should be rejected sternly!!!.

Source: Risalah Mujahidin


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