Ustadz Bahctiar Natsir : The Issue Of Syria The Perspective Of Al Malhamah Kubra

13 July 2012

By Al-Ikhwan Al-Mujahidun

The upheaval that is happening in the countries of Sham including Syria, is not to be seen from the perspective of politics only and be stuck in what political forces are behind the conflict. But it needs to be examined through the approach to Islam and Iman. This can be done by studying the hadiths about the end-times so that we would not be misguided.

"That the war of the end-time has already begun. This is the beginning of Al Malhamah Kubra. So, if we read the hadiths this is a certainty beyond the expectation of the Syrian people, as well as their leader, as the actors," said the head of the Arrahman Qur'an Learning Centre (AQL), Ustadz Bachtiar Natsir to, Jakarta, Wednesday, (4/7).

Sham itself according to Ustadz Bachtiar, of course has more specialities compared to other regions as illustrated by the fadhilatush Sham hadiths, in fact Rasulullah had prayed for up to three times for the blessings of the countries of Sham.

"The people of Sham, since long ago, are amongst the people who had greatly supported the da'wah of Rasululullah SAW, in terms generosity, they're the people whose wealth and strength are hidden. Due to that, their trial is also big, such as their socialism," he explained.

Based on the hadith of the end-times, the events of the Al Malhamah Kubra will happen in region of Sham, which today includes the territories of Syria, Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan. Syria later became significant as it is the place where Isa Al Masih will come down to fight Dajjal.

"At Masjid Ummayah in Damascus to be exact, the land around the masjid has now been bought by the Jews," explained this Secretary General of MIUMI who had already visited that Masjid.

Due to that, Ustadz Bachtiar urged, the Muslims must do the orientation of the arena of the end-time.

"We must know where Imam Mahdi and Prophet Isa will appear. And also how the beliefs of the Christians and Jews about the end-times are. So that we can correlate the symbols and realities on the ground wisely," he revealed.

Because, according to him, the studies about the phenomenon of the end-times are limited to being partial in nature still. "Those relying on studies which are based on hadith alone have limited field informations, those who studies the field has their information misguided since they are not following the hadiths. Therefore, both are required" said this leader of The Spirit of AL Aqsa. The Nubuwah (prophecies) and information about the upheaval in this end-time must be passed to the next generations. "Perhaps it will be our sons and grandsons who will live in the zenith 0f the end of time later. So they must be told before the Al Malhamah Kubra happens as the peak of the war will happen there," he advised. The flow of events of the end-times itself happened starting from the destruction of Iraq as a result of the fight between the two siblings fighting for the gold in the river Euphrates.

"From there the fight continued until later it bevels into a fight between the worshippers of Allah and the worshippers of satan," he added.

In tune with Islam, Church group also mentions the turmoils in the end-time with name "Armageddon". In fact, today in some fundamentalist Christians and Jews, there are already those who are taking the steps based on the Scriptures.

"They've been buying the best horses, because the fight of the end-time is again done with the swords," said this man who had visited Hebron.

Ustadz Bachtiar continued, that the Muslims should not be beaten by Jews in reading the map of the end-time which is very much guided by nusuh (Nas or texts). "They are studying the end-time with their scriptures, while the Muslims have not been like that," he concluded.



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