Talaban On Arab Movements And Their Effects On The World, Region And Afghanistan

28 July 2012

By Al-Ikhwan Al-Mujahidun

At the end of 2010 and during the years 2011—2012 the Arab world was the witness of demonstrations and people uprising. As a result governments were toppled down and the rulers fled away, killed or waiting behind the bars for their final judgments. Some of them are still struggling for their survival and are heeding towards their confirmed notoriety.

On December 17, 2010 in the ‘Sede bo Zaid' city a young man ‘Mohammad bo Azizi' put himself on fire because of the cruelty of police. The news spread like the jungle fire in the people and on the following day, Friday (18-12-2010) demonstration started against ‘Zainul Abiden' and his autocratic government. In a short time the uprising reached its peak. On 14.01.2010 the government was dismissed and everything was changed within 17 days. The oppressed people of yesterday became the rulers by the grace of Allah Almighty and by their own struggle. On October 23, 2011 the people of Tunisia by free voting elected the ‘Islamic Movement Party' and they made a coalition government under Mr. Hamadi Aljabali for the better confidence of the people.

The uprising in Tunisia and its success gave inspirational waves to Arab countries and to the whole world and as a result pubic uprising started in so many other countries. For example the uprising in Egypt which started on 25th January 2011 and within the short span of 18 days put the full stop to the government of Hosni Mubarak. The changes started and at the end, on June 24, 2012 the Egyptian people through free election laid the foundation stone of the Islamic government under the leadership of Mohammad Murse.

Just like the Tunisians and Egyptians the Muslim people of Libya rose against their ruler. The unrest started on February 17, 2011. But this uprising was turned into an armed resistance very soon because of oppressions of government forces which result into a lot of killing and destruction. On August 21, 2011 the capital city ‘Tripoli' fell to the hands of the resistance forces. At last on 20th October 2011 the final stronghold of Gaddafi ‘Sirt' came under the control of Mujahedeen. Now the Libyan government is serving the Muslim people of Libya under the ‘National Transitional Council' headed by Mustafa Abdul Jalil.

The Syrian Muslim also started peaceful demonstrations just like others on 15th March 2011. Regretfully the tyrant government started to crush this public uprising by force and violence and martyred tens of innocent people including women and children. Hundreds of thousands were compelled to flee. The atrocities are going on for the last 16 months. We pray to Allah Almighty that the sufferings of the Syrian and Afghan people come to an end. Amen!

The sparks of the Arab spring spread from Yemen, Syria and Arab peninsula to far west and America. Many governments started reformations in the fear of public uprising. Now it is quite clear that the masses have the power to bring revolutions, toppled down the corrupt governments and give chance to righteous people to serve the nations.

The repercussions of the positive changes in the Arab world can be felt in Afghanistan and in the region as it is felt generally in the whole world. The main of the Arab refugees to Afghanistan was that they were not safe in their own countries. They were imprisoned, martyred or compelled to migrate by their authorities. Therefore a lot of Arabs migrated to other countries of the world. Now the situation is changed in the Arab world and a good chance is provided to the migrated Arab people. Now they will return back to their respective countries. Not only peace and stability is restored in their countries but the opportunities of work and life are also available.

Thousands of the imprisoned people including important personalities are released with these revolutions. Efforts are on the way to release the remaining people. The newly elected president of Egypt even says about the efforts of the release of Sheikh Abdul Rahman.

Now the spiteful propaganda of the enemy has nothing to do the realities to say there are Arab Mujahedeen fighting inside Afghanistan and these Mujahedeen will continue to utilize Afghanistan and the region as their stronghold; because they do not need to come any more to Afghanistan.

Feeling The Sufferings Of The Muslims In The Oppressed Countries

Thousands of Muslims are dying all over the world, so much so that it has made our ears become immune, feeling normal without any quiver coming from the depth of our hearts. Have we become uninterested with this situation as we do not have the solution to defend them, or have we, who stay in the same place, felt that our own problems have become too heavy, not departing from those same problems.

Rohingya, Syria, Kashmir, have we ever listened to the voices of the Muslims there, how are their conditions or we have not heard of their sufferings at all, in fact even the location of the region itself, we never bother to find out. How can a Muslim be this bad, just because problems are striking us repeatedly, we easily underestimate the sufferings of the Muslims in the faraway places?

Is there no quiver in the deepest part of the heart, no anger that arises and no sound of the grinding teeth that withholds the emotional state, when we open up the news in the newspaper where we only read columns that cover sports, or in the news website where we only follow the sections about celebrity gossips? That there, in the thousands of the Muslims' territories, is a human tragedy. The women are raped, the children are killed and the men die in the city streets. Why do we never try to read it, just to read. Why don't we ever?

But I believe that we will all rise together, and then think about it together, for hours when the tragedy is happening to our own lives. If our mothers and sisters are raped in front of our eyes, our fathers' necks are slashed in front of us and our selves are dragged in the dark alleys just because we are professing the religion of Islam. Someday we will prove it .

Because a suffering will never be truly imbued and felt except by those who are experiencing it, going through it and then arising to resist those sufferings. The option is, before actually feeling how those sufferings are felt, feel it in our inner selves (batin) first how those suffering Muslims are feeling. Feel with them! If it befalls us, can we endure it?


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