One Of The Challenges In The Liberation Of Al-Quds Is Shiah? Al-Qaeda Starts Jihad In Palestine

01 August 2012

By Al-Ikhwan Al-Mujahidun

Among the many challenges in the liberation of Palestine, is the piracy of issues and the blurring of facts conducted by the Shiah groups, especially Iran. It was revealed in an interview by with Omar Kesman, Vice President of IHH Turkey, the NGO that initiated the Freedom Flotilla mission with its legendary ship, Mavi Marmara. Omar did not explicitly mention Shiah when getting his turn to talk at the 3rd session of the International Conference of the Liberation of al-Quds and Palestine organized by the Aqsa Working Group in Bandung, (04/07/2012) as released by But he was talking straightforwardly about the conducts of Iran in the regions that supply weapons and militias to kill innocent people of Syria who want to bring down the regime of Shiah Nusairiyah, President Bashar Assad.

Omar said, this is important to be known by Muslims, because Iran often sell these issues by enthusiastically cawing to attack Israel and liberate Palestine. But until now, not even one bullet has been fired by them against Israel or the Western countries, the supporters of Israel.

"In the history of Shiah, they have never fought against the kuffar. What happened was that they fought against their Muslim neighbouring countries," said Omar who is a graduate of Al-Azhar university.

Omar, who claims to have been coming to Syria for five times post the revolution, witnessed the clear intervention of Iran and the Hizbullah-Lebanon in Syria.

He said, with regards to weapons, Iran has already admitted of supplying weapons to the forces that support Assad. In the places that he stopped over such as Idlib, Homs, he met many people who can't speak Arabic, whereas the Syrians are Arabic-speaking people. "They have spread fitnah ," Omar said.

Al-Qaeda Starts Jihad In Palestine: A New Phase - The Important Phase

Two videos from the Palestinian branch of the Al Qaeda, on which the Mujahideen claimed responsibility for recent attacks on the border between "Israel" and Egypt, have been posted on some Islamic forums.
The movement "Majlis al-Shura al-Mujahideen fi Aknaf Beit al-Maqdisi" promised to liberate Palestine and emphasized that its Mujahideen took part in a clash that occurred on the Egyptian-"Israeli" border on Monday.  

The Mujahideen assured that they would continue to attack Zionists on the border.

On Monday, Zionists reported that at least 3 Mujahideen, armed with bombs and small arms, crossed the illegal border of "Israel" from the Sinai Peninsula and staged an ambush on a vehicle carrying Jewish contractors engaged in the construction of a fence between Egypt and "Israel".

A day later, cowardly command of the illegal Jewish army attempted to disavow the attack and presented it as activities by some criminals. They claim that their "Israel" is worried about a possible increase in attacks by Bedouins at the border areas with Egypt when construction barrier fence is completed.

The terrorist command of the Zionist armed forces claims that the life of Bedouins in the Sinai Peninsula is presumably highly dependent on the sale of weapons, so they may resort to "terrorist attacks".  

"This barrier is intended to prevent terrorism and to stop the penetration of infiltrators. This construction is one of the major national interest ...the attacks will not stop us", alleges the Zionist terrorist ringleader Netanyahu.

Meanwhile, it is curious that after the attacks of Al-Qaeda on the Zionists on the border with Egypt, the Hamas military command announced its readiness to cease hostilities against "Israel" at a request from Egypt.

"In response to Egyptian efforts to stop the aggression against our people, we (the Brigades of al-Qassam İzzeddin) and all rebel groups declare our readiness to stop this spiral of confrontation, if "Israel" obliges to stop its aggression", Hamas said in a statement.

According to Hamas, more than 100 rockets and mortar shells were fired at "Israel" in the last week in response to "Israeli" attacks.

The Zionist leaders have not yet commented on the statement of the Hamas military wing.



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