The Sufferings Of Rohingya: The Sufferings Of Rohingya Myanmar

02 September 2012

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

Hundreds of monks took to the street in Myanmar, performing an act of demonstration to support the president and his proposal to send away Muslims, who are the minority, to other countries. The demonstration which was held on Sunday (2/9/2012) is the latest indicator of the deep sentiment against the minority Rohingyans after the violence in June when the Rakhine Buddhists massacred the Rohingya Muslims which killed dozens of people, burnt Muslim houses, as well as forcing tens of thousands of other Muslims to evacuate and become refugees with fates that continue to worsen from day to day.

Those monks carried a banner which reads : "Save the land of Myanmar by supporting the President". President Thein Sein stated in July that he would send away the entire Rohingya Muslims to various countries that are willing to accept them, but this proposal was opposed by the UN Refugee Agency. Myanmar regards the Rohingyas as illegal immigrants from Bangladesh but Bangladesh also rejects them, thus they are deprived of the rights of having a nationality. Whereas, the Rohingya ethnic have been dwelling in Myanmar for quite a long time.

The Sufferings Of Rohingya

The human tragedy that happens in Rohingya, Myanmar is being done systematically by the Buddhist people under the consent of the local government. The motive of the massacre in the version of the government of Myanmar is because, the Rohingya Muslims are not the original inhabitants of Myanmar, thus they are accused of being illegal residents. So therefore the government of Myanmar said that, the solution to manage the Muslim-Buddhist conflict is by "expelling" the Muslim people, if there is a third country that is willing to accept them. Whereas, how many generations of Muslims had been born and contributed there.

The Rohingya human tragedy is the problem of all nations, this problem must be immediately resolved before more victims are falling. Watching the news coverage about Rohingya, our hearts are sliced, feeling pain. So sadistic and vile are the massacres committed by the regime of Myanmar against the Muslims there. The true motive of the massacres of the Rohingya Muslims is the interests of the custodian of the secular ideology (British), to remove the traces of Islam in Myanmar. One of the areas of Rohingya, i.e. Arakhan, has its history as the territory of the Khilafah. Ironically, the massacres which are committed beyond the limits of humanity, was not immediately and seriously responded to by the UN. In fact, even the champions of the Human Rights such as the Nobel Peace laureate, Au San Syu Ki, are silent without a word.

The same goes with the champions of the Human Rights in Indonesia, where are your voices? Even the government of Indonesia, as the biggest Muslim nation, does not dare to accommodate the Rohingya Muslim people, as it considers it as just a horizontal conflict between ethnics. Thus, the Muslims wherever they are, found it hard to live, hard to get their rights in the form of clothing, food and shelter due to the constrictions of nationalism. None of the Muslim countries dare to help the Rohingya Muslims, due to the fragmentations of nationalism.

Stopping the barbarism of the regime of Myanmar against the Rohingya Muslims must be immediately done. Protests denouncing the violence of the military of Myanmar against the minority Rohingya Muslims continue to take place. Hoping there would be moves by various nations, especially the countries of the Muslims to help the Muslim brothers and sisters there.

The sufferings of the Rohingya Muslims lengthen the series of killings against the Muslims on the surface of this earth committed by the secular regimes. This condition will continue to be repeated in various parts of the world as long as there is no sovereignty that is one in the form of a leadership of the people (ummah) in the hands of Muslims. Here lies the importance of the Daulah Khilafah as the protector, guardian and the assurer of the lives of the Muslims.

Innalillahi waa inna ilaihi rojiun...



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