Arbakian Or A Killing Gift Of America For The Afghan Nation?

11 September 2012

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

The Arbakism (a tribal soldier system) theory came to the mind of American general David Petraeus, when he was the commander-in-chief of NATO forces in Afghanistan and was the leading official of implementing the Obama war strategy. This unsuccessful American general who carried out his duty from 3rd July 2010 to 18th July 2011 was deeply embarrassed by the Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate and even lost his previous reputation. On the other hand during his time the Kabul regime also faced severe attacks of Mujahidin and a number of leading personalities were killed.

The Afghan Nation having a bitter experience of these notorious militias and anarchists, quickly and courageously opposed the formation of these assassins and illegal gunmen. The writers, intellectuals, influential persons and general public cried to have a pity on the Afghan Nation; not to make nuisance; not to repeat the unsuccessful experience of the (former) Soviet Union. But this general, the enemy of Afghans did not listen to anyone.

Now just two year after the formation of these unfortunate militias and their number is only 18 thousands, our oppressed nation is fed up with this vagrant and slapdash army. The general public, families and tribes are facing a lot of troubles. They are humiliated, their belongings are looted, their children are killed but the invading trainers are still trying to increase their number and train them in non-Islamic ways. There is a rumor that they are increasing their number to 30 thousand. Right now per day fifteen or sixteen persons are killed and tens of others are tortured, then approximately one hundred and fifty defenseless people will be killed and thousands others will be tortured.

The Americans say that they are here for the protection of Afghan Nation and they call themselves the ISAF (International Security Assistance Force) and they want to be appreciated for this noble task. Actually they have other ominous ideas in their minds.

Not only America but also any other trespasser follow the principal of caring for those people who assist them. They give them privileges. They appreciate them with different titles. But those who oppose them are called bad names and a slanderous language is used for them. The invaders treat them very harshly so that the general public should not resist. It is a fact which cannot be denied and history has proved it.

On 2nd September in Kundoz province these notorious militias made a doomsday on the innocent people in front of the provincial admin office. They martyred fifteen persons including children and wounded so many others. Nearly one month ago in the Khas Orzgan district of Orzgan province the deadly incident in which the obstinate commander of these militias killed seventeen villagers proves that the brutality of these American supported militias will exceed theose made by the then Soviet Union.

The American general Petraeus who is now the director of the Central Intelligence Agency, is directly involved in these killings, is enjoying these incidents and considers it a great achievement. This is just because the Afghan Nation did welcome the American invasion; instead they resisted them very boldly. They welcomed the Mujahidin. The American authorities are angry and are taking revenge desperately. In the future the American should try to understand a very simple thing and that is: The Afghan Nation has a very strong conviction in Allah Almighty and is fully confident of the success of Jihad. They will continue their Holy Jihad against the invaders until and unless the invasion of the beloved Afghanistan is brought to an end. And that is never hard for Allah Almighty.



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