The Prisoners' Struggle Is Far From Over: The Zionists Possess Nearly All The Cards

01 June 2012

By Khalid Amayreh

The Egyptian-brokered deal between the apartheid terrorist state of Israel and hunger-striking Palestinian prisoners languishing in the Zionist Bastilles is certainly not the best deal one would hope for. But it was probably the best deal the powerless prisoners could reach under current circumstances.

We know the struggle is not between two equal parties as the Zionists possess nearly all the cards while the helpless prisoners have only their lives to sacrifice in the hope of forcing a callous, cruel and criminal enemy to treat then with a semblance of humanity.

Indeed, the fact that our prisoners had to seriously and virtually fatally demonstrate their willingness to die in order to obtain a modicum of dignity and humanity from the Nazis of our time carries with a great deal of sinister cynicism and callousness.

After all, there ought to be no contention as to the fact that prisoners anywhere in the world are entitled to basic decent treatment such as regular family visits, fair trials, and decent life free from sadistic practices, including torture, solitary confinement and prolonged captivity without charge or trial.

Hence, the fact that Israel has reportedly agreed to meet some of the prisoners' demands can not really be considered "concessions" by the apartheid terrorist state. This is so because in the final analysis these basic and meager rights are actually earned rights, acquired as a result of long years of hard struggle, resulting in the death of many prisoners.

The Egyptian-brokered deal does meet some of the demands of the prisoners, which is auspicious. However, the deal is deliberately vague about the unethical and immoral issue of administrative detention, the open-ended captivity without charge or trial.

This flagrant and blatant form of punishment, which is abused rather pornographically by sadistic Israeli intelligence operatives in a way that would inflict maximal pain on the detainees and their families, must end today, not tomorrow.

Leaving this bleeding wound untreated will only allow the sadistic-minded Zionists to gleefully practice their sadism on the powerless prisoners.

And we really can't rely on any amount of good-will on the part of the Israeli political-security establishment. These people simply want to compensate all Jewish suffering, real or imagined, throughout history by inflicting as much pain and agony on Palestinians.

Indeed, only half an hour before signing the latest deal, an Israeli "security court" extended the administrative detention of MP Nayef Rajoub for another six months, for being an MP representing the Palestinian Islamic movement.

Rajoub, through his lawyer, appealed repeatedly to the Israeli justice system to let him know why he is being imprisoned without charge or trial, but to know avail.

The Zionist thought-control regime, which markets the apartheid terrorist state as a democracy, wants people like Rajoub to shut their mouths or emigrate.

Interestingly, Israel often seeks to escape legal responsibility for the fate of these political and resistance prisoners by invoking the mantra of "terror" in order to justify its criminal behavior and lawless modus operandi vis-ŕ-vis prisoners, many of them are political activists who never committed a serious misdemeanor in their lives.

But Israel is obviously in no position to lecture the world, let alone its victims, about terror. Israel itself is a brutal embodiment of terror in its ugliest from; Israel is actually a crime against humanity assuming the form of a nation-state. Israel stole our country, destroyed our homes, bulldozed our fields and expelled millions of our people to the four winds, and now it has the chutzpah to call us terrorists.

This is what we call "fornication with words." It is like having the gurus of Nazism call resistance activists, including Jewish activists, in Nazi-occupied Europe "terrorists."

Palestinian prisoners languishing in the Zionist bastilles and dungeons may not be human angels. But they are the ones who decided to sacrifice the prime of their lives for the freedom of their country.

After all, resisting and fighting foreign invaders, has always been the heroic duty of the best of the best. Hence, we must salute our honorable prisoners for their perseverance, sacrifices and self-abnegation.

With the laudable achievement of our heroes behind Zionist bars in mind, we must not give in to the temptation that the struggle is over.

Unfortunately, we must prepare ourselves for the second round of struggle, which may come sooner than many people think.

In the final analysis, we are dealing with a nefarious enemy that is devoid of humanity, morality or decency, an enemy that always seeks to satisfy its sadistic urges by inflicting immense pain and agony on our people…very much like the Nazis were doing in Europe several decades ago.

The Egyptian brothers have done a good job, mediating the agreement between our prisoners and their Jewish tormentors.

We certainly don't view Arabs and Muslims, near and distant, as neutral third party players. No Arab and Muslim under the sun ought to be neutral between Israel and the Palestinian people. Assuming such an attitude, God forbid, would be an expression of treason, perfidy and betrayal.

We hope that in the near future, Egypt will be in a better position to play a more constructive position in deterring Israeli insolence and arrogance of power.

And in the absence of meaningful changes in Israeli behavior toward the Palestinian people, I believe the new Egyptian leadership would have to seriously rethink the Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty.

Indeed, the entire Arab spring would be utterly meaningless if new Arab governments didn't tackle the issue of Israel's recalcitrance and criminality. (End)


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