Innalillahi, A Rohingya Muslimah Raped By Burmese Forces Until She Died

29 June 2012

By Al-Ikhwan Al-Mujahidun

MAUNGDAW, Myanmar- Violence against the Rohingya Muslim population in Arakan (Rakhine), Burma (Myanmar) is still ongoing and allowed to happen by the joint "security" forces made up of the military, Nasaka, as well as the police. The villages of the Rohingya Muslims continue to be attacked and plundered, the Muslim residents are arrested, a majority of them are men, so that the Rohingya residents would abandon their villages, in order for the "new occupants" to be able to occupy those villages.

Rapes against the Muslimahs still happen as well in the villages of the Rohingya Muslims. On Sunday (17/6/2012), a Muslimah is reported to have been raped by the Burmese soldiers until she died, as reported by Kaladan News on (18/6).

Amina (not the real name), was gang raped by the soldiers in the village of Pandaung Pin (Nawlborna) in Maungdaw until she met her death.

In another village, the Bagonena village, two Rohingya girls were also raped. However, there is no report of how their conditions are right now.

Many Rohingya men have been arrested by the army or police, as a result many of the remaining houses are only occupied by women, thus enabling them to be easily harassed and dishonoured by those kafir Burmese.

Earlier, 11 Rohingya Muslimahs who are still teenagers, have become victims of the savagery of the mushrik Burmese forces, they are deprived of their honour amidst the sufferings as a result of the violence committed by the Buddhist ethnics of Arakan in their villages.

Politician of Maungdaw: The Authority is Using the Tactic of Rape as a Weapon of the State

MAUNGDAW A politician of Maungdaw stated that the the Burmese authority is using a new tactic in the form of rape against the Rohingya Muslim community, which results in the absence of safe places for the Rohingya women there in Maungdaw.

"The authority is using the tactic of rape as a weapon of the State of Shan (Burma/Myanmar). This has been starting from now until the people are driven out from their land," said the politician of Maungdaw whose name was not mentioned, as reported by Kaladan News on Wednesday (20/6/2012).

"Since 8th June until now, more than 60 women in Maungdaw have been raped by the security personnels the police, Hluntin, Nasaka and miltary and along with the Rakhine people (Buddhist ethnics) and the settlers (Natala)," he added.

"Most of the Rohingya women have been raped by the 'security' forces, along with the Rakhine and Natala people, while all men were summoned by the 'security' authorities, where other 'security' groups entered the village houses by destroying all the stuffs in them, and looting valuables gold and money. At that time, all women were inside the houses where the Natala and Rakhine ethnics raped the Rohingya women," said a victim from Asheeka Para (Paungzarr).

"Security forces entered the village during the night to check out the list of families where those forces raped the Rohingya women in the houses as there were no more men in the houses," he added.

Some cases of rape against Rohingya Muslimahs that recently happened and recorded in the report of Kaladan News (real names are not mentioned ed.) are, 4 border 'security' troops of Burma (Nasaka) from miles 3 checkpoint, raped a Rohingya woman, Kala Banu (30) -not her real name- from the village of Samawna Para near the village Myouthu Gyi on (15/6) and the Nasaka took away all her belongings. On (17/6), Amina -not her real name- gang raped by soldiers until she died in the village of Pandaung Pin (Nalwborna Para) in Maungdaw, and Dildar (16), Amina (15), Hamida (17) and Kulsuma (18) -not the real names- were raped by the Burmese soldiers in the village of Baginena, while 2 other Rohignya women were raped in the village of Bagonena on (18/6).

Besides these, on (19/6) in the village of Nurullah Para, Shawfika (25), Kalabanu (15), Anno (25), Dawlabanu (15), Rozeeya (12), Lalbanu (12), Zanu (25), Gulzahar (15), Bubuli (15), Shunabe (20) -not the real names- and 2 other girls aged 12 years were raped. On (20/6) in the village of Paungzarr in Maungdaw, Nunu (25), Bawlkis (24), Katoon (65) and Hamida (40) -family members-, Arnoga (45), Lalbanu (16) and Mumu (14) -also family members- and Banu (50) -not the real name- were all raped by the Nasaka troops.

The same goes with Shawkila (16) -not her real name- who was raped by the Nasaka, that caused her to be seriously injured and her family members reported it to the Nasakan officer in the camp number 17 in the Paungzarr village. The officer did not accept the reports of the families of the victims who showed their wounded daughter, the officer only gave them money in the amount of 10,000 kyat for the treatment and care. so that they would not to report to the higher officers of the Nasaka, based on the family members.

The Muslims are really not protected in Arakan, especially in Maungdaw and Akyab by the joint 'security' forces which have become barbaric forces of murderers and rapists. Instead of helping the helpless Muslims, they are helping the Buddhist ethnics of Arakan in burning the Muslim villages and shooting at the Muslims who were fleeing from their burning houses.

The Rohingya Muslims are killed while their houses are all burned down, and the Masjids are also burned down, their properties are seized and the Muslimahs are raped. Strangely, the Burmese Government appears incapable in facing the brutality if its forces and citizens. According to an elder of Maungdaw, the Government is deliberately committing a systematic ethnic cleansing to make the Muslim Rohingya community run away from their land.



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