Declaration Talaban Regarding The Schools Burning And Poisoning Of The Female Sstudent

10 June 2012

By Al-Ikhwan Al-Mujahidun

According to the media reports recently in Takhar province some female students of a school were poisoned. Earlier reports were given about Khost province and some other parts of the country. Some pro-colonial and anti-jihadi media which normally reports these incidents prior to anyone else, abruptly blamed the Islamic Emirate and did not wait for the official spokesman of the Islamic Emirate to assess this incident. Elsewhere the media neglects that in 2011 in an educational conference in London the education minister of the puppet regime of Kabul acknowledged that the so called armed opposition is not against the education of boys and girls. Similarly the professional deputy minister of this office told the media that the schools are destroyed by some criminal gangs and not by the Taliban. At the same time we would like to say that on 22nd February in Kashkot area of Khewa district one teacher and 9 students were injured in the indiscriminate shelling of helicopters by the invading forces. But the stooge media have turned a blind eye over all these facts and realities.

he fact is that recently the invading forces have martyred and burnt innocent civilians and children in Zangawat area of Panjwai district and prior to that they have humiliated the bodies of the martyrs. Similarly in Bagram air base they committed the unpardonable act of disgracing the Holy Quran. Now the invaders and their local stooges try to divert the attention of the Afghan nation as well as of the international community from their barbaric deeds and crimes by these kinds of planed issues of infecting the girls.

The Islamic Emirate once again declares that these and likewise dire incidents are carried out by some intelligence agencies including the intelligence agency of the puppet admin of Kabul by the name of national security.

The policy of Mujahideen is palpable i.e. armed resistance against the invading forces and their supporters till the liberation of the country.

Moreover false allegations of the invaders and their hired media against Mujahedeen are the part of the media war and have no reality.

The Islamic Emirate declares its complete acquittal and says that this kind of criminals will be penalized according to the Islamic Law where ever arrested inside the country.



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