Al-hamdulillah, Only In 4 Days Of Ramadhan, 222 People Have Embraced Islam In Kuwait

01 August 2012

By Al-Ikhwan Al-Mujahidun

The Lajnah Ta'rif bi-Dienil Islam Kuwait reported that since the beginning of Ramadhan 1433H until the fourth day of Ramadhan, as many as 222 men and women have embraced Islam in Kuwait. Those hundreds of muallaf and muallafah come from various countries such as Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Europe and America.

The Lajnah Ta'rif bi-Dienil Islam is a da'wah organization which engages in the sector of foreign labor in Kuwait. The vice chairman of the Lajnah Ta'rif bi-Dienil Islam Kuwait, Sheikh Abdul Aziz Ad-Du'aij, said that the da'wah organization that he manages in this month of Ramadhan 1433 H, is organizing a da'wah program with the theme "Da'wah is a responsibility, give da'wah with us!"

"This da'wah program aims at introducing to Muslims the urgency and importance of da'wah, as well as encouraging them to introduce Islam to non-Muslims in wise ways and with good advices, and introduce to them the broad fundamentals of Islamic teachings, by using diverse means of open communications that are spread across the country. Including by advertising in the mass media, the radio and TV broadcasts. Our Lajnah are using those means for conducting da'wah by being supported by a number of renowned da'wah communicators in Kuwait such as Sheikh Ahmad Al-Qathan," said Sheikh Abdul Aziz Ad-Du'aij.

Ad-Du'aij added, "The main purpose of our da'wah organization is to give da'wah to the foreign workers here through the da'wah in the mass media and other campaign tools which are translated into diverse non-Arabic languages. Including by issuing lecture tapes, lecture videos, bulletins and da'wah pocket books which are distributed throughout the programs that we organize."

According to Ad-Du'aij, the mushaf Al-Qur'an and its translations in various languages is a big help for many muallaf and muallafah. "Our da'wah organization facilitates this materially through the contributions from zakat, infaq, waqaf and the participations of benefactors. This program receives a positive response to the generous people from diverse walks of life."

The Lajnah Ta'rif bi-Dienil Islam Kuwait gives da'wah to the non-muslim foreign workers in Kuwait, providing religious guidance to the fresh muallaf and muallafah, as well as giving Arabic teaching to non-Arabic people.

This da'wah organization has 15 branches all over Kuwait and brings together 85 da'wah communicators who are experts in foreign languages. Every year, this da'wah organization distribute more than two millions mushaf Al-Qur'an and its translations in various world languages, da'wah tapes and videos, bulletins and da'wah books to the non-Muslim foreign workers and the muallaf in Kuwait. - (

The Man Who Coverts Thousands Of Filipinos To Islam

The man who coverts thousands of Filipinos to Islam has the following to say:

Subhanallah....truly extraordinary, may many more receive hidayah (guidance) through the intermediary of this man, insha Allah..

24 years ago, Omar Penalber embraced Islam. At that time, he was one of hundreds of Filipinos who embraced Islam.

After pronouncing the two kalimah of shahadah, Omar said that he had thought long over his decision to embrace Islam. "I have chosen the right religion," he said firmly while placing his hand on his chest.

In 2007, he left the Middle East. Today, he is returning there. He is going to lead the Filipinos who would make the pledge. Since 2010, he has converted thousands of Filipinos to Islam.

"It's so easy to become a Muslim. After confirming (the truth of) Islam, and then pronouncing the two kalimah of shahadah. Next, Muslims are obliged to adhere to the other four pillars of Islam, namely Solat, Fasting, Zakat and Hajj," he sais as quoted by, Wednesday (25/7).

Omar said, since becoming Muslim, he was compelled to take part in the shi'ar of Islam. What he experienced, he wanted to pass on to other Filipinos. "I want to inspire them towards the teachings of Rasulullah (SAW), in order to prepare the self to attain the promised paradise," he said.

In order to attain that paradise, he said, every Mmuslim must implement the teachings of Islam in kaffah. "Islam is the true religion. My advice to them, do not hesitate to accept Islam," he concluded.




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