Those Who Are Liked By Dajjal Have Unknowingly Been Marked And Later Would Be Enticed To Become His Followers

30 July 2012

By Al-Ikhwan Al-Mujahidun

Narrated by An-Nawwas ibn Sam'an: "He, who lives and sees him (Dajjal) must recite in front of him the opening verses of Surah Al Kahfi." (HR Muslim)

Narrated by Abu Umamah al-Bahili: "Whoever enters his (Dajjal's) hell, ask for Allah's help and recite the opening verses of Surah Al Kahfi, and this will cool and calm him, like the fire becoming cool for Ibrahim." (HR Ibnu Katsir)

The Signs and Secret of the Last Days

One reason why Rasulullah (SAW) encourages the believers to recite Surah Al Kahfi when Dajjal is trying to lure is because, this surah contains important cues about the Last Days, such as the various things needed in order to survive and fight Dajjal, and anti-religious movements which cause a variety of crimes against humanity, that Dajjal wants to spread into the world.

This Surah Al Kahfi also contains a variety of lessons for Muslims.

The recommendation by Rasulullah (SAW) to memorize and read this surah with full attention is a strong indication of this. As we see throughout this chapter, the experience of Ashabul Kahfi who lived in a kafir society, the lesson that Musa AS learned from Khidr, and the governance in the world established by Dzulkarnain (AS) so that Islamic values could be propagated, are things that need to be contemplated by the believers.

So, what kind of people are highly preferred by Dajjal and without even knowing are already marked by Dajjal in their hearts?

1. The people who, when the sound of adzan is heard, are ignoring it.

2. The people who, when advised / told about the plans of Dajjal in the world before he emerged, don't care about it.

Example: Dajjal does not immediately emerge, by the permission of Allah (SWT), he is preparing everything with the help of his followers (Freemasonry - Illuminati) so that there would be more people who would become his followers, and if someone already knows about this plan of Dajjal (through the plan of Freemasonry - Illuminati) but he doesn't care, Dajjal has already seen him and marked in the heart of that person as a target that is easy to be enticed.

In other words, if supposing we already know about this great plan of Dajjal, but we do not care and do not believe or even tend to be stoical and unmoved, so Dajjal, despite being chained, knows anyone on this earth who doesn't care about the plans of Dajjal prior to his arrival and woe to those who do not prepare themselves.

In accordance with the prayer of Dajjal to Allah SWT that would someday be granted: "O Lord, give me the ability to bring down the rain, to give life to dead people, to cure the diseases in this world, to fertilize plants and to show paradise and hell to the humans someday, that indeed my paradise is Your hell and Your hell is my paradise, O Lord, so I could test the Iman of the humans someday." (zilzaal)

Four Methods Of The Kuffar In Corrupting The Aqeedah Of Muslims

Rampant attacks on Islam either through ideology, culture and social approach in Indonesia has become an interesting study material performed by the Islamic youths in order to strengthen their aqeedah. At least tha's what are desired out of the routine lecture on Monday night (18/6/2012) filled by Ustadz Fanani, entitled "Flows of Hostilities From Outside Against Islam (transl.)". Ustadz Fanani believes that the flows from outside, particularly the kafir West, in its hostility against Islam in Indonesia, have four methods.

First, according to him is At-Tansir or Christianization, which nowadays is very rampant and happening everywhere. "Even in an area populated predominantly by Muslim, they dare to operate to achieve their goals so that by the year 2020, Indonesia could become a Christian base," said Ustadz Fanani in the event held at Masjid Al-Huda, Klaten, Central Java.

Second, is Al-Istishraq or Orientalism, which according to Ustadz Fanani, has been around and happening since the time of Prophet Muhammad SAW, when he dispatched messengers to submit letters to the leaders of the kafir and mushrikeen, so that they would embrace Islam as the Dien (way of life) to save them in the dunya and akhirah. In which, after Rasulullah SAW had sent his messengers to invite the kafir leaders or kings to Islam, they instead sent their secret agents to observe Makkah and Madinah, as well as other lands controlled by Muslims.

"But of course, the orientalists' movement was only felt by the Muslims hundreds of centuries after the death of Prophet Muhammad SAW. The most tangible example of these orientalists are Galilea Galileo and Columbus. They were very adept orientalists, who mastered the Arabic language," he said.

The third method is, At-Taghrib or Westernization. With regards to this, Ustadz Fanani explained that, the most obvious target of Westernization done by the Kuffar are women, especially the Muslimahs. On the pretext of the Basic Human Rights, they incite the Muslimahs to not be willing to just blindly follow the words of the male or their husbands. Or on the pretext that, women can also do what are done by men.

Men can be directors, so women surely can too. So don't be willing to be a woman who just take care of the house, kitchen and bed. If that is the case, then the women are only "slaves" to the men. "These are the foul words of the bearers of freedom or liberalism," he said.

And the last method used by the Kuffar to corrupt the aqeedah of the ummah is through Al-Ilmaniyyah or Secularism. Ustadz Fanani explained that the principal and essence of this teaching is that, they (the Kuffar) want to separate the affairs of religion from the State, or separate the religious affairs from the worldly affairs. "Whereas, both of them can not be separated from one another," he said.

He continued, the enmities of the Kuffar against Muslims through the four methods above can only be countered with the concerted strength of the Muslims. And the strength of the Muslims will never exist except with the strength of the Ukhuwah Islamiyah.

"If the Ukhuwah Islamiyah is to be strengthened, then the only way is to think, in doing something, with the Islamic thought patterns and ways, and the most important is, to stay away from the secular Western mindsets or thought patterns which are today practiced by the liberalists," he conculded.



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