Talaban: The Afghans Do Not Accept Slavery Whatever Good Name It May Be Given

11 July 2012

By Al-Ikhwan Al-Mujahidun

Last Saturday (July 7, 2012) an urgent message of Obama reached Kabul which called Afghanistan it allied country outside NATO. Mrs. Clinton was assigned the duty to visit Kabul one day before the Tokyo conference for Afghanistan to give assurance to the stooges in Kabul who are already embarrassed by ĎAl-Farooq' operation; and also to inspire their partners in Tokyo to provide even more funds for their military expenditure so that they could leave Afghanistan while saving their own economic bankruptcy. Similarly they want to assure the American people that the Afghan issue is in the final stages of its solutions.

In the present state the most important for Obama is to set a strong mechanism to create a peaceful atmosphere for the evacuation of his troops and their military equipments. They need money for it because they are short of it. We do not think that the Afghan nation might get even a penny from the huge amount in billions only orally promised in the Tokyo conference. Only a small number of countries have promised conditionally. The Americans have given the reference on the closed shop i.e. its Congress. The British will think later. The previous experiences have proved that not only the fund collected by the name of Afghanistan but also the internal budget of Afghanistan is used for the American interests.

Undoubtedly Afghanistan is occupied by the American. Hundreds of thousands savage foreign troops are here. External jets and planes are flying in our air. In our Presidential palace Afghans are checked by American detective dogs. In our ministries and military barracks foreigners are in power. On our roads and highways foreigners have the priority. Keeping these facts in mind no reasonable logic can accept someone to be called the president and then to sign strategic treaty and make alliance!!

The Americans and their criminal partners are martyring everyday dozens of Afghans and making them orphans, indiscriminately bombing the people and villages, their troops enter the houses, committing crimes, creating divisions and differences among the peoples, calling one group the enemy of Afghan nation and arousing others against it, how can these kind of criminals be the ally of Afghans? Does an allied country deal in this way with another ally?

Occupation is occupation whether it is by the name of friendship or strategic treaty. The occupiers are occupiers whether are called allied are partners. A slave is a slave whether he is given the good name president, minister or general. A colocynth is a colocynth and its bitterness remains the same if it is hundred time a watermelon.

If Obama is asked what would you call if this kind of vagrants comes to your country and loot and plunder everything? Would you call someone a president if he is appointed by externals? Would you call the treaty a strategic one signed by this kind of puppet president?

Obama and his friends must have this announcement after a good deal of consideration because they know what kind of dangers it has behind it. They want to sacrifice us for their ordinary interests. They are fully aware about the sensitivity of the region. They want to bring us in permanent enmity with the regional countries just for the sake of their vested interests approved by a few number of puppets. Actually they are fleeing, therefore sometime they talk about the influence on India and Pakistan; sometime they talk about the permanent bases and strategic treaties.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan fully opposes this new American announcement and considers it an aggression over the Islamic and national identity of Afghanistan and strongly condemns and rejects these black treaties with the baseless puppet regime of Karzai, which have no legal or moral status.


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