The Kafir Media Are Going To Label Imam Mahdi As A Terrorist

22 July 2012

By Al-Ikhwan Al-Mujahidun

Some people still wonder, what is the need for a Muslim to understand the signs of the End-Times? He doesn't realize that, one's ignorance and unconcern of such signs can be fatal for his life.

For example, the subject on Imam Mahdi's arrival. As mentioned in many Hadiths, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) had predicted of a man to be sent as the leader of the Islam Ummah in the End-Times. This man would fill the Earth with justice after earlier it was filled with tyrannies and arbitrariness. Meaning, he will be the Commander of the Muslims in turning the life in this current age in the fourth chapter –i.e. the chapter of the leadership of Mulkan Jabriyyan (dictatorial rulers)- heading towards the fifth chapter–i.e. the chapter of the reestablishment of Khilafatun 'ala minhaj an-Nubuwwah (the Caliphate that follows the method of the Prophethood). He would invite us to leave the modern jahiliyyah system which is full of injustices, heading towards the Islamic system which is full of justices, at the final stage of the age of this earthly world, approaching the Day of Judgment.

"Suppose the world is only one day left, indeed Allah Ta'ala will lengthen that day so it was sent on that day a man from my offspring (ahlul bayt) whose name is similar to my name and the name of his father similar to my father's name. He will fill the earth with fairness and justice, as previously it was filled with injustice and persecution." (HR Abu Daud 9435)

From the above hadith, some scholars conclude that Imam Mahdi will have the name 'Muhammad bin Abdullah'. Because the Prophet (SAW) said his name is the same as his name, while the name of his father is also the same as the name of the Prophet's (SAW) father. That is the reason why the Palestinian fighters, especially the Hamas group, are having the slogan that says:

خيبر خيبر يا يهود جيش محمد سوف يعود

"Ya Yahud (Jews), Khaibar, Khaibar… The Forces of Muhammad will surely return."

Khaibar is the name of a strong fortress belonging to the Jewish nation which was successfully uprooted and destroyed by the Islamic armies in the past, some 14 centuries ago. The forces of Hamas always resound the above slogan to terrify the Zionist Jewish forces. So that the Jewish nation always remember that, no matter how strong their fortresses are, indeed all those strengths can be destroyed by the Islamic forces when it is willed by Allah, The All-Powerful, The All-Wise.

Furthermore, the Islamic forces remind that "the forces of Muhammad" will definitely return to get even. And the term "Forces of Muhammad" is hinting to the time of the past, namely the forces of the followers of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) , and at the same time hinting to the time of the future, namely the forces of the followers of Muhammad bin Abdullah, the man who would someday arrive, predicated as Imam Mahdi…!

If a Muslim does not have adequate knowledge about Imam Mahdi, the enemies of Islam can just promote a self-styled Imam Mahdi onto the world stage. That man can claim to be having the name 'Muhammad bin Abdullah'. The media owned by the kuffar can then promote him in such a way that he is a man who fits to be the leader of the Islamic Ummah, whereas, he is a fake Imam Mahdi who would misguide the Islamic Ummah, especially its young generations. Then the Muslims would come in droves giving bai'at to him, whereas he will misguide every Muslim from the straight path which Allah is pleased with.

On the other hand, when the genuine Imam Mahdi has arrived, the media of the kuffar will immediately give labels such as terrorist, extremist and the like. And then every ignorant Muslim or he who never study the hadiths about the appearance and criteria of Imam Mahdi, will immediately dismiss him in the manner as desired by the kafir media. In the end, forget about this Muslim just now giving bai'at to Imam Mahdi, on the contrary he will register himself into the force that is ready to fight against Al-Mahdi. Whereas, Rasulullah (SAW) clearly ordered every believers in the End-Times to prepare himself for welcoming the arrival of Imam Mahdi. And when his arrival is already clear, Rasulullah (SAW) commanded us to immediately enlist into his army, regardless of how difficult the situation is at that time.

"When you see him (Imam Mahdi), give bai'at to him, even if you have to crawl over ice." (HR Ibnu Majah 4074)

When a Muslim's knowledge is only limited to such information that Imam Mahdi's name is Muhammad bin Abdullah, then certainly the enemy will easily play around with his limited knowledge to promote a fake Imam Mahdi. He is not diligent enough in studying other hadiths about Imam Mahdi in order for him to have an understanding that is relatively intact.

So this Muslim just now will instead be crossing path with the real Imam Mahdi as he is accustomed to following the whims of the ruling dictator who is powerful in this age full of fitnah. When the media of the dictatorial rulers dub media the real Imam Mahdi as a terrorist, then the Muslim moron just now will imitate by calling Imam Mahdi a terrorist. In fact, he will be filled with studiousness, siding with the camp that is fighting Imam Mahdi under the pretext of operating a noble project, i.e. "War on Terror."

My brothers, whoever regards the signs of the End-Times as frivolous, he will indeed be a loser. Day after day have passed, whereas sign after sign are more and more uncovered before us all. Be prepared, my Brothers. Let's study while there is still time. Don't waste our lives, while the Day of Judgment is getting closer…!

Original article in Indonesian by: Ikhsan Tanjung


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