Talaban: To Penalize War Criminal ‘Dostam' Will Be A Great Step Towards Insuring Social Justice!

19 July 2012

By Al-Ikhwan Al-Mujahidun

Those who oppress the aggrieved, verily sees admonitory punishment for their oppression. Taken from the Pharaoh of the sons of Israel to the Pharaoh (Abu Jihl-the father of ignorance) all of them have seen different retributions for their cruelties. Allah has taken severe revenge on them all the times and has healed the hearts the aggrieved ones by destroying the tyrants and this sequence is going on likewise.

Every member of our exasperated nation knows Dostam as a despotic, cruel, tyrant, cannibal, man-killer and the murderer of Afghans. He was not only a stooge in the hands of foreigners during the then Soviet Union tyrannical invasion but also martyred a great number of innocent Afghans to defend the invaders. He made them defective and wounded. He killed a large number of youth, widowed the woman and orphaned the children. He is the ruthless beast who was heading the special barbaric militia, who was internationally well known for their robbery, looting and massacre. They knew no Afghan honor or reputation nor any zeal, courage or manliness. They entered the homes of Afghans just like the present savage Americans; used to kill the Afghan infants in their cradles ruthlessly!!!

When the communist regime was collapsed in the capital city Kabul by the grace of Allah Almighty, it was Dostam who started making military alliances for the destruction of this beautiful city. He stationed his militias in residential areas. One day his tanks and cannons were targeting the south and the day he used to shell heavily the northern part of the city. Kabul was destroyed, the inhabitants were either martyred or compelled to flee. But Dostam is still free hand in that city and is a high ranking official, supported by the invaders.

During the reign of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan he was on the verge of being drawn to justice and panelized, regretfully he fled away by the support of some regional agencies. This murderer of the Afghans came once again in power in northern Afghanistan in 2001 with the help of the American invasion; so that he could serve the enemies of our beloved country, religion and our national chastity.

The massacre of ‘Qala Jangi' in November 2001, the treachery with the thousands Mujahedeen of the Islamic Emirate and, the torture, hunger and thirst, their detention in containers and their shelling from outside are the crimes of Dostam which have equals in the world history.

The CLAIMERS of the human rights still arrange secret meetings with this criminal and using him for the dissection of the country and the stooge administration of Kabul is still introducing him as a commander in-chief.

It is worth mentioning that Dostam cannot represent the Mujahid and courageous Uzbek nation. The courageous Uzbek nation has always struggled steadfastly against the foreign invaders and is still resisting the current occupiers. The Afghan nation knows the Uzbeks as a brave, Muslim and Mujahid nationality. Specially the Islamic Emirate appreciates and respects their sacrifices.

We ask the honorable and courageous national figures, civic societies, human rights organizations and the regional governments to assist us in bringing this war criminal to justice so that on one hand the way is paved for overall peace and stability in the beloved homeland and on the other hand it should be a lesson or warning for other criminals and they should be discouraged to vex their masses. To bring this violator of human right will not only be a great step towards the insurance of social justice but it will also revive the expectations and desires of our oppressed nation and they will be able to breathe in comfort.

((And those who have committed cruelty will know quickly to where they shall return.))


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