The Debate Between Ulama's Of Sunnah And Shi'ah: Religion Based On The Motives Of Revenge

09 August 2012

By Ikhwan Al-Mujahidun

A King of Iran had summoned all the Ulama's of Sunnah and Shi'ah, aiming to find out the difference between them.

All the Ulama's of Shi'ah presented themselves, but one Ulama' of Sunnah arrived a bit late compared to other Ulama's of Sunnah. That Ulama' of Sunnah was walking while clutching his shoes to his body with his arm... The Ulama's of Shi'ah looked in astonishment while saying, "Why are you clutching your shoes like that?"

That Ulama' of Sunnah answered, "I have heard that during the time of Rasulullah (SAW), the Shi'ahs like to steal shoes!"

The Ulama's of Shi'ah answered, "There was no Shi'ah during the time of Rasulullah (SAW)."

The Ulama' of Sunnah said, "So, our debate has ended. The bottom line is, where does your religion come from?" Sheikh Ahmed Deedat

Ustadz Abu Rusydan: Shi'ah's Emergence Based On The Motives Of Revenge Of The Majus

Meanwhile, in Solo, Indonesia Ustadz Abu Rusydan, in the solidarity and fund-raising event for Muslims in Syria entitled "Save Syria Let's Pray For Them" at Masjid Baitul Makmur, Solo, Central Java, Sunday morning (15/7/2012) explained that Shi'ah is a sect outside of Islam. Thus, it is very strange if there are some Muslims who say that Shi'ah is a mazhab from among the mazhabs in Islam.

"There are those who argue that the conflict in Syria is a sectarian conflict, between the Shi'ah and the Sunni sect. Once again I say ayyuhal ikhwah, in the book "Ja'a Daurul Majus" it is mentioned that Shi'ah is not a sect of Islam, Shi'ah is not a mazhab in Islam," said the Ustadz.

According to him, from the early history of the emergence of Shi'ah alone, it can already be known that the origination of Shi'ah is from the religion of Majus with the motif of revenge. So how can the Majusis be included into one of the Islamic groups.

"But the root of the emergence of Shi'ah was from Majus. That today the Majusis have already held very remarkable roles by implanting their talons and fangs in the Islamic world. And the inception of Shi'ah came from the vengeance of the Majusi Persians against Islam, and then they collaborated with the Jews and Christians," said this Ustadz who had attended the military training in Afghanistan.

Next, the former official of the Jamaah Islamiah also explained that in truth, between Iran (Shi'ah), America (Christian) and Israel (Jewish), they are a one body or conspiring, this could be seen when the Taliban's rule in Afghanistan fell.

"One of the conspiracies of Iran, America and Northern Alliance was seen when the Taliban in Afghanistan fell. In electing a leader, whether it would be Amanullah Khan or the others, as they didn't let anyone from the Ahlus Sunnah become a leader, in the end they elected Hamid Karzai. And Hamid Karzai is a follower of Baha'i, one of the sect of Shi'ah, and I got to know that apparently Mahmud Abbas is the follower of Shi'ah Al-Babiyah. So once again, Shi'ah, to this day, with all sects, whatever the names, is bathil, which later was paved by the Western invaders," he disclosed.



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