Alawite Gangs Stage Another Massacre Slaughtering Children

06 June 2012

By Markaz Kavkaz

Events in Syria show that the Alawite gangs of the Assad regime are purposefully using the tactics of mass murders of Muslim children. This tactic is dictated both by the sectarian beliefs of the Alawites and hopes that mass murders of Muslims children will plunge Muslims into fear and force them to stop the resistance.

According to Arab and Western media, about 100 women, elderly persons and children were killed by Alawites in the town of Houla in the province of Homs. 25 children were among them. Representatives of the opposition called the murders the premeditated slaughter. According to other media reports, at least 50 Muslim children were brutally massacred by Assad's Alawites.

On Friday, opposition and human rights activists reported that dozens of children were killed by Alawites in Homs and other parts of the country. They also urged the citizens to hold a day of mourning.

Among the murdered Muslims there were participants in the protests, which are traditionally held in Syria after Friday prayers.

As reported by a London-based Syrian human rights organization and opposition activists who were on the scene during the massacre in Houla, the Alawites used heavy military equipment and heavy machine guns for their blood bath.

Video footages have been posted on the Internet showing bloody and mutilated bodies of children laying on the floor in a dark room. There were so many bodies that we lost count.

Human rights activists testified that gangs of armed Alawites massacred cold-bloodedly a few families with children. The other victims, according to the available information, were killed in shellings, or were caught and executed by Alawites when they tried to run for safety.

Recently, an independent commission investigating the events in Syria, which was established by the UN Human Rights Dept., published a report which stressed that the massacres in Syria are growing in numbers, despite the UN decision taken in April about the cease-fire and the arrival of some UN observers.

The report tells that the Alawites purposefully slaughter entire families, and continue to torture children and adults.



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